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Fairyproof by Constance PhillipsOne of the questions I’ve been most asked since Fairyproof came out in September has been, “How do you come up with your stories?” For me, there is no easy answer. Ideas are simply there. Then, I came to realize that not everyone has the lines of normal and paranormal blurred like I do.

Back around Labor Day we had some of my husband’s out of town relatives over for dinner. Because we live in the house they all grew up in, the conversation quickly turned to the good ol’ days and their parents. And then one sister wistfully said, “I wish they were still here with us.”
“But they are,” I replied.

Curious eyes turned to me and it was easy to see they thought I’d lost my mind. When I started recanting all of the incidents that had happened since we moved in – lights turning on and off, microwave timer dinging when it wasn’t running, dishwasher acting up and the dryer changing settings without my doing – I was met with looks that promised me a straight jacket and a rubber room. They couldn’t believe that I attributed these actions to the spirits of their parents.

Just as my ability to open up to and embrace the paranormal around me bewildered them, I was amazed that some people don’t have these experiences in their lives.

There are no ghosts in Fairyproof, just fairies who travel between this world and theirs. But, as other author’s say their stories come to them out of events in their real lives, so do the paranormal elements in my stories.

Do you believe in ghosts? How about mythical creatures like elves or fairies or even big foot? Please share your tales about the normal paranormal below.
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  1. So Constance, have you actually ever laid eyes on a real live ghost or an apparition of one of your loved ones?

  2. This book sounds really good! I have added it to my wish list!!

  3. Oh, and while I do believe in angels, I can’t say I am sold on the idea of bigfoot! 🙂

    • I had to add bigfoot into my list of paranormal creatures because my husband in a huge fan of that show “Finding Bigfoot.” My daughter and I want a cable channel to give us a tv show to chase Dracula across Europe.

  4. If you had the silvertongue ability (think Inkheart) what would be the first book you pick up to read… and Why. Or would you read yourself into the world?

  5. Do you believe in ghosts?

    Oh yes – where we use to live in Ohio – the house was part of the Greene Farm. It is said Captain Greene of the Delta Queen lived there. Weird things happened there.

    One instance – there was a thick coffee scent. Hubby and I don’t drink coffee and there was no one in the apartment above us (the new owner made it into apartments) it was in the threshold between the kitchen and living room. You go deeper into either room the smell vanished but appeared strong in that area.

    Lasted for five minutes but gone. Odd feeling of being watched. Another enstance that scared the hell out of me was something woke me up from sleep. My hubby works at night and I have three sons… but I couldn’t move. I was in total awareness of my surroundings but I couldn’t move. I started to panic. Then it was like I was released.

    Neighbor next door had seen a lady in the attic window.

    • Wow! Interesting stories, Raonaid. Our previous house to this one I would feel like I was being watched or hear noises late at night. I used to stay up late in to the night writing, and one night I saw the aspiration of a young boy run through my office.

      In this house — where I feel like my in-laws are still around — it is mostly lights on and off, and weird things with the electronics.

      Our dogs will bark at nothing too.

  6. Our house has ghosts. My middle daughter has had several “encounters,” one rather frightening.
    Our house is an 1898 victorian farmhouse in the the country. The kitchen and family room are in a new addition. She was house sitting for us with her infant son. She didn’t feel comfortable in the old part of the house, so had the crib set up in the family room and was sleeping on the sofa. In the middle of the night, she got up for the baby. When she put him back in the crib, she felt like someone was staring at her and she felt threatened. She looked at the hallway leading into the old part of the house and saw a green form taking shape (the proverbial mist/cloud taking form). At the same time, our black lab, which was sleeping near her, got up – every hair on her back up and started growling. She headed for the form which vanished before she got there. When the shape disappeared, the dog calmed down and came back to lie down near the sofa. Scared her to say the least.

