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Between by Kerry SchaferFinding My Way Into the Between

The first time I noticed a reality problem I was six, and had just had a major tiff with my best friend. We were standing there, both of us in a fist-clenched fury, entrenched in one of those hopeless “I did not, you did too” conversations when the light bulb went on.

It dawned on me that my friend wasn’t making things up. She honestly believed I had done and said a thing that I equally believed I had not done or said. You know the scenario – you’re in an argument with your lover, your boss, even your best friend, when you suddenly realize that you’re not only on different wavelengths, you’re engaged in two totally different conversations. Possibly, you’re not even still on the same planet.

I’m willing to bet that the world that I live in, or at least my perception of it, has a completely different landscape than the one you live in. Sure, this is partly colored by life experience and temperament, but I suspect there’s more to it than this. If we could trade brains for a minute, I think we would be shocked by the differences in how we perceive things. For example, although most of us have managed to agree that blue is blue, I’m willing to hazard a guess that what I see as blue looks very different to your eyes than it does to mine.

These differences are highlighted, I think, in our dreams. Although there are some dream symbols that are fairly universal, what shows up in the dreamlife is highly individualized and often contains elements of a personal mythology. Do you dream in black and white, or in color? Are you an observer or a participant? A hider or a seeker? Hunted or hunter? And here’s the really important question: how much does your role in your dreams impact your behavior in the real world?

These are some of the ideas I was playing with when I wrote Between. Vivian, as a dreamshifter, has to deal with constant reality shifts, and whatever happens to her in a dream world happens to her for real. Some of the characters in the book have alternate reality personalities based on their dreamlife selves.

I’m very curious about the world you live in.

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  1. Hi Kerry! Hooray for live events!

    Was BETWEEN your first manuscript, or had you written others before this one?

  2. Hi Kerry! My name is Nel and I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your new novel. I live and write in the next town over from you (Republic) and was excited to see your excellent bookmark at the Kitchen store in your home town!
    Anyway, your novel sounds intriguing, and I hope you make it to the top of the best-sellers list!

    • Linell – I am so excited to know that the bookmark actually helped somebody find me! I’m also delighted to know there is another author just over the mountain. Thanks so much for the good wishes – wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

  3. Hey Kerry! Can’t wait to read your book. Is there a lot of romance in it? Or is this pure urban fantasy?

    • Leigh, the answers are sort of no and no! The characters in this story don’t have much time for romance as they are sort of busy staying alive and all. But – there is definitely a a sizzle between the two of them with the promise of more in Book Two! Also – people have been noticing that BETWEEN is sort of a hybrid between Urban Fantasy and High Fantasy, not purely one or the other

  4. Hey Kerry!

    Were your other manuscripts also about fantasy, dragons, dreams etc? Or a completely different genre/subject? 🙂

    • Noortje, my writing is a lot like my reading, which means I like to experiment. The first novel was a fantasy – YA – and I am thinking about giving that one a rewrite. There is a thriller, and two set in real life but with a lot of weirdness, and my current favorite – is a paranormal mystery involving a geriatric vampire.

      • Sweet! That last one sounds great. Also love YA and fantasy as you probably know so it’s great that you’re going to give it a rewrite!
        I’m the same way, have a finished children’s manuscript lying around and I have a few “I’m-not-really-writing-you-at-the-moment-but-sometimes-I-am” stories, including a mystery, distopian novel, vampire novel, contemporary YA and more lol ;p Probably gonna work on the distopian one with insano 😉

        • That sounds hugely familiar, LOL. I too have a few picture book manuscripts lying around! My paranormal is going to have to wait until I finish Book Three of the Between. So – a little more about your Dystopian?

          • I once started one of those too lol, started drawing the pictures too, I think it was about bears and REALLY BAD haha 😛 Were you planning to draw the pictures yourself or just supply the text?
            The dystopian one is pretty cool (if I say so myself) It’s Amsterdam but in the future with all this high tech stuff and museums that show the world as it is now. I can’t wait to start writing it again! insanonano was the best idea ever.

  5. This post was right up my alley. I love examining dreams. I’ve had a few very intense dreams this last week, actually. I’m dying to read your novel! It sounds fascinating.

    • Heather – I love dreams! Do you care to share one?
      Funny thing – night before last I dreamed I was walking (well, climbing really, sometimes on hands and knees) up a steep freeway. There was snow and ice. I have no idea what had happened to my car, but obviously something. The next day, when I was standing in a parking lot full of snow and ice waiting for the tow truck to unload one of the kid’s cars, I went “hmmmm.”

