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Power of the Zephyr by Christine and Ethan RoseThank you all so much for joining me today for the Power of the Zephyr (Book 4 in the Rowan of the Wood YA Fantasy Series) release party! Some of you may have already read the first few books in the Rowan of the Wood series, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about how the books have progressed over the past five years.

Our lives sure have changed from the early days of Rowan. If you’ve been with us throughout, you will remember the huge campaign What Would You Do for a Kindle 2? You will be intimately familiar with the Retro Diva and her singing “Don’t You Want a Kindle.” You will know what a Geekalicious Gypsy Caravan is, and you might have seen me vlogging from the Road when Ethan and I traveled over 18,000 miles in 2009 taking Rowan from Sea to Shining Sea. You will have seen some silly, silly videos of people drinking YooHoo out of a shoe, singing LIKE A SURGEON, and tossing a laptop out a window, not to mention me as Bellatrix LaStrange doing a very bad Madonna spoof or somebody sending me their son. Yes, 2009 was an interesting year to say the least.

But, unfortunately, life intervened in late 2010 – 2012, putting a damper on my marketing enthusiasm and eventually even on my writing time. Although 2010 was the year that my alter ego O. M. Grey was born and we got ourselves a NY Agent, it was also the beginning of a very dark period in our lives. Illness and devastating loss hindered productivity, and although I wrote several short stories under O. M. Grey in 2011 and 2012, I fell behind on the novels, resulting in Power of the Zephyr to be a year late, which, in turn, pushed back Spirit of the Otherworld, the 5th and final book in the series. We’re now looking at a 2013 release for that 5th book.

However! Things are now looking up, and I’m very excited about 2013, where I will be challenging myself to read and write and read and write and do just about nothing else but read and write! Look for lots of reviews on both my blog as well as Olivia’s blog, PLUS more stories of all kinds! Novels, novellas, short fiction, flash fiction. It’s going to be a super productive year!

So, without further ado, let’s have some great fun today. Ask me anything you’d like.

First, enjoy this excerpt from Power of the Zephyr:

The night had drained away all the colors of the day,
leaving only the single spectrum of gray behind. Its range from the cold white of the sodium lamps to the deep black of shrouding shadows veiled all promise and hope with a bitter haze. Most of the misty, flirtatious wisps of fog that had lingered though the early evening had dispersed. Darkness, even where there was light.
The small prop plane taxied to a stop beneath a particularly bright floodlight outside the small terminal. The plane’s doors opened like the unfolding beak of a giant, hungry bird, ready to devour its prey. Its gaping mouth made an awning of the top door and stairs of the bottom one. Moody’s large, round figure descended. Taking a single step at a time, he balanced himself down to the tarmac. Once he reached the asphalt, he waddled toward the lit interior of the building nearby as he stroked the belly of the large tabby cradled in his left arm, purring contentedly.
Before he reached the hanger, he stopped. He felt something familiar. Too familiar. Something inside him had always told him this day would come. And here it was, on the worst possible day, of course, what with Cullen in danger. But of course it would be today. How could it have been any other day?
“My lady?”
A figure with long, flame-red hair stepped out of the shadows. A pure white streak mingled with the fiery curls just off the right side of her face. Down the left: a black one. Black as the empty, cavernous void inside her hollow shell.
Moody turned towards her and showed no sign of surprise, had anyone besides the cat been watching. But no one else saw this exchange. Just two former companions lost in the gray.
“It’s time for you to come home,” she hissed.
“My lady, that time is past. You banished me, remember? It was your will to discard me on the streets of New York, all those decades ago. I’ve paid my debt since, and what a huge debt it was, my lady. The suffering I’ve known, after being cast from your sight! Have you any idea what that feels like? To have the fabric of one’s soul torn to shreds? To be devalued and discarded so callously? I loved you, my lady. With everything I was and ever had been, I loved you. Was devoted to you. I would’ve done anything for you, as I had proven time and again. I would’ve died for you. Anything for you, but you got bored with me. You renounced my love. Abandoned me. After these too-long years I have recovered at last. That time is long past when you could say anything to make amends. When a single kind word would’ve saved my meaningless life. But I have found purpose again. On my own. Without you. It was your will, my lady. Your will. There is no going back, too much has changed.”
“Nonsense. It was my will, and my will shall always be done. You know that all too well. Now, it is my will for you to return home to me. Do not forget, I own you, Moody. Forever.”
“I’m my own man now. You no longer have a hold on me.”
At this she laughed, the condescending laugh one would give to a child who is acting foolishly or an adult who has just said something absurd like ‘love never dies.’ It was the derisive laugh of cynical experience, of superiority over the stupidity of innocence. It was the laugh of someone who had power and who knew she had power and who enjoyed using that power to destroy and to control and to hurt.
She laughed, and Moody felt it in the depths of his round belly. That mocking laugh cracked his soul once again. The very soul he had worked so hard to mend.
She laughed.
“On the contrary,” she said. “You gave me the Oath of Oberon. Remember? The Oath of Oberon cannot be broken among those like us, Moody. You know it all too well. If you break the Oath of Oberon, you will lose more than I have ever lost or taken from you. I invoke this sacred oath now.”
Moody bowed his head, knowing he had no choice.
“Consider yourself summoned,” she spat. She was no longer laughing. Her eyes had turned cold, empty. Frightening. The cruelty and vast emptiness behind them chilled Moody to his very core. “Appear at my court immediately or suffer the correlated doom.”
“I understand the strictures, my lady.” Moody regained his strength and faced his opponent once again. Standing proud, he met her harrowing gaze with all the warmth and love he could muster, and he could feel every good thing inside him being sucked out. But still, he stood strong, drawing power from the earth beneath his feet. “No need to remind me of that which my people created and hold sacred.”
“Your people?” Fiana scoffed, curling her lip in disgust. “Your people are dead, Moody. Dust. I am the only family you have left. Come home. Now. I command you.”
“On my honor, I have no alternative.”
Fiana spun on her spiked heel, throwing her red locks over her shoulder as she strode to her car. She didn’t have to look back.
He set the tabby on the ground, and the cat bolted for the protection of the shadows. Moody followed Fiana to her car and, without another word, sank into the backseat. Defeated.

