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Siren Call by Kimberly LlewellynPlease join me in welcoming Kimberly Llewellyn to Bitten by Books today. She is the best-selling author of Siren Call, a paranormal romance that’s all about mermaids and their tempting nature. What would you do if a seductive mermaid came up on land to steal your man? This is what happens to Serina James in Siren Call, as she discovers she has more in common with mermaids than she ever dreamed. But in discovering her aquatic destiny, will she lose Alex Waters, the man of her dreams?

“Tell Tail” Signs You Came from Mermaids

By Kimberly Llewellyn

Contemporary Romance Author

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day here at Bitten by Books. One of the best things about writing my paranormal romance, Siren Call, is doing research. I had a blast reading stories of mermaids and merfolk throughout history. I especially loved sifting through the rare and special nautical book collection at the Clearwater Main Library in Florida.

I learned so much about mermaids, including the intriguing evolutionary theory some of us may have evolved from mermaids. Could these mythical creatures not be so mythical after all? Even the Discovery Channel ran a two-hour special, Mermaids: The Body Found, a quasi-documentary reviewing evidence on the theory that a mermaid species may have existed.

So, what about you? Like Serina, the heroine in Siren Call, is it possible that you came from mermaids? Let’s take a look at a special checklist to see if you have evolutionary ties to these exotic sirens. You don’t have to have all these qualities, but if you share a few, you might have a little mermaid in you.

Did you ever have webbed feet or hands? These are quite useful when swimming with dolphins; many people have this trait today.

Do you have long thick hair that grows fast? All mermaids have long, flowing, beautiful hair. They are known for sitting on rocks, combing their hair in the sunshine, but not with a typical comb. They use combs made from fish bones, sharp and dangerously jagged (just like the seductive mermaid Serina must fight).

Do you like to eat seafood and/or shellfish? The true mermaid hunts for her food and heartily indulges in her marine meals. Rumor has it they like salmon in particular.

Are you flirtatious and make yourself irresistible to others? Are you quite charming? That’s your inner siren coming out.

Do you feel better near the sea or any body of water for that matter? Do you feel its pull? Attracted to its very allure? Are you compelled to live near the water? This is the call of the water and your aquatic ties desire to answer it.

Do you hate being confined to a swimsuit and it’s difficult to find a flattering one? Of course! This makes sense; mermaids don’t wear swimsuits. That’s why skinny-dipping under the moonlight is so fun! Swimming au naturel makes you feel free…and a little seductive.

Do you love water activities and water sports? Boating, diving, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, water polo, or water skiing?

Do you like to work in or on the water, like a fisherman (or woman), lifeguard, marine biologist, or sailor?

Do you feel a connection to the sea and its marine life? Do you desire to swim with dolphins or train sea life like at an aquarium or water theme park?

As a child, did you take to the water fast? Did the adults call you a “little fish?” Did swimming come naturally? Did your parents have a hard time getting you out of the pool, lake, ocean, or even bathtub because you never wanted to leave the water?

Were you really, really cute as child? Did you have adorable dimples? Do you have dimples now? Dimples may be a remnant from when we had gills. Serina has a dimple in a very surprising and sexy place, a definite sign of her mermaid lineage.

Lastly, do you feel special? Feel like a goddess deep inside, which sets you apart from the rest? Do you carry yourself with confidence? Do you enjoy the company of others; yet enjoy your solitude just as much? This qualifies you as a social shape shifter , adapting to any environment. Just like a mermaid!

So, there you have it. The top “tell tail” signs you might have come from mermaids. How did you fare? Do you have a little mermaid inside you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

Book Excerpt

Chapter One – “Call me Fishmael”

Where have all the good men gone?

Serina James brushed off the meddlesome thought as she flipped the sign to Closed at the front of her new swimwear shop, Suits You Boutique. She still had way too much work to do to be pining away over the lack of eligible males in the town of Melody Point. Socialites from nearby Newport, Rhode Island to the Hamptons had hit the boutique hard lately with rush orders for custom swimwear women just had to have yesterday. Yes, the summer season was in full swing.

At least, that was the case during the day. But by night, the regular summer crowds filling up the usual trendy night spots in the small tourist town had been, well, lacking in the “available men” department.

