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The Guilty Innocent: Knights of the Darkness Chronicles (Volume 2) By D.N. SimmonsInterview with Darian Alexander for Bitten By Books. The interview was conducted by a fan of the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Darian Alexander sat down with Lindsey M. this week to answer question from a few fans of the series as well as a few personal questions Lindsey had of her own. 😀

Lindsey M.: First off, I’d like to take the time to thank you for joining us for this interview, Mr. Alexander.

Darian Alexander: It is my pleasure, Lindsey.. I always have time for a beautiful lady.

*I blush at the sound of his smooth Greek-accented voice accentuating every word and with great effort, I suppress a fangirl sequel*

LM: Oh Mr. Alexander, you’re a slick one and I bet you say that to all of the women.

*Darian chuckles deeply, his sexy, hypnotic forest-green eyes focusing solely on me causes my skin to prickle with goosebumps*

DA: Only the ones truly deserving of the title.

* OMG! This man! I turn to check the thermostat on the wall. Okay, so it’s not hotter in here, it’s just me. I clear my throat and try to concentrate on the interview even though that’s proving to be more difficult with each passing second the longer I’m in this powerful man’s presence.*

LM: Mr. Alexnder-,

DA.: -Please, call me Darian.

*I smile and struggle again to maintain professionalism.*

LM: All right… Darian… the tales of your sexy and exciting exploits have entertained so many readers , including yours truly.

DA: Well, I am greatly honored to have thrilled you so.

I can feel my heart beating a mile a minute and by the playful smirk on the gorgeous face of this Master vampire, I had no doubt he could sense my heightened arousal as well as my nervousness. It’s not every day you get to come face to face with the man of your dreams. I look at my notes and gather my thoughts… again

LM: I surveyed a few patrons of Desires Unleashed and asked them, ‘If they could ask you one question, what would it be”. I received several responses. Are you ready to expose the man behind the allure?

Darian laughs outright this time, his dimples making themselves known to me. Ahhhh, Darian’s dimples. I can’t help but wonder what he looks like when his fangs are present.

DA: I’m always willing to satisfy someone’s desires. Ask away.

LM: One person wanted to know if you were as ‘indifferent in your human life as you are in your vampire life?’

Darian seems to ponder the question. His full-shaped lips purse ever so slightly.

DA: As a vampire, one does become unattached from humanity. We two species are no more the same than an animal or plant is to a human. Your blood nourishes us, quenches us, and ignites us. Humans put themselves above their prey, vampires are no different in that regard.

LM: Very interesting and while we’re on the subject, do you feel that a vampire loves a human in the same way that a human can love an animal?

DA: For the record, there are some humans who value animals over humankind. I can’t speak for all vampires, to do so would unjustly generalize the species. I can only offer my individual account. There are some humans who’ve meant a great deal to me. There are also those I regard with a modicum of tolerance or interest.

I give a sharp nod, digesting everything Darian has just told me. His aura is so overwhelming. I get the idea that he’s probably holding most of it back, but I can still feel waves of power emanating from him in a low current. Each sensation sending a pulse into my body making it very difficult for me to focus on anything. My eyes continue to drift to the impressive imprint that’s between his elegantly crossed legs and I can’t help but wonder about the pleasures he could offer me. My God, Woman! Stay focused!

LM: I look down at my papers, flipping to the next one. Here’s a fun one from Ray. ‘Can you tell what’s in Tony’s Special Concoctions?”

DA: I once asked Tony what were his special ingredients, he gave me a mischievous smile and promptly told me it was a ‘secret’. For a moment, I’d considered reading his mind, but ultimately decided against it. Let him have his secrets. To this day, I have no idea, however, I enjoy his Concoctions immensely.

LM: Someone else wants to know how do you stay so calm?

DA: Acting irrationally is counterproductive. If one is to be successful in their endeavor, it’s better to engage in deliberation. ‘If you fail to plan, then plan to fail’.

LM: Wow, that’s pretty enlightening. I guess when you’ve been alive as long as you have, doing that is probably very easy.

DA: Each person is responsible for themselves. For every reaction, there’s an equal or in many cases, greater reaction. So one must consider this fact before making decisions. One doesn’t need to be an immortal to achieve this.

*Darian gives me a devilish wink and an equally sinful smile that was just as wicked as it was lustful. He knew exactly what kind of effect he was having over me. The bloodsucking bastard! God, I wanted him!*

LM: I have a hard one for you here, Mr. Alex-

DA: -Ah…

LM: Oh, that’s right… Darian.