    I have felt a presence in the house, but never a threatening one. Our first night in the house, I woke up feeling someone was watching me. No threat, just “So you are the new owners. Welcome, you’ll do.” Our son has seen a girl of about 10. People who used to live here have recounted sightings of a young woman on the upstairs landing.

    do I believe in Big Foot and other creatures. Yes. I have lived in or near wilderness areas and do now. A patron of the library was having a “visitor” which was tracked back into the mountains. He was looking in the windows which were 7 or 8 feet off the ground and not standing on anything. I have seen a picture she took. Not the usual Big Foot picture and not faked (it was taken with a disposable camera and she does not have the ability to photo shop it. It seems there have been many reported sightings in this area, but they are kept very quiet.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, librarypat. I love to hear about other people’s encounters with ghosts. So many people in my everyday life think I’m nuts, it’s good to know I’m not alone.

      I think most dogs can see, hear and feel beyond what we can.

      I’m still not completely sold on the idea of bigfoot, but I enjoy watching the tv show with my husband.

  7. Yes I believe in fairys and the like. Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There is a good reason for them to remain obscure.

  8. Number six explains my tales with the paranormal. There was another enstance in a different part of the room where there was a foral scent. My husband is a skeptic. But there are things you just cannot explain.

    The house was even featured on Unsolved Mysteries once. And in Newport, Ohio a sleepy lil blink on the radar was overjoyed to have a bit of publicity.

    Others said they had some things happen. Especially at three. Friend of mine said that the ghost is not pleased with the current owner (he was a sleezebag.)

  9. Robert L. Stubbs Jr.

    What do you think of the paranormal shows that have popped up all over? I think there are ghosts even though as far as I know I’ve never seen one.

  10. The day of my grandfather’s funeral right before the ceremony was about to start the funeral home lost electricity. There was no storm in sight and it baffled everyone why we lost electricity.

    Mom and me figure that grandpa did not like his daughter in law’s “song choices” for him because they just didn’t suit him. Though I learned that in his younger days he was a prankster. But they had to conduct the whole thing minus the songs in the dark. Right when it drew to a close the lights came back on.

    I overheard my uncle tell mom about odd things happening at hom (he lived with grandpa). Lights flickering, cows mysteriously getting out of the fence areas. Little things.

    • I know they say on some of those reality shows that spirits are caught between worlds and are trying to connect. It seems to be true, like their pranks — as you call — them are a way to let us know they are still here.

      • Grandpa did not linger long. My grandma must have had to come retrieve him. LOL. She passed on two years before him.. And she was the one that kept him in line.

  11. Robert L. Stubbs Jr.

    Do I believe in mythical creatures?

    I do not have a definite answer but if you consider there might be whole other universes existing simultaneously with ours the possibility becomes more likely.

    After all there are human beings now who have allergic reactions to certain metals such as gold or silver that I know personally. The human race collectively is always discovering or rediscovering things and acts astonished because we think we already know everything.

  12. Hi Constance, I’ve had unexplainable events happen my whole life. You’re not alone and I don’t think anyone will be coming after you with that straightjacket. Fairyproof is in my to-read list, cheers!

  13. This sounds like a good book, I am going to have to check this out. Just thought you should know:)

  14. Thanks for the reassurance, Jody! It’s always good to know we’re not alone.
    I hope you enjoy Fairyproof.

  15. With all the crazy coincidences in the world, I wouldn’t rule ghosts out!

  16. I do believe in ghosts though I’ve never seen one. I think I’ve felt one before when I was a kid. I think a person has to open to such things. My husband says I’m a sender not a receiver since I can send mental messages to him. Maybe this figures into why I’ve never seen one. What do you think?
    As for all the other mythical creatures, why not ;)?
    Thank you.

  17. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll be away from my computer for about 90 minutes and then will be back for more fun ghostly talk!

  18. I do believe in ghosts, spirits, whatever you want to call them. Definitely! I’ve had a few odd experiences, gates suddenly swinging shut with no person or wind around, having a very overwhelming sense of a “presence” nearby, etc. Plus I have friends who’ve lived in houses everyone in town says are haunted and sure enough, ghostly “things” like cold temps, apparitions, even disembodied laughter would happen.