But she needed to focus on the task at hand; work on her recent design creation, a two-piece, black bathing suit prototype that she now wore. She wended her way around racks of colorful swimsuits and entered the back private sewing area where her best friend Becca Chase stood patiently waiting.

“All ready for the final fitting?” Becca asked.

“Yes. We are officially closed. Thanks for staying after hours to help.” Serina was just about to stand up on the dressing platform in front of the three-paneled mirror when something caught her eye across the room. “Hold on,” she told Becca and marched over to an ivory string bikini on a hanger.

“What are you doing? You already finished that,” Becca complained.

“Oh, really? This crooked stitch screamed at me from across the room.” Serina fingered the hem on the bikini top. Yep, there it was. “I’ll have to re-sew the entire thing.”

Becca came up beside her to inspect the goods. “You’re kidding me, right? It’s not really crooked, it’s just…wait, let me get this straight. You saw this so-called imperfect single stitch from across the room?”

“Yeah? So?”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How do you see things…” Becca shook her head and laughed. “Never mind. Now, can we get back to working on your prototype?”

“Sure. I’ll fix that stitching tomorrow.” Serina lowered the imperfect bikini top onto her workbench and made her way back toward the dressing platform. She climbed on top and inspected the black prototype in the mirror’s reflection. She pointed to a section of hem on the board-short waistline and indicated where to put a finishing pin.

Becca got to work, which allowed Serina’s thoughts to skip right back to the uneven male-to-female ratio in the area. Gosh, she’d been distracted by it all day. How many more times would the thought pop into her head? What had gotten into her?

“Becca, do you think Melody Point has a man-shortage?” she blurted.

Becca peeked up from under her mane of curly brown locks, her eyes wide. “A man-shortage? I don’t know, why?”

“Pickin’s are slim lately. Men seem scarce. They’re either in some obscure relationship, or away on business on short notice, or vacationing elsewhere.” Realizing how silly she sounded, Serina waved off the idea. “Nah, forget I mentioned it.”

“No, I won’t forget it. I’m glad you’re coming around and thinking about getting out there again. It’s about time.”

Serina scoffed. “Don’t get any ideas. I’m not coming around. I just, well, noticed the lack of fish in the sea, is all. Besides, I’m way too busy keeping this business afloat to get back ‘out there’ again.”

She barely finished her sentence when a pinprick stabbed her side.

“Yeouch!” Serina arched her back in time to keep away from her friend before she jabbed her again. “You did that on purpose!”

“Only because I didn’t like what you said. You can’t use your work as an excuse forever. Now stay still and don’t make me stick you again,” Becca barked as she added another pin to the swimsuit…

About the Author

Known as, “the Wedding Writer,” Kimberly Llewellyn is the best-selling author of Almost a Bride and Siren Call. Her humorous women’s fiction and romantic comedies have been published by Kensington and Penguin/Berkley. Learn more about the author and her books at

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  1. Robert Louis Stubbs Jr

    So if people can be descended from mermaids what would be the exact paranatural opposite of a mermaid fictionally speaking?

    • I’d mentioned the sexual opposite of a mermaid, but as a paranatural opposite…

      Since some put mermaids under the fairy category, perhaps the paranatural opposite would be the fire fairy, fire-breathing fairy, fire spirit, or dragon.

      With the way I burn things in the kitchen, I probably have a few around my stove causing mischief! Now I have something to blame! 🙂

      But today, if someone today descended from fire fairies, ouch. I might add here, I am a redhead (who burns dinner).

  2. Do you have a favorite movie or tv series about mermaids?

  3. Hey! We are alive and kicking. Woohoo! The paranatural opposite of a mermaid would be a merman or a blue man (blue men are fallen angels who landed in the sea), I believe. I just blogged a little bit about mermen this morning at RedRoom. When a mermaid has a baby with a merman, she has to watch him at all times because mermen tend to eat their young!

  4. My favorite movie about mermaids?

    Oh gosh, Splash was so cute.

    And Mermaids starring Cher was awesome because I lived near Marblehead, MA (many moons ago) and that’s where a lot of the film took place.