About the Author:

Christine Rose is the award-winning author of the Rowan of the Wood YA fantasy series. Her bestselling book Publishing and Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author helps writers feel successful by educating them about the publishing industry and marketing their book.

Christine writes, blogs, and podcasts, not only on her own blog, but also under the pen name Olivia (O. M.) Grey. You can find out about this persona and her books at Caught in the Cogs.

She needs copious amounts of dark chocolate, frothy mochas, and loving attention.

•¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •¸¸.•*¨

Learn more about Christine Rose below

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  1. Looking forward to reading this one as soon as I get a free minute.
    Will you be doing any more young adult series?

    • After the Rowan Series, I’ll still be working on the Nickie Nick Vampire Hunter books as O. M. Grey. Those are YA.

      Ethan is currently working on a YA Steampunk book as well.

  2. What inspires your stories? I am always curious what an author does when writing. Is it always at the beginning of the story? Or is it in pieces?
    Thank You!!!! I LOVE your writing style!!!

    • I’d say my inspiration comes mostly from strong emotion mixed with mythology or history.

      As for writing, I’ve done it both ways. I try not to limit myself to starting at the beginning, unless the inspiration is taking me there. Or, if I do start at the beginning, it might not remain the beginning. I remember that I used to sit and stare at a blank page for hours. Days! Trying to figure out the PERFECT way to start the story. That first sentence/paragraph that says so much and captures the readers attention…but then one day I realized that’s what revisions are for.

      The important thing is to write. Just write anything to start with. Beginning, middle, end. In pieces or continuous.

      I now write much more in the discovery method, so it is more or less continuous. However, if inspiration takes me to a scene, I will write that. Just last week I wrote three different scenes because that’s what my mind was screaming to write. I’m not sure how they’ll fit into my WIP, but that’s part of the fun, and for me it helps spark creativity.

      Congrats on your Kindle, BTW. 🙂 You should be getting it today!

      • So sorry! I was rude! I got the Kindle yesterday, and it is the best gift I have ever gotten!! Thank you so very much!! You have no idea what it means to me!!!!!!! You are a Christmas Angel !! Also, Thank you for replying to my questions!!!! Hope your Holidays are filled with Family & Love, and Your New Years, even better than the last!!!!!
        Your fan for life!!