  19. Do you have any rituals for your writing? Favorite writing desk, must listen to certain music when you write, etc.?

    • For the last year or so I’ve spent my weekend mornings at a local coffee shop for “intense” working. Because I have to hold down another job, the weekends are when I get my biggest writing blocks of time, so it helps me focus to get out of the house (and beckoning chores)

  20. And I do believe supposedly paranormal creatures likely exist…bigfoot really doesn’t seem far-fetched to me at all! I have a strong hunch all sorts of magical things are out there, if we really open our eyes and see them. 🙂

    • I like the way you think, Julie. A few months ago I bought a Fairydoor that called to me at a crafts shop. I brought it home and insisted that my husband hang it up that night by the back door. Very good news came the next day, and it felt more than coincidental.

  21. Who are some of your favorite paranormal writers?

  22. Yes, I also believe in ghosts.

  23. I believe in fairies and elves and I’m looking forward to reading your new book Fairyproof.

  24. For me personally I definitely believe! Just because there is something out there that we have never seen or experienced. That doesn’t make it not real. There are plenty of things in the world that are unexplained and they exist.

    I was watching a some segment about all the Bigfoot sightings and all the evidence out there. And this cryptozoologist was saying that because of the state of the world having advanced so far, especially with all the technology, people have this acceptance that we know all there is to know. That there couldn’t possibly be any concept or thing so large that we wouldn’t know about it.

    But you have to keep an open mind and even if you don’t believe, believe in the possibility of somehting unknown.

    • Hi Rae,

      I agree that there is more in this world than we know about.

      Have you watched that Finding Bigfoot. They do present some pretty believable stories, and some video/photo evidence.

      Have you had any experiences with the paranormal?

  25. Did you do a lot of research on fairies for this story or did a lot of the ideas come from your own knowledge and ideas?

    Thanks! And looking forward to reading good fairy story!

    • I’ve read some fairy stories and I did a little research on the myths as well. My fairies are different than other stories and it’s a very different world than the typical Fae stories.

      The idea came to me as a female fairy who is very dependent on her powers encountering a hero who was immune to them. The story just grew from there.

      I hope you enjoy it.

  26. Do you have a favourite location to set your stories in?

    • Hi, Cheryl! The Fairyproof books are set in the Chicago area and the fairy world. Chicago, because I wanted a large city location.

      My book Resurrecting Harry that is coming out next year is set in Laurel Canyon, CA, One of the cities that Harry Houdini lived in (hint!).

      I have a short I’m working on now, that I plan to set in the small town I grew up in. I think that will be fun!

  27. I believe in ghosts.

  28. would you stay overnight at a known haunted house?

  29. I believe in Bigfoot.

  30. and yes I also believe in ghosts, fairies and big foot

  31. Havebookwillsurvive

    I love stories about fairies. I don’t know if I believe in “ghosts” but there have been times when I have felt something surreal which left me with that strange feeling you get like De Ja Vu. I believe that this world consists of more than what we can see or hear. Unexplained things happen all the time.

  32. Havebookwillsurvive

    Yes I read books about ghosts.. I love the idea of communicating with those that are no longer here. The mystery of after life – the thought of more out there has a huge appeal.

  33. What an interesting experience! So what was your favorite scene in Fairyproof to write?

    • That’s sort of a hard question, but the one that sticks out in my mind is one toward the middle of the book. Daniel and Monique go for a walk through a nearby park. It’s that pivotal scene where the chemistry really begins to click between them.

    • I do believe in ghosts, though I’ve never had a paranormal experience. Mythical creatures I’m not so sure, but then again there are more things in heaven and earth…

      • I agree, Lesley. I think there is more to this world than we understand. I know they say the ocean is so vast that there are creatures we don’t know about, but it’s hard to imagine there being a place on land that holds hidden beings.

        Still, I like to think there is. 🙂

  34. Hi Constance! If you could see one ghost who would it be?? ANYONE!???
    Your book looks great!!!!!!

    • Wow, what a great question. On a personal level, I was very young when one of my grandfather’s died and I would love to have a few minutes with him as an adult. The other I was very close to, so that would be second choice.