He smiles and gives me a slight nod.

LM: Since you’ve witnessed first hand our history as a society, what do you see in our future?

Darian laughed before answering.

DA: More of the same. Humans will continue their political games. They will continue to procreate and each new generation will advance technology, making life more leisurely. At the same time, morals will continue to spiral downward, because for every indulgence comes an greater rebellion against what many would consider decency and order. There was once a time when it was sport and entertainment to watch men fight to the death in the arena. Now, such a public spectacle would be considered inhuman, savage and criminal. But there are places, secreted away where this bloodsport is still a grand and privileged exhibition. Nothing has changed, the powerful still wage war for political, financial and territorial gain. The rich stay in their position while the poor remain in theirs. Both sides regarding the middleclass with distaste or indifference.  If my outlook appears bleak, it’s only because I’ve seen the cycle round and round. I take of my pleasures in every way and simply enjoy the delights offered me.

LM: I’ve  got to say this has been one of the more interesting interviews I’ve ever conducted. I don’t want to keep you any longer, Darian. That was my last question and it was a great interview. I’ve got to say that I’m very happy to have finally met you.

DA: Are you sure that was your last question?

LM: *I flip through my papers, double-checking them.* Ah, yes. That was all I have with me.

Darian smirks, something in his eyes tells me he knows something I don’t know.

DA: Why don’t you ask me the question that has been on your mind since we the moment you laid eyes on me?

*O.M.G. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and had I not been sitting down, no doubt I would have fainted. I never told him what I was thinking, but he knew anyway. Can I be that honest?*

DA: Well? Don’t be afraid. Ask me what you’ve been wanting to ask me.

*I swallow and take a deep breath. Here goes nothing.*

LM: Am… am I… am I attractive to you?

*Darian uncrosses his legs and leans forward. Our eyes meet and I swear the temperature in the room hits molten lava level.*

DA: Lindsey, I can show you better than tell you just how beautiful you are to me.

LM: Oh My God! *my chest heaves as I try to calm myself* Alright, this concludes our interview.

I won’t tell you what happened next, but I’ll just say that he lives up to his reputation and beyond!

Books in The Knights of the Darkness Chronicles in the order they should be read:
Desires Unleashed
The Guilty Innocent
The Royal Flush
Hostile Territory
The Lion’s Den
Unholy Alliance

Author Bio:
I was born in the little, but big bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. I still live there today, and loving every second of it … Except for those harsh cold winters. I started writing short horror stories when I was eleven years old. It wasn’t until 2004 that I decided to take the plunge into the professional literary world when I wrote Desires Unleashed.

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Learn more about D.N. Simmons below:

Read Reviews of her work here


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  1. Hi! 🙂 So….. does Darian make house calls…? 😉 And yeah, totally agree – humans will change, and stay exactly the same, as we’ve always been, even before the ol’ printing press or the like…


  2. I love character interviews. Darian if there were a movie made about you who do YOU envision portraying you?

    • Hello Viki,

      What a splendid name for such a lovely woman. To answer your question, I fear the right actor has yet to be discovered. He would have to possess tremendous talent and beauty in order to capture my presence. But I do wonder….

  3. Darian sounds like an intriguing character! So what’s your favorite vampire novel/series?

  4. Oh I’m a lover of them all but who doesn’t love the original Count Dracula 🙂
    … *sigh* yes I am that old ….. 🙂

  5. What’s your favorite vampire movie or tv series?

    • The young ones in my coven have taken quite a liking to True Blood. I find myself watching the show with a fair amount of interest. Although it would take more than a thin silver chain to restrain me. ;D

      (Message from D.N. Simmons: “I love True Blood, Forever Knights, Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, Blood Ties, I’m pretty much a fan of any sort of vampire series, I enjoy the genre that much.”)

  6. Robert L. Stubbs Jr.

    Hello there. I hope you are doing well.

    I thought I would take a different tact and ask what was your least favorite Vampire depiction from all the various sources they exist in ?

    • Unfortunately, there are so many who as they say, “get it all wrong”. Vampires can indeed cast reflections. Being staked with thin pieces of wood will only enrage us and secure the foolish offender’s violent and swift death. The pleasures granted that come from drinking blood and living forever is a gift, not a curse. Any vampire who believes they have been forsaken was never worthy to begin with. Silver has no effect on us and neither does crosses, holy water, roses and rushing streams. However, it is comical to watch a human bare his cross in hopes that it will protect him.

      Humans have no idea what we really are. They fear us and so to give themselves some false sense of comfort, they’ve crippled the vampire with vices to make it easier for them to “defeat” us. That is why no movie, book or television show can accurately display the true power of the Vampire.