    But one little film is my fave, The Mermaid Chair. It’s based on the novel by Sue Monk Kidd. The mermaid theme is just the backdrop. It’s more about a woman finding herself and coming to terms with her relationships. But the monks–who are religious–in the community have this fun fascination with mermaids, who are mythical and often regarded as a symbol of temptation of the flesh. So it’s intriguing to see how these two “opposites” coexist.

    Has anyone seen (or read) the Mermaid Chair?

  5. Did you ever have webbed feet or hands? Nope
    Do you have long thick hair that grows fast? Nope – my hair is thin and impossible to grow
    Do you like to eat seafood and/or shellfish? Nope – I actually dislike seafood.
    Hubby says I am afraid of water since I really do not want to be in water only to bath and wash dishes. But I do (or did) have dimples!! LOL So obviously I am no mermaid.. But I believe I seen the same documentary you were mentioning.

    • Raonaid, I guess you are a goddess of land, dimples and all! Goddesses shouldn’t be doing dishes! That’s what our husbands are for! Yes, that documentary, The Body Found, was an unusual blend of a tiny bit of fact mixed with fiction. Would that make it a mockumentary of some kind?

      • Well I “am” born of the earth sign. I’m a Virgo. And in the Chinese Zodiac the fire sign because of the fire dragon (yup..actual “fire”). In the Celtic I am a vine. LOL!

        PFFT – my hubby do dishes? That is a joke. I did let my 14 and 11 year old do dishes for a chore but I was afraid to drink out of the cups. They didn’t do a very good job.

        However.. is it possible that water can be a muse? There is a joke amongst some friends that my ideas come from water. ALWAYS either when I’m washing dishes, hands soaked in soapy water OR showering and bathing ideas come to me.

        • Oh wow, your ideas come from water…that’s cool. I can totally see that. I love to watch TAPS and Ghost Adventures and they’re always talking about (moving) water as a source of paranormal/spiritual energy. So maybe that makes sense.

          Plus, when you are doing a calming task (like showering) or repetitive task (like washing dishes), you get into the “zone,” opening yourself up to ideas and such. I love it. I get ideas when going for a walk or just when falling asleep. Isn’ that funny how differently ideas come to us?

          Washing dishes? Yeah…my dishwasher died. Can you say paper plates for a while?

          • WOOT! Another GAC!! Never did care for the Ghost Hunters. But rawr Zak Bagans has one hot body. LOL. Hehe! Yeah I watch it. My son LOVES it.

  6. If you had the silvertongue (Ink heart) ability what would be the first book you would grab and who would you read out. Or would you read yourself into the book?

  7. What do you think of Manatees being thought of as mermaids back 100 years or so? They are cute and very nice ;).

    • Viki! Do you happen to live in Florida? I do! And yes, oh my gosh, manatees are so big and cute.

      Just recently a woman got arrested for jumping in the water to ride one in FL. OMG, can you believe that? What was she thinking, riding an endangered species? I’ll bet she’s got a mermaid heritage!

      This is an “only in Florida” story. It’s never a dull moment here. Here’s the article:

      In history, sailors at sea for long stretches, with nothing to do but imbibe, used to “see things” out in the water. Manatees, dugongs, and seals with their big cute eyes and flippers started looking like beautiful women to these men who were probably going stir crazy! They’re flipper would look like they were holding a mirror and comb.

  8. I have always wondered why do mermaids have belly buttons? Since the bottom half of a mermaid is a fish, their reproductive organs would be like a fish, right? So wouldn’t a mermaid lay eggs?

    • You know, that’s an interesting observation. I have some theories, but nothing’s set in stone, I suppose. Mermaids are shape shifters, so perhaps they can have both sets of organs below the belly button, that of a human (mammal) and that of a fish. Some fish are livebearers, so maybe mermaids are too. That would be my theory. I guess it also depends on who a mermaid mates with..a human or other merfolk. I’ll be facing those kinds of questions when Narelle (from the Kingdom of Jada in Siren Call) gets her own book in the future.

      Have you ever noticed, if you really looked at the Starbuck’s logo? It’s a double-tailed mermaid, the most sensual one out there inviting temptation. The coffee company has since toned it down from its original.