  6. How long were you writing seriously before you wrote BETWEEN?

    • Susan – I guess that depends on how we define “seriously.” I’d been writing for years and wanted to be published. But it was only about five years ago that I started to make it a serious priority. That was when the writing time got scheduled in and I made sure that it happened no matter what else was going on in my life.

  7. Kerry,since I am your mother, and have always dreamed in large screen technicolor, maybe this book is the result of pre-natal influences! Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Mom! First, let me say that I am SO impressed with how you are learning to navigate the internet!! And I’m so pleased that you made it here today. 🙂 I do remember you telling me about your technicolour dreams (yes, the spelling is right because she’s Canadian!) I specifically remember something about horses pulling a wagon or something up the staircase in our house. That is definitely material for the Between! (Hugs)

  8. When you were tempted to give up writing, what got you going again & was it with Believe or a different manuscript?

    • I never was truly tempted to give up on writing, Kristina. I tried living without writing at various times during my life and it didn’t work out so swell. (Translate – I turn into an unpleasant, unhappy, miserable wretch of a woman when I’m not writing) I was just thinking maybe it was time to step away from BETWEEN and move on to another project. And yes – there was another project and I very much want to finish it.

  9. Ooh, what an intriguing premise! I dream in color and am a participant, sometimes hunting/seeking, sometimes hiding. I want to read this, but my only question (that hasn’t been asked above) is the level of sex/gore/language so I know what to expect or who to recommend it to. Thanks!

    • A good question, Jennifer. There is very little sexual content, but there is a rape scene. It is not graphic and pretty much fades to black, but it is in there. Some of the characters use some occasional profanity. As for gore – I’ve got to admit there is a fair bit. Fairly mild if you read thrillers, but lots if you’re used to reading romances.

  10. I hear that other people have anxiety dreams where they need to run but they can’t move their feet, or they’re falling, or naked. My anxiety dreams are nearly all around language: I can’t think of the word “emergency” in Japanese to alert the Japanese policeman, for example. I don’t know if this means I’m destined to be or need time off from writing or editing!

    • Not having words is a frightening thing! For me I just have no voice. Can’t scream, can’t call for help, can’t make a sound. What I wonder is why you are dreaming about Japanese Policemen? And whether you usually know the Japanese word for emergency?

      • Kerry, I lived for a while in Japan and then traveled around Asia. What I had studied up to that point had been French–and I ended up translating between English or Japanese speakers and French speakers on a few occasions. The combo rendered me inarticulate in the waking world from time to time as well.

        • I’m a lot like Ann. I studied French in college and was pretty proficient. Then I moved to Japan and lived there for 11 years and became fluent in Japanese. I would have these wild dreams that were a mix of English, French and Japanese. I would come up with a word in one language that needed to be in the other language. It was funny!

  11. Congrats on getting your book published! I have added it to my wishlist to wait for payday. How long did it take you to write it from conception to completion? And then how long until you got a publisher? Did you ever consider self publishing?

    • Jessica, I think it was about four years total. The rough draft was actually a Nanowrimo novel, complete in 30 days. BUT – I revised it repeatedly and then totally rewrote it a few times. I also took breaks to work on other things and completed about three other rough drafts while I was re-working it. I was looking for a publisher for a long time, but after my very last revision was done it was picked up within about a month!! I really didn’t think too much about self pub. It seems to require a discipline and courage which I lack. A lot of writers are doing extremely well with the self pub though!

  12. the weirdest dreams i remember were from when i was pregnant. I had many faceless baby dreams, and one where I dropped my faceless baby from a front infant carrier into the harbor off a tall pier. I still am afraid every time I see a tall pier!

    • Jessica – Oh, that just makes me shiver. I had a couple where one of my kids was drowning and I was trying to rescue them. The emotional impact of those dreams never seems to really go away.

  13. Hi Kerry, So very proud of you. Taking a minute from work to say hi. Wishing you the very very best. It’s about time….

    • Hi Cuz!! I’m so glad you stopped by! I wish my Dad and your Ma were here for this. Although, I doubt they would be literally “here” as I can’t really see either of them on the ‘net. 🙂

  14. Hi Kerry, Congratulations. This book sounds so fun and interesting. Where did you get the idea to write about a dreamshifter?

    • Danielle, here’s where I confess the truth. My main character came up with it. I’d revised this book several times with different ideas about alternate realities. I was brainstorming what to try next. For me, this often takes the form of freewriting, by hand, in a journal to see what my subconscious is hiding. And this time I tried free-writing in Vivian’s voice. She said something about Dreamworld, Wakeworld, and Between, and it all happened from there.