      On the other hand, as I’m anticipating the release of my second book, Resurrecting Harry. Harry Houdini would be fun, too.

      How about you?

  35. I’m not sure I believe in ghosts since I’ve never encountered one. I did hold a seance once when I was a little girl. Have you ever had a seance?

    • Hi Lindsey, I had an Ouija board as a teenager my friends and I used to goof around with. It’s hard to say if we actually connected with anyone or if we were just pushing that triangle around ourselves. Maybe those experiences are what opened me up to the surroundings.

      Were you able to connect with a spirit at your seance?

  36. I do believe in ghosts. I haven’t seen one, but there have been things that have happened such as you mentioned that I have attributed to them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. Hi there. What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do you listen to them at all. Do you think this book would “read” well in that format?

    • I personally don’t listen to audiobooks much, but I have friends that Love them! I think Fairyproof would make a great audiobook, because there is a lot of interaction between characters..

  38. I do believe in ghosts, the fae, bigfoot, hell even aliens! There’s so much out there unexplored, just because there’s no pictures or a stuffed bigfoot on display doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just like there’s so many more galaxies out there, how can we be so arrogant to assume we’re the highest life form?

  39. As for ghosts, how can we explain all those wierd things that happen? I myself have not personally seen one, but I do have things happen once in a while, like cold areas, that intense feeling of being watched, those are creepy when the dog is staring at the corner just barking his head off. Sounds, etc.

  40. I wish there were stronger evidence against ghosts- because that stuff scares the crap out of me. And most ‘evidence’ for it is probably bunk, but there are just way too many accounts out there for me to not believe that they probably exist.

    • When I talk about what has happened in both our houses, people often ask if I’m scared. I don’t know why I’m not, maybe I’m not smart enough 🙂 . But I guess I just look at it as another existence. That, and I’ve never felt threatened.

  41. What do you think of reincarnation? Have you every met people who just “felt” familiar but you’d never met them before?

    • I believe there are ghosts but also that there is reincarnation going on!

      • Not so sure about bigfoot but I do think Nessie (Lochness) is real.
        As for my own experiences…I did do a cemetary tour with a group once and ended up with scratches on my arms at the end of the night which I attribute to a “brush” with ghosts since I didn’t do it and no one else had touched me.

    • I’ve never really met anyone that I felt was familiar, but I do believe that it could happen. It actually happens to be part of my next book Resurrecting Harry coming out next year.

  42. I do believe in ghosts, never seen it myself but had odd things happening to me. Example I was sitting in my empty room (couple days from moving to a different place) and all the windows were closed. Suddenly out of no where a blast of cold wind/air blew in my face. I got freaked out and ran from the room LOL. Adding Fairyproof to my TBR pile!!

    What made you choose faeries as your paranoral beings instead of vampires, werewolves,or demons?

    • Hi Van, Great question. I’ve actually written about vampires and warewolves too, Fairyproof was just the first to find a publishing home. Hopefully I’ll be able to find homes for the other books too.

  43. I do believe in ghost have live in a few haunted House’s and I believe there is other life other then us in the universe.up in the air on if the is big foot or not.
    So do you believe in aliens?

  44. I believe in ghots even though I have never encountered one. I think some people and animals have keener senses and they definitely see something out there.

  45. Aside from fairies are there any mythical creatures you belive exist?

  46. I believe in big foot. They might be a rare species and live in the wild which is why we never see them. Intriguing and scary too!

    I believe there are paranormal creatures out there and maybe one day we’ll find a new kind 🙂

    • I answered earlier that scientists admit that there are unknown life forms in the Oceans — that the space is so vast they can hide from detection. Why not on land too. People only populate a small portion of the planet.

  47. Hi,

    if you were not a writer, what would you like to be?

  48. What movie and/or book were you looking forward to this year that satisfied or surprised you the most?

  49. Do you believe in ghosts?

    While I’ve never had an encounter, I’m open to the possibility.