  9. OOOh Mermaids! Are you a fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid as well? I have always loved mermaid tails…ha. tales.

    • Hahahaha…

      Since I live in Florida, I love everything Disney. I think I have a picture of myself and the Little Mermaid at Disney. LOL! As part of my research, it was really cool to read Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid and see the Disney version and see how they compare.

      If you’re ever in Florida, check out Weeki Wachee Springs. Home to live mermaids. It’s so cute. They put on an underwater performance of the Little Mermaid. You can see pictures here:

  10. What made you write a book a out mermaids? Was there some inspiration?

    • oops “about” mermaids….

    • What inspired me to write about mermaids? Gosh, I was always intrigued by them (and yes, I love, love, love the water…I always have to live near it). But one day, my kid sister (whom I adore) and her friend were driving (3 hours) to the Book Expo in NYC and the idea came to me just as we entered the city…

      What if some mermaids came up on land and tried to steal other girls’ boyfriends?

      We went crazy over the idea. As soon as I got home, I started my research and set the story in one of my favorite places in the world, Newport, RI (and a small fictional town called Melody Point…get it? siren song? melody?).

  11. Oh. then I am so not a mermaid. Although during the humid Summers, I sometimes wish I had a sharp jagged comb!

    I heard about the Mermaid special, but didn’t get the chance to watch it. The evolutionary theory is very cool and interesting. Frankly I’ve thought that Michael Phelps is a merman for years! Seriously. Look up the stats about his aqautic-like anatomy. Crazy.

    • Oh wow, I think you might be onto something with M.P. Just look at his aquatic body with the naked eye. (I’ll have to look up his aquatic physique online.)

      And that show, The Body Found, talked about how “aquatically equipped” the human body is, like how we tend to have a large/long lung capacity to hold our breath!

      By the way, do you have long curly hair? Does it go crazy in the humidity?

      • When you start looking up all the facts about Phelps, you will easily be converted into my merman theory!

        And as for my hair, it’s long and kind of curly. But in the summer it turns massively curly. Almost resembling a creature trying to escape my head. The straightest hair would turn curly here!

  12. I just flew in and boy, is my broom tired!

  13. I loved the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but I wouldn’t mess with those mermaids. I don’t think I have ever read a book with mermaids as the main characters, a very clever idea.

    • Thanks. People who knew about Siren Call contacted me after “Pirates” telling me about the mermaids in it! Too funny! Anytime my friend, Tara Spicer (Harlequin Heartwarming) or Kathy Carmichael (Medallion/Hot Flash) act up, the other one sighs, saying, There’ll be no living with her after this!

  14. Nice excerpt! What was your favorite scene in the book to write?

  15. So after writing this, did you find any characteristics of yours or people that you know into any of the characters?


    • Oh man, that goes right back to the dimple scene. One of my closest friends has a “lumbar dimple” and I thought, Ohhh I am so using that! Apparently, it’s something that some people have and is believed to be a vestige of their mermaid heritage…where they used to have a tail!

  16. The research you’ve done sounds so intresting. I’m also curious on the existence of mermaids. Imagine if they were real! Are there any other mythical creatures you believe exist?

    • Oh, I have to tell you, when I was immersed in the story and would talk to my author friends, Kathy Carmichael and Tara Randel, they were like, You do know they’re not real, right?

      Ummmm…I dunno!

      The thing that was weird about sailors seeing mermaids was that people simply believed they were seeing seals (I mentioned that). BUT, this happened all over the world, even where seals, dugongs, and manatees don’t dwell.

      I do think the ocean is still unknown territory and I’m sure there exists sea life we don’t even know about. We’re told dolphins are closest in intelligence to humans, so what else could be out there?

      I will tell you, living in Florida is awesome. I was in the Gulf of Mexico in the water, almost up to my waist, with a dolphin “right there” several feet away. Just hanging around near me. It was thrilling. I went out of my mind. (No, I didn’t try to ride it though!) If you love water, you really do feel a connection with nature when something like that happens!

      As far as other mythical creatures I believe exist… Well, I don’t know if they’re considered mythical or not, but I believe angels exist!

      How did you do on the mermaid quiz?