  15. Super proud nephew over here! Are you surviving day one? 😀

  16. Kerry,
    This is SO COOL! Congratulations on the pay-off for all your hard work 🙂
    I am amazed that you had your realization about different people’s perceptions so young. Many adults haven’t come to that realization yet. You always were very perceptive and intuitive, I was going through some hard stuff back then and talking to you always helped 🙂 Thanks – I can hardly wait to read your book!

    • Rondee, you were a totally awesome roommate! I remember you had some hard things going on. I remember myself as being rather dense back then, actually, so it’s good to hear that our conversations were helpful to you. Thanks so much for stopping by here!! HUGS

  17. The Random Penguin just wanted to let you know that he is here and watching and having a great time at the live event!

  18. What is your most memorable dream?

    • Hmmm. That’s actually a hard one. I think it would maybe have to be the time when I was a little kid and I dreamed about a tiny little man walking the spiral pattern on my braided rug. It has to have been a dream, right? But for years and years I thought it was real. I also have had multiple dreams in which I could fly, and so I always walk around *knowing* what that feels like. I wrote more about the little man dream here:

  19. I heard that many many people used to dream in black and white because their TVs were black and white.

    • That’s an interesting idea. I wonder what people dreamed in before TV? Maybe there’s research out there somewhere. My mother stopped by here a bit ago talking about her dreams. I remember this, too – she dreamed in full color and we still had black and white TV.

  20. Hi Kerry – I love your mom’s comment :). I always wonder what authors influence others. Who would you say was your greatest influence?
    Thank you.

  21. Have you had a dream that came true in some way, or was so real that it stayed with you for days? No. Altough sometimes my dreams are a bit too realistic.
    Have you ever had a weird experience that made you feel like you’d stepped into an alternate reality? I’ve had weird experiences, but not quite that weird.

  22. I’m so excited to dive into your world!I’ve always been fascinated by alternate realities,and sometimes think it comes from personal experience 🙂

    • I have a knack of finding my way into weird little synchronicities, for sure! For example, in my first novel I created a male character and several years later found myself dating two men – one with his first name, and one with his last.

  23. Hey Kerry! Congrats on the release!

    Your comments on perceptions and arguments really resonated with me–it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve learned to let go of those entrenched moments, and am much happier for it.

    Wishing you lots and lots of sales!!


    • Thanks so much for the good wishes, Jesse! I often still forget, in the heat of the moment. Our emotions tend to override our judgment. It’s very easy to see and say when you’re not actually hurt and/or angry!

  24. What is your favourite genre to read?

    • Cheryl, I don’t have just one favorite genre. I will read pretty much anything if it’s well written and I like the characters. My usual preferences are thriller, mystery, and fantasy.

  25. Kerry would like to thank you all for your comments, and also to let you know that she’s lost wireless at her primary location, but she’s heading to a secondary location where the wireless is more reliable. She’ll be back online to answer all of your questions VERY soon!

    And keep asking – these questions are fantastic!

  26. Do you get your ideas more from the waking world or dream world? 🙂

    • I tend to think of my ideas as coming from the waking world. For example, I seldom solve plot problems in my sleep. A lot of authors seem to dream up whole plots and characters, and that never happens. That said, my dreams tend to linger with me, just below the level of conscious thought. And they impact my writing from there. Every now and then I’ll be doing something, or writing something, and remember a sort of parallel dream.

  27. As a hardcore UF/PR fan, I find myself sometimes mumbling about the “same ole same ole” in new releases. I am FASCINATED by the prospect of a dream shifter! Is this a planned series or a standalone novel?

    • Jackie, it’s planned as a trilogy. I should warn you, though, that some of the hard core UF/PN fans who have read Between were disappointed by the high fantasy elements that sneak in. It sort of straddles a divide between Urban Fantasy and High Fantasy.

  28. Can you give us five words to describe Vivian? How about the male interest?

    • Damn it, Leigh, you are making me think! Five words for Vivian: smart, resourceful, resilient, fiery, dragon. 🙂
      Oh, and my beloved Zee: scarred, artist, warrior, dragon slayer (that is five words)

  29. Dreams can be so symbolic. I wonder if half the time I even realize what they are trying to tell me. This is an interesting post. Very insightful 🙂

    • Trying to decipher the meaning of dreams is a journey, I think. Many of us have recurring symbols – our own dream mythology if you will. So a place to start is to explore what that element in your dream means to YOU. Another place to start is with Jung’s idea that every character in the dream is really an element of yourself.

  30. I have never had an experience that felt otherworldy. It would be interesting to have 🙂

    I have had dreams that I later went on to live out. It was weird and I’m not sure if my mind knows what’s going to happen ahead of time or if the events are just coincidental.