  7. What 2013 release in movies or books (excluding your own) are you most looking forward to?

  8. If you could live any time in the past or future, when would it be?

  9. What entices you personally to vampires and the paranormal?

    • I love that they’re dangerous. As an author, you can make vampires grotesque or gorgeous. Powerful or weak. There’s so much you can do with them. I prefer the sexy, powerful and dangerous type. I think another thing that makes vampires so attractive is the very fact that their feeding, which is necessary for their survival can be extremely pleasurable or painful or both. That makes them erotic in and of itself. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of vampires and the paranormal in general.

      It’s fun to imagine what life would be like if these beings existed. How would society view them? Would they be accepted or rejected? I also enjoy playing with their view of humans and what they find alluring about us… Besides our life-sustaining blood, that is. 😀

  10. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors? What are you reading now?

  11. Well, I can speak for Darian and say that he’s not much for reading about the paranormal. Me, on the other hand, I enjoy Anne Rice, Jeaniene Frost, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher and I’ve been discovering more authors whose books I’ve enjoyed such as Julie Kagawa.

  12. Darian – Obviously, you like to flirt but if you had to pick one feature of a woman – either physical or personality wise – that is the most important to you, what would it be?

    • A woman’s intelligence and personality is the true measure of her exquisiteness. I have met many a lovely ladies throughout my lifetime whose beauty could bring the gods to their knees. However, I’ve always craved much more from my lovers than what my eyes can see.

  13. Hi, I wanted to know if you have written, or plan to write about a paranormal ‘species’ other than vampires? Any shifters or fae?

    • Hi Bethany!

      I actually have shifters as well as vampires in my series The Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Shifters of different animal species, to be exact. I also have plans to write a few books involving other paranormal creatures.

  14. Hi,

    is there a genre you have not written in yet that you would love to?

    • It’s funny that you should ask that. The one thing I love about Urban-fantasy is that is mixes other genres so well. Erotica, horror, mystery, paranormal and romance all combined to create one hell of a story. I am interested in fantasy and even humor. We’ll see. 😀

  15. What is your least favorite vampire book or series and why?

    • I won’t speak ill of another author as a professional courtesy. So I’ll refrain from naming books/series that I didn’t enjoy. I will say I prefer series dealing with adult themes because I enjoy reading about sex, violence, passion, desire and action on a level I can relate to.

  16. How do you feel about Goths? Is it a tribute, or are they co-opting your culture?

    • I am indifferent. I have seen many human “cultures” interchange. Whatever gives them purpose means very little to me. I enjoy their patronage of my club, their blood they offer freely as does the rest of my kind. May they enjoy their lifestyle as I enjoy mine.

  17. Thanks for the chance of winning.

  18. Darian what’s your number? LOL
    Sounds so sexy!
    Going to have to read these books sounds hot.

  19. What made you decide to become an author?

    • I’ve always wanted to write books for a living. I started with short stories when I was eleven years old. I wanted to create the stories that I hadn’t read yet, to offer something original and exciting to all of the readers out there looking for something new and entertaining. I had a lot of fun writing novels and I hope everyone who read them enjoy themselves as much as I did creating them. 😀

  20. Darian (I kid you not) is my middle son’s middle-name. So totally cool

    Question: you got deserted on an island, alone, what three books are a must?
    And what three other things would you bring

    • Your middle son was indeed graced with such a magnificent name.

      Deserted on an island, am I? Let’s see. I fear my stay on the island will prove devastating if I don’t have fresh blood or the pleasures of a warm body.
      The three books would be The Art of War, World History literature and something whimsical, perhaps the Onion Newspaper to stave off boredom.

  21. What was your favorite childhood book?

    • Oh wow, my favorite childhood book. I’m a huge fan of “The Cat in The Hat”. I loved Dr. Seuss. Even to this day, I can’t resist reading his novels. 😀

  22. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  23. I enjoyed reading the interview. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. hi Darian, enjoyed your post today 🙂

  25. I haven’t read any of the series as yet but after meeting Darian here I definitely want to read them. I NEED to get to know Darian on a more
    Intimate level;)

  26. loved loved loved that interview.

  27. Thank you so much!

    • Congratulation and You’re so very welcomed. Please Enjoy yourself. Thank you to everyone for your interest in the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Each book is one thrill ride after another packed with romance, intrigue, action and suspense. It’s a new kind of Urban-Fantasy sure to entertain. 😀

      Love D.N.