  17. What are your thoughts on audiobooks? I didn’t see this available in that format, are any of your books in audio?

    • Thank you for asking about audio books, Joani.

      YES, Siren Call will be available on audio in about a month. I’m so excited about that.

      It will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

      The narrator is young and spunky and is so good…she’s an actor and so she acts out the dialogue with her voice.

      My other audio book, Almost a Bride, is a sexy, contemporary romance and is available on audio (with more to come), but alas, it hasn’t appeared on the web sites yet.

      It should appear any day now, as production was scheduled in plenty of time for Christmas, for those giving/getting a membership as a gift for the holidays (

      I’ll keep checking!

  18. So, when did you learn to swim? Do you personally feel…merm-ish?

    • LOL…yeah, I’d say I’d feel a little mermish! I have some “yes” answers on the quiz. I love the water (swim team, lifeguard, grew up tooling around a boat in summer) and so do my siblings. One brother lives on a lake. My hair grows like seaweed. Always grew up near water.

      Strangely, I don’t like seafood. And yet, in college one summer, I was a waitress at a seafood restaurant in Provincetown, MA. At least the manager didn’t have to worry about my stealing any lobsters! 🙂

      As for feeling like a mermaid goddess inside…we should all feel that way!

      Did you have a few “yes” answers on the quiz?

    • When did I learn to swim? Oh gosh, so young I don’t remember.

      We grew up on a reservoir, known as The Rez (in Massachusetts), at the bottom of our street. It was a quaint little private beach for the neighborhood and you took swimming lessons as soon as you could walk (LOL)… then year after year.

      The only danger to the lessons was when you swam out to the raft. Snapping turtles hung out under it and love to take a little taste of your. (I was spared, but others weren’t so lucky!)

  19. do you wright about only mermaids or is there other books?
    I My self don’t have much mermaid in me.

    • Stacey…not much mermaid? You must be a goddess of the lands!

      I have seven books out (Berkley Books as well as digital). I love to write all kinds of stories. Chick lit, contemporary romance, paranormal, with more (paranormal) coming.

      In the future, I hope to write book 2 and 3 in the mermaid catcher series, but have other projects before that. I write where my heart takes me!

      My “Heartthrob Heroes” series will be starting in a few weeks; one and two are digital re-releases and the third will be a new original title. All contemporary romances. I’ve been busy!

      Here is a list of the books:

      Thanks for asking!

  20. Hi Kimberly

    Wow I think I have many of the 10.

    I have VERY long and thick hair, it’s currently 2 inches from the back of my knee. I can cut it off to my ear and it will be back to my hip in 15 or 16 months. I even cut it off once for a BBB contest.

    I love seafood, shellfish and salmon.

    I love the sea. For a while I lived in Mims,FL 5 min from Merritt Island Beach and I spent hours there every day. Unfortunately as much as I love the beach I love mountains more and am back in Arizona.

    I love to swim.

    I used to be a lifeguard.

    Also my sister is a marine and evolutionary biologist that wants to work with sea animals. She is currently stuck with high school students.

    • Wow, Koren. You had a lot of “yes” answers to the quiz. That’s awesome. Sounds like it also runs in your family. Isn’t that funny?

      Tell about the BBB contest! I’m intrigued. I think your hair grows faster than mine!

      When you lived in Florida (Merritt Island), you must has seen some pretty spectacular space shuttle and rocket launches.

      That’s another thrill…to see those babies climb into the sky! I’m a little sad we won’t see shuttles in the sky any more. When I go to the Space Center, I turn into a little kid. My friend’s dad was an astronaut and still active in the space program…again, when I met him, I was like a little kid around him.

      I’m glad you like Arizona! I’ll be back visiting throughout the next day or two to answer more questions and comments. Woohoo!

      • Once upon a time, a couple year ago, Christine Rose had a “What would you do for a Kindle 2?” contest. So I chopped off my hair and donated it to Locks of Love, as I always do when I cut it. My cousin filmed and editted it and I think you can still find it on Youtube.

        I also had my hair mangled on Maury once. My best friend did the initial cutting.