    • That is a truly fascinating question. Does your subconscious somehow see the patterns playing out and put them together, and then let you know what’s about to happen? Or is there some element of “the other” that kicks in and gives warning?

  31. Hey everybody! The Internet stopped working at home so I drove to my favorite coffee shop. Their Internet is not working! I am resorting to the smart phone. It works but I am very slow and you are likely to encounter some amusing autocorrect moments

  32. Have a great release party. I hope your sales go really well. The book looks great fun

  33. I have found wireless!! Settling in and getting comfy. My life is always an adventure!

  34. I’m trying to think of an interesting comment, but my brain is blocked by shrieking children and barking dogs, so I’ll just say I love the book and love the ideas it brings up.

  35. I always have dreams that often seem more real than reality, and carry over, sometimes they linger for days.

    • I do know that feeling. There have been times when I’ve had to do a logic reality check. “Did I really dream that? Does it make sense that I dreamed that? Does evidence indicate that it really happened or not?”

  36. I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m pretty adaptable!!

  37. When you’re writing, do you always stick to one book at a time? How do you deal with the snippets that pop into your head that don’t fit into your current book, but would be a great idea for something different entirely?

    • If I’m on a first draft I tend to be pretty focused, and whatever comes up usually belongs to the manuscript or MIGHT belong to the manuscript. I don’t discriminate too much at that point. Sometimes things that don’t seem to belong become pivotal later. But when I’m revising – then I’ve been known to write another rough draft. If I get ideas I don’t have time for I write them down somewhere. Also – once you’re published, you’re going to be writing one, revising another, and hopefully marketing a third all at once. Multi-tasking!

  38. Congratulations on your new book Between! It sounds like a fascinating read and I love the cover. You mentioned that you are also writing a paranormal mystery about a geriatric vampire. Can you tell us more about that one?

  39. What movies or books being released in 2013 are you most looking forward to?

    • You know, I’ve been so over my head with writing and work and all of the other parts of my frenzied life, that I don’t look ahead much. I was totally looking forward to The Trouble with Fate by Leigh Evans and Victoria Schwaab’s The Archived, but these are both no out and in my possession! (They are awesome) Also Asunder was one I’ve been waiting for. And all of the books of my sisters on the Debutante Ball (which you can check out here: These days I’m all about the books my fellow writers are releasing.

  40. If you could live during any time period, when would you live?

    • You know, a lot of people ask those questions. I’m not much for the whole time travel thing. I love to read about it, but I’m not sure I want to live it. The sixties, maybe? Sounds like that was fun. 🙂 I adore medieval stories but it would have been horribly uncomfortable to actually live in that time.

  41. Woot! My copy of Between is on my Kindle and when the editing page count is done, I’m rewarding myself by starting the book! I am so excited to read. Where do you find the time to write, Kerry? How do you inspire yourself to get the words in when it’s a non-writing kind of day?

    Best of luck with the debut!

    • Yay!! Thanks for stopping by Denise – I know you’re in the throes of writing. I scavenge for time these days. In the morning before work, during my lunch break, after dinner. I HATE non-writing kinds of days. Usually they happen because something isn’t right with the book, though. So if I really can’t get past the wall by just sitting down and starting to write, I’ll often free write in a journal. Sometimes I write in the character’s voice, because often the problem is that I’m asking them to do something they would never do, or have forgotten something that happened to them that was important and changed them. Sometimes it truly is better to just take a day off to think.

  42. What an interesting idea! What authors have influenced you? Any of your dreams make it into the book?

    • I suspect every book I ever read influenced me in some way. I think my biggest influences are Dickens, Tolkien, Lewis, L’Engle, Guy Gavriel Kay, and probably Donaldson. I don’t think any of my dreams made the book, actually. The element of trying to run and not being able to get anywhere is in there – that is something I’ve definitely experienced.

  43. Author’s question – Dreams

    My dreams are usually very vague and don’t stay with me for days.

    • A lot of my dreams are that way. I find I dream “bigger” dreams when I’m going through huge life crises. After my husband’s death, for example, the dreams were hugely symbolic and did stick around for days.

  44. Interesting that people want to know what their dreams mean. Why? I would be afraid to tell a psychiatrist my dreams, which are often very vivid. I would probably end up in a treatment facility! Kerry, I am sorry about the little man in your dream. I do not remember that. Nor do I remember the rug you mentioned!