  50. If we looked under your bed, what would we find?

  51. Do you believe in mythical creatures like elves or fairies or even big foot?
    I believe in the possibility though have never seen any evidence myself

  52. Please share your tales about the normal paranormal with Constance

    Wish I had some stories to share, have never had an encounter or personally met anyone who has

  53. Sounds like an interesting and intriguing read. I will definitely be purchasing this book. I love the idea of fairies 🙂 My hubby could tell some stories about his families experiences with ghosts, spirits or whatever one wishes to call it. They would make a non believer question the idea. Thanks. I enjoyed getting to know about a new author to me.

  54. What was your favorite childhood book or series?

  55. Have ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  56. No, I don’t believe in ghosts, or any other mystical creatures like elves or fairies. I’m not sure about angels though.

  57. Have your out of town relatives been back to visit since that dinner or are they ignoring you and your house?

  58. Hi, I am purchasing your book as I have such a soft spot for faeries. I do believe in them but hesitate to tell others. For an intellectual woman to admit that may not be appropriate at times or have your intelligence doubted lol! I have had a few faerie encounters- not seeing them but I read a Doreen Virtue book about them and tried some of her suggestions to connecting with them and they worked! I was absolutely shocked! I told my hubby and we had a ‘fairy ring’ of mushrooms appear in our backyard. It was a new home and he didn’t believe me and mowed over it saying due to it being a new to us house we probably had them all the time back there. We lived there 7 years and never got another one. I was crushed. Fast Forward 7 years to our new house I am walking to the front steps and see a patch of mushrooms and I am immediately so happy and point them out to my husband. he admits to me that he did as I requested and ‘warned’ the faeries to be careful while he was cutting the lawn and he asked them to please bring me back my mushrooms and he wouldn’t cut them down this time. He is a big skeptic but wanted to try it. he was shocked to have them appear and wouldn’t talk about it further ha ha!!

    I have had many encounters with ghosts and even belonged for a time to a local paranormal group. My best story was having a penny bent in the middle drop out of the air from somewhere (there was nothing in the barren area moments before) and we then found out that it was used as an underground railway to save the slaves back in the day and at a time little boys used to put pennies on the rails to have them get bent. So cool!

    Do you see yourself continuing with the Faery stories in the future? Did this book inspire other future titles?

  59. No paranormal experiences for me. I am open to one, I believe… at least I think I do. I believe that are paranormal or supernatural out there. Maybe kids are more open to it, though mine have yet to announce a presence. Sounds like a great book!

  60. How do you celebrate release day? Any special celebration like dinner out, drinks, buying yourself a little present, etc?

  61. Hi! 🙂 Ghosts and the like… no, can’t say I believe in them. The ideas still scare me for some of those, but no, don’t believe in them. LOL Aliens on the other hand, sure, totally believe there is life out there – now, the idea they are visiting and experimenting on us, ah, no. How about you with aliens (and to get in a writing question, do you think you might write about them one day?)


  62. Lois,

    I think it’s more likely that there is other life in the universe than we are the only ones. Not sure if I would write an alien story one day. I would have to come up with a good scenario. Maybe one day!

  63. Was it hard becoming a writer? How long did it take to get published?

    • Hi Joy,

      I worked very hard for a long time at my craft and submitted Fairyproof and other words to several agents before Crescent Moon Press gave Fairyproof a home.

      I had been working pretty steady at getting published for 7 years before CMP bought Fairyproof.

  64. Your book sounds great. I am adding to my wish list. Is this first books you’ve written or have you written anything else.

  65. I’d like to believe in ghosts but I really don’t cause I believe if they were real my mom would have come back a few times and really let me have it. lol. She passed when I was 17 and I know there are a few times in my life that I wasn’t at my best when she’d read me the riot act. And if not those times I figured she’d have showed up when my sons were born.

  66. not sure I believe in anything paranormal. I keep hoping especially with some of these great characters in books. lol.

  67. do you ever do signings.

  68. I would love to have something paranormal to happen to me but hasn’t so far in my 46 yrs. But i’m still waiting.