      • I didn’t live in Merritt Island the city. I lived further north on US1 in Mims but I was 5 minutes from the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It was so nice a completely non commercial beach. I could watch the launches from the yard but we usually went with my ex’s brother that worked out at Kennedy.

  21. Running a bit late today maybe I’ll be lucky and you will check back tomorrow.

    Do you generally set one large or many small goals?

    • I like setting big goals, but then break them down into smaller goals/tasks. Like writing a novel, that’s a big goal, so I would commit to write “X” number of new words a day. Like in NaNoWriMo (, you write 50,000 in the month of November. So, that’s 1,666.6 words a day, every day, to write a (short) novel. Or for something more manageable, there’s I also like to make lists, too, so I scratch things off that list!

  22. What do you do to reward yourself whenyou reach your goals

  23. Do you keep track of random plot bunnies as they pop up or do you let them ru free and grow until you need them?

    • HaHaHa! I actually like to plot/outline my stories in detail. So when a plot bunny hops around I take it and make note of it right inside my outline. Hence, my outline can get long. The secret is to work with the best process right for you, no matter how others plot (or not-plot). Don’t mess with your process! Trust it!

  24. What age did you know you wanted to be a writer? How do you prep everyday before you write?

    • Hi Cassie! I’ve been writing since I was little, drawing storyboards before I know how to write. Went to college as an English major (no creative writing major at my school) and just kept writing, even when I had a day job.

      For others, just one day, they decide, “I’m gonna do this,” and just jump right in writing. Teens, moms, students, retirees, cops, nurses… I believe everyone has at least one book in them and you never know when the muse is gonna strike.

    • To prep every day before I write, I run things around in my mind, maybe run a few ideas by my author friends, and then sit down to write.

      Many authors have a ritual before they write, like light a candle.

      But I also procrastinate at times but then the time comes when you just have to get down to work. Because the muse has taken the day off and you have to do it yourself!

  25. I’ll be back visiting throughout the next day or two (Friday/Saturday) to answer more questions and comments. Woohoo! You guys are awesome. What fun questions. A lotta mermaid tendencies going on!

  26. Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters?

  27. What movie and/or book were you looking forward to this year that satisfied or surprised you the most?

  28. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

    • Okay, diving off a three meter diving board in college was scary (that’s almost 10 feet)… until I would see little kids doing it and flipping around. Hahaha. I guess I’m a big baby!

      But the scariest thing?

      My friends and I were tied to the outside of a big old fashioned glass truck (no glass on it at the time) with the driver speeding along the wrong way of narrow one way streets…with telephone poles zipping past my head. That’s all I will say. Won’t say when. Won’t say where. Don’t try it at home! Totally stupid! 🙂

      Glass truck example:

      To this day, when I see a glass truck, I shriek and yell, “Glass Truck!”

      (Weird, right?)

  29. If you could be a mythical creature or being, which would you choose?

    • While “mermaid” would be fun, I would have say, I would choose to be a muse.

      They are goddesses of literature, arts, dance, comedy, music, science/astronomy, and more. (How’s that for a lofty goal? LOL!)

      They inspire you to pursue what you love. (But let’s be clear here…I love music, but I’m not musical and can’t carry a tune, so let’s put that one at the bottom of the list!)

      What about you, Elie? Which would you choose?

  30. Kimberly, I really enjoyed this book, it is so much fun! ^_^
    so, is there going to be another one in the series?

  31. I love the premise of mermaids in this story! Definitely adding it to my TBR list! 🙂

  32. Oh dear, I’m pretty sure I’m a mermaid. But then, I grew up on the SE Connecticut shore — and partied in Newport during the summer! So it’s possible when I was transplanted here to the mountains, my legs became permanent. *sigh*

    Of course, I will be the person who brings the seafood dishes to holiday dinners. 😀

    hafowler at gmail

  33. Since it is the holiday season, what is your favorite holiday movie or show?

  34. Hi,

    is there a genre you have written in yet that you would love to?

  35. What was your favorite childhood book/series?

  36. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  37. I love mermaids, always been fascinated by the folklore/stories of mermaids. Have you ever seen Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid? It’s not like the Disney type, and more true to the original story. Siren’s Call sounds interesting, will be checking it out!