    • Hi Mom! I bet your dreams would be fascinating to look at from a psychological perspective!! But you are not lock-up-able. That dream happened in the old house on South Lakeside. I might have dreamed the rug too. There was another one from that era about one of those barrel-of-monkeys games, in which the little monkeys came alive and were evil.

  45. Have you ever had a weird experience that made you feel like you’d stepped into an alternate reality?

    Only some really weird dreams

  46. Have you had a dream that came true in some way, or was so real that it stayed with you for days?

    No, and most of my dreams I forget after waking fully.

  47. Congratulations!!! So, would Roy Orbison’s song “In Dreams” be appropriate soundtrack material for Between? Do you associate any particular music with the story?

  48. Do you have any convention or conference appearances scheduled?

    • Just confirmed that I’m going to C2E2 in Chicago in April, where I’m going to be on a totally amazing panel. More details on that later! I’m also planning on going to RT in Kansas City, and Colorado Gold in Denver in the fall.

    • Please, if you ever see me at a conference grab me and introduce yourself!! I’d love to meet you.

  49. My battery is running out on the laptop and this location appears not to have any outlets. So if I vanish, I’m off looking for an alternate source of both internet and power!

  50. I have found both internet and an outlet in one location! Total win!!

  51. Hey Kerry:) I look forward to reading your book. I frequently lucid dream, and my dreams are in general on the odd side…but I’m curious how I’ll relate to the reality shifts. I have a genetic condition that mimics some characteristics of autism…most relevantly, the occasional need to remind myself where the boundaries of reality actually are. It’s really easy to lose myself in a good book or a game, or sometimes even the wandering of my own mind. Does Vivian do the same?

    By the way…I love the Lifehouse song. 🙂

    • Kat – it’s a great song. I’ve always loved it. As for Vivian, she has a talisman pendant – it’s a carved penguin in a dreamweb, and it helps her to keep track of whether she’s in the Dreamworld or not. She ended up with it because I kept getting lost when I was writing the book and we needed boundaries. 🙂

  52. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. I know I seen to have the weirdest ones. It’s as if someone puts my brain on random and strange people & places pop out. Do you analyze your own dreams?

    • If I have a dream that makes a strong emotional impact, or if it “lingers”, then I do believe it’s trying to tell me something and I spend some time trying to figure out what. I have learned some important things about myself and my life from dreams, so I try to pay attention.

  53. Is there a genre you’d like to try your hand at but haven’t?

    • Trix, I’ve played with all of the genres I’m interested in. What I’d like to do is make a serious attempt at them. At some point in my career, I’d like to do something with YA, Thriller, and Mystery. Only they will probably all have either a paranormal or fantasy element, lol, so I guess that makes them fantasy or paranormal!!

  54. What other creative outlets do you like to pursue?

    • Lately I’ve been so busy that the only creative outlet I’ve had time for is writing. But I own a baby grand piano and I used to play it a lot – I do plan to get back to that. I have also experimented with drawing and taken a few classes. I would love to learn how to paint. I knit and crochet, time and energy permitting, and I used to do a lot of cross stitch.

  55. It appears that the home internet system has magically resolved its issues with my launch party – at least according to my son who has tested the link for me! Heading home – and will hopefully back for more questions in a little bit!

  56. Do you have a favorite book that you can read over and over again? Is there an author that you want to meet that you haven’t had the chance to meet yet?
    Congrats on your new book.

    • Sheryl, I will read any book I loved over and over again. Some of them are Little Women, Tolkien, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Fionovar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay. But again – almost anything on my shelf has been read more than once.

  57. Hi, I was wondering how you choose the names of your characters? Do they have to have a deeper meaning for you, or do you just choose names you like?

    • Bethany, it depends. Sometimes a name just comes to me, but usually I spend a lot of time over it. Vivian was actually named after the penguin who was the inspiration for Poe. And Zee – well, Zee just came to me. And then I had to find another name for him that would make a nickname of Zee make sense, and then that contributed to his character development, and so on! Sometimes, though, I sit around with a name book making sure that the meaning of the name fits the character.

  58. hi Kerri, you are a new author to be abd looking forward to adding your book to my TBR pile 🙂

  59. How else will you be celebrating?

    • I will be celebrating in all sorts of ways for quite awhile, I think. This was a dream long in the making, and it’s not very often a dream actually comes true! We are planning a party here in my little town for friends and family and co-workers, and I”m doing a book signing event in Spokane at an indie store (Auntie’s Bookstore) on Feb. 16.

  60. Can’t remember any dreams coming true.

  61. No weird expeirences.

  62. What is your favorite part of the story process?

    • My favorite part of the story process is probably revision. I know, I’m weird. I don’t like rewrites where there are huge cuts and changes to things, but the process of refining and developing my characters, of polishing words and phrases and adding details – that I can get lost in for hours.

  63. What books are currently on your nightstand or next on your ereader?

    • In my to read stack right now: currently up is Snuff, by Terry Pratchett. The Archived, by Victoria Schwaab, The new Harry Dresden, Asunder by Jodi Meadows, and the new Jack Reacher

  64. Have you ever had a weird experience that made you feel like you’d stepped into an alternate reality?
    -Actually yes, a few times while driving a long distance. Sometimes time just seems to fly past like you just skip ahead. Others were on repeated trips where all of a sudden it just doesnt look like it always used to. Then it goes back.

  65. So Hollywood buys the movie rights to your book and puts you in charge of casting.

    Anyone is particular comes to mind that comes close to your vision of Vivian and Zee?

    • I ‘ve been asked this question before and I honestly can’t come up with anybody. I always struggle with that if I’ve read a book and then go see the movie. The characters never look like they should. It’s worse when I’ve written the book!

      • If I ever get published this is exactly how I would answer that question. lol All of the characters I have in my head don’t look like anyone else. I’m curious how I will end up picturing Vivian and Zee. I like the cover art but I’m ignoring that as I read (prologue and Chapter One complete). I much prefer to let my mind do its thing.

        • I feel exactly the same way. The cover for Between is awesome, and I truly love it. But when I first saw it, I had a brief “it’s all wrong” reaction. She didn’t look like the character in my head.

  66. Thanks for being here! So what was your favorite scene in Between to write?

  67. are you nerves about how your cover will do on the cover poll?

    I did have a lot of dreams about being chased in’till I really figured out that in my life I was hiding from some thing, my dreams after I figured that out where different and not the same dream over and over.

    • Stacey, I’m just excited that Between is on the cover poll at all! And there are so many awesome covers that deserve to win, so not really worrying about that. As for your dreams – those are the kind of dreams that I think are trying to tell us something. You figured out what you were hiding from, and then that repeating dream could stop. Thanks for sharing that story! 🙂

  68. I have had so much fun here today! You have all asked great questions. Now, though, I am heading off to bed because I have to go to work tomorrow! I’ll check in tomorrow morning and answer any questions that come in tonight though – so please feel free to keep the conversation going.

  69. Answer the Author’s Question – Have you ever had a weird experience that made you feel like you’d stepped into an alternate reality?
    Well I tell you I read a Book that maid my feel that way like what was real and what was not.after reading that book I kept looking at people and wondering if they were just alien in people suit and I was one of the only humans? but after Awhile I decided think that was just going to drive my crazy and I just did not need more crazy in my life.LOL

  70. I too have noticed reality issues… sometimes it is as simple as someone saying something and you absolutely positively KNOW that it is a lie… but, just as clearly… they absolutely believe it. Sometimes that’s ego or lying to ourselves on such a deep level that we believe in our lie and when we tell it to others… we think it is the truth, even when that other person KNOWS it is not. Other times I am like… huh? Didn’t that restaurant used to be over there or something equally odd… sometimes we just live in our little worlds and don’t really see much… or do we?

    • Vanessa, I agree that we sometimes twist the truth up in our own heads for whatever reason – usually because we can’t face up to something. Those “huh?” moments though – I get those a lot. I’ve learned to just sort of go with the flow on that, lol. I certainly don’t talk about it much, but I quietly wonder.

  71. Oh yes, I have definitely had a weird alternate reality thing happen. My hubby wanted Mcdonalds (yuck) and we drove to where it was… but it just was not there, or anywhere… and we were both so sure that there was a MCDs right there…. a week later we drove right past it. There it was, just where it was supposed to be… but wasn’t… so odd.

  72. Yup, I have absolutely had a “real” dream. I have also had many of those odd moments that are sort of deja vu like and straight out of a recent dream.

    • At least it happened to you *with* somebody else, so you knew you hadn’t completely lost your grip! I sometimes think the Douglas Adams books are not so far off.

  73. Hi! 🙂 Well, the world I live in is arguably still the hope that I had since I was 5 I’d if not go into space, I would be working in the field… still hoping for that to this day… ah, life doesn’t always go the way you want. LOL


    • Feeling like one’s living in an alternative reality — well, I live with the news on the tv all the time… and well, if you have ever watched just a tiny bit of national news, yeah, you feel like you live in an alternative reality – one where common sense is not allowed in the door…

      And a dream that stuck around – well, yep, once upon a time I had this dream where I was in exact house, the same bedroom, but the aliens showed up. Took a while to wake up from it. Thing is, fairly certain it didn’t actually happen given that Pierce Brosnan was also abducted with me at the same time… so for him to be in my bedroom… ah, no. Pooh. LOL


      • Lois, yeah, the TV news will definitely set you wondering! I avoid it so as to keep the knots out of my brain. Hey – you had a dream with Pierce Brosnan in it? How awesome… aliens or not. His eyes are what gets me. 🙂

    • I don’t know that life *ever* goes the way we want it to! Even if we do reach a dream there are some mighty strange twists and turns along the way, and then the dream is probably not quite what we thought it was and we move on to another one! But that’s what keeps it interesting. 🙂

  74. I am off to work! If there are any last comments or questions I will catch them at my lunch break. Thank you so much, Rachel, for hosting this event!! And thank you to everybody who stopped by to make Launch Day so fabulous and fun!!

  75. What was your favorite childhood book?

  76. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?


    • Linda, I have a full time day job, and a lot of other responsibilities. So I cram the writing in wherever the day allows. If I have a day off, I like to start writing at about 9 am and write for a couple of hours, and then keep coming back to it throughout the day for an hour at a time.

  78. Interesting concept, the reality shifts sound like time travel paradoxes, they mess with my head!

  79. Ooooh Dream Shifter. What a fun idea. I love my dreams, which are in color by the way. Crazy things happen, and that moment when you wake and your dream slips away as you try grasp the fading tendrils…so frustrating and exhilarating.
    So, do you dream in color?

  80. Quite frequently I have dreams that stay with me for days. Those are the best, especialy if I can slip into that alternate world again. It is like playing with a long lost friend.

    • Sometimes, if I wake up in the middle of a dream I can re-enter it, but only if I go right back to sleep. If you can carry it with you and sort of enter it at will – that is amazing.

  81. Does it have a lot of romance in the book.

  82. What is your guilty pleasure type of book? The kind that you read when you are just having downtime for yourself.

    • There is no one type. When I was younger I waded through some books I didn’t enjoy that much because I thought I “should” read them. Now I only read what I love. Usually it’s mystery, thriller, or some sort of fantasy. But not always!

  83. Wow, really descriptive commentary that sounds so intriguing. I want to grab the book right now!

  84. Do you feel de javu plays into the reality shifts you were discussing?

    • I’m not sure. I do know that sometimes I have a strong sense of having done something before, and then I realize that I have performed and identical movement or action in a dream. Nothing really major though.

  85. What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do you listen to any?

    • In general, I prefer to read for myself. But if I’m traveling, then I love to listen to an audio book. The best ones ever were The Hank the Cow Dog books we listened to when my kids were little. Hilarious, and so extremely well done!

  86. Is Between YA? I dream in color. I have had a few dreams that I could interpret as a “vision from God” but most of my dreams while vivid don’t really have much meaning but do contain real people from my life.I have been told my perspective is different from others,I see things different but not in a good way.I usually see things in a negative light or perceive things to be true when they may not necessarily be true.

  87. You have such cool insights. I am a silly dreamer. For instance, I tend to have to go the bathroom once a night and if I don’t wake up I will have a long dream about trying to find a clean bathroom. Yes, I’m serious. This happens often too. LOL I’m a very emotional person, and tend to not bottle up my feeling like I did when I was younger so maybe I don’t work things out in my dreams…

    So many good questions asked:) I’ll throw out a writing question. Was there an aspect of your writing that required more work than the others- grammar, POV, dialog etc.?

    • Brenda, you are not alone in the “where is the bathroom” dream, lol. As for the writing question, hmmm. I’ve probably worked specifically at all of those things at some point in my life. I think the toughest one for me is plotting. I am what’s known as a “panster” at heart. I like to let the story unfold on its own. I’m learning that while this is wonderful for some things, it’s very helpful to do some methodical organizing of the plot, either before or after the first draft. Or both, lol. I rewrite a lot.

  88. Kerry, do you write anything paranormal?

  89. Hello Kerry. My question for you is what’s your favorite guilty pleasure(s)?

  90. Will you be writing the stories of the alternative realities of your characters as a freebie story?

  91. When I was little, the sky in my dreams was usually a pale shade of green. A little bit softer than the green sky that can sometimes be seen in bad weather. Now I don’t remember my dreams (even when I was pregnant). Are the rules of your dreams different than reality?

  92. I’ve never had dreams that came true, but I sometimes have very real dreams, and some of them seem to be so real, about something very ordinary happening, that later when I’m awake and suddenly remember them I actually have to think whether that was true or have I just dreamt it.

  93. I’ve never had alternate reality experiences, but I sometimes get deja vu feelings.

  94. Hi Kerrie, Is your book totally made up or do you believe these abilities are possible?

  95. can you tell us about “the Call”? i am always interested in how authors got the news they were being pubbed.

  96. I was lucky enough to win this book in a giveaway. Looking forward to reading it. Sounds fantastic.

    • Pam – oh yes, The Call. My call story is a little complicated. I had put up a couple of chapters of the book on an author site called Book Country. A few weeks later I got a call from one of the editors at Book Country, Danielle Poiesz. She said that an acquiring editor at Berkley had read the chapters and would like to see the full. So I sent it off, and spent a week in absolute fear and trembling. And then Danielle called again and said that the editor would like to speak with me. I figured she wouldn’t be asking to do that if she hated the book!! I was SO excited, and I was a little worried too, because I didn’t have an agent. But Deidre Knight, as it turned out, had also read my chapters on Book Country, and she asked for the Full manuscript and ready really really fast. So as it turned out, I had TWO calls on one day. One with Deidre, and one with editor Susan Allison. It was quite a day, as I’m sure you can imagine.

  97. nope nothing weird like that has happened to me.

  98. I’ve had some vivid dreams but nothing that stayed with me for days. Most of the time I don’t even remember my dreams.

  99. I love your book’s concept, very cool! Must check it out.

    Sorry if I missed this question earlier, but do you read other books when you’re writing, or only your own work? Do you ever find your voice influenced by something you recently read, and have to find it again so to speak?

    • Julie, I’m always reading something. If I’m in a revision phase, it doesn’t really matter what I”m reading. But when I’m writing a rough draft I do have to be careful. I usually stick with something I’ve read before so I don’t get sucked in to deep, or I read something very different from what I’m writing. There are some books I just KNOW I can’t read while I’m writing, and they have to wait.

  100. I usually have my most vivid dreams in the morning right before the alarm goes off. Yesterday, I woke up laughing out loud. That has never happened to me before, that I remember. I was really annoyed that I couldn’t remember that dream because it must have been really funny. I have all kinds of dreams, humorous, embarrassing, exciting, frightening and some are even boring. I also dream in Japanese from time to time. My sister usually only has nightmares or just downright crazy dreams often involving some kind of chase or rescue.

    What kind of dreams do you usually have?

    • I have all different sorts of dreams. The ones that repeat are ones where I’m trying to get somewhere – often through a secret passageway of some kind. (I love secret passageways). And I also have a lot of house dreams, where there is a new room in the house that I am seeing for the first time, or I’ve just moved into a brand new house and am exploring it. A couple of nights ago I dreamt the local deputies showed up to chat, and brought a kid they’d arrested with a stolen cello.

  101. This sounds soooo good and is definitely a must read. I have read a lot of books in the paranormal genre but I tend to stick with witches and shapeshifters. I have never read any with a dreamshifter so I ‘m looking forward to it.

  102. Answer to author questions –
    As far as a weird experience the only one I can think of was when my brother passed away when he was 34 yrs old. It’s felt like I was living in a different reality for a few days. In retrospect I don’t remember a lot from those days. The more that time has passed, the more of the small details I remember.
    As for a dream ever coming true I would have to say no. I have a hard time remembering my dreams so maybe something came true, but if it did I surely don’t remember it.


  104. Congrats Kerry! I’m a recently published fiction writer about the paranormal too. Isn’t it a great feeling inside to have accomplished this? It’s my first, published by Tate publishing. I just wanted to say that I really like your book cover…after going through this process of publishing, I’ll never look at book covers the same…But most of all, I want to wish you much success with your first book and with all the other books that will follow!

    Janie McLean

    • Oh, thank you Janie! It’s funny with the book cover, because it is awesome but I had absolutely nothing to do with it. That was all in the publisher’s control. Good luck with your book! I wish you the best of success.

  105. OO sounds like an awesome read! Hm.. what character from another book/movie/show would you love to have as a charater in your book? or do a cross with? 🙂 thanks!

  106. I think it is so interesting that you asked whether our roles and identities in our dreams affect our waking lives. Most people would have put the question the other way–how does our daily life affect our dreams? The fact that you look at the question differently makes me want to read your book. I like the way you think!

    • Beth, I tend to think it works both ways. Sometimes what we do in the daylight affects our dreams, for sure. But just as often I think it works the other way around! If you read the book, please let me know your thoughts!

  107. thanks for the ga!

  108. What is the best advice you’ve ever given that you would pass on to an aspiring writer?

  109. I’d like to know if you think there is a connection between not dreaming and/or not remembering your dreams and a person’s non-creative abilities?

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