    • Oh! And thank you so much for the compliment on my writing style! xo

  3. My number one actually 2. I really wish my husband finds a job soon, and that we will not lose our home….

  4. That is quite the excerpt. I look forward to reading the rest of the book. I downloaded it onto my Kindle app. Love the series! I will have to get a signed copy at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas if you will be here. All my other copies are signed. Love your work! Including that of your alter ego.

  5. Young adult books have really improved over the years. Who were some of your favorite authors when you were a young adult?

    • When I was a teenager I read a lot of Stephen King & V. C. Andrews, but that was 25 years ago. I don’t think there were many teen-specific books back then. Were there?

      In early college I read Vonnegut. ADORE VONNEGUT!

      How about you?

      • I agree when we were teenagers there weren’t as many young adult books. Horror and science fiction were very popular. I also enjoyed Stephen King and Frank Herbert (Dune series).

  6. My number one wish is to finish my Librarian degree and find a job in a library.

    • That’s a pretty great and serious wish, too. How much longer do you have before you finish your degree?

      • I am due to finish in May of 2013. I am very excited! I may continue a Graduate certificate program after that in order to study British Libraries in London over the summer. I am so close to being done!

  7. Hey Christine, I can’t wait to read Power of the Zephyr. Oh and by the way I’m the one that drank Yoohoo from a shoe and my son was the one who had pudding thrown on him for the kindle 2 contest.

  8. My #1 wish is for a healthy happy new year.

  9. Christine,
    Glad To hear the time for more writing and reading is on the horizon. Amazed that it’s been 5 years since we met at the Alabama Renaissance Faire. Have missed you two. So what has it been like having an agent?

    • Thanks, Brian! We’ve missed being out and about as well.

      It’s been interesting having an agent. It’s great to know someone is out there who believes in your work and keeps you in mind for new projects/opportunities as they arise.

      Once I get writing again this year, I’m hoping for a contact this time around.

  10. You mentioned earlier that you were planning on writing more Nickie Nick books as your alter ego. Loved Zombies of Mesmer! Is there more books soon to come then?

    • Barring any further life altering/halting losses or traumas, I plan to write 4 novels this year. The 5th Rowan book, a sequel to The Zombies of Mesmer, a sequel (of sorts) to Avalon Revisited, and a new O. M. Grey book I’m working on with the wonderful Doctor Q.

      I’m so pleased you loved The Zombies of Mesmer! Please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads for it!

  11. #1 wish for the new year lose weight. Come to think of it, that was this years wish. lol

    • Excellent! I use the LoseIt! app on my iPhone to keep track of calories. It has really helped me maintain my weight after losing the 25. (Well, okay, I put 5 back on after our trip to Disneyland, but that Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Banana Ghirardelli sundae was SO WORTH IT!)

  12. I need to add this on my TBB list.

  13. I wish for an e-reader.

  14. Intriguing excerpt! So what was your favorite scene in the book to write?

    • Thank you!

      My favorite scenes to write are always the ones with Fiana. She’s demented, and getting ever more so as we continue. Writing through Fiana has been cathartic in some ways. I’ve learned a lot about narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths in the past few years, so a lot of that will be coming through in Fiana as well as in future characters.

      In reality, they are far more horrifying than any character, however.

  15. The #1 thing on my wishlist this year is a new cellphone. #2 is books 🙂

    • Which cellphone? I swear by and LIVE ON my iPhone.

      With a little luck, you’ll win the gift card! Then you can buy your books! (ahem, and hopefully a few of my books :D)

  16. How have you come to terms with balancing the creative and marketing sides of writing, after your tumultuous experiences?

    • I had it down, the balance, before these last 2.5 years of hell. As for after, I’m still working out that balance. My concentration and focus isn’t what it once was, and that hinders my ability to multitask. These days I find I can focus on one or the other, if either at all.

      But my productivity is improving every day. I’m trying to focus mostly on reading and writing as we enter the new year, and let my marketing be minimal until I’ve caught up on content.

  17. I wish NHL hockey would return!

  18. This is a new series for me. It sounds great!

    Do you have a 2013 book you can’t wait to read? or a favorite from 2012?

  19. I haven’t read your books, but I want to after the excerpt here. Thanks!

    What’s your writing ritual? Music, food, lucky writing charm, etc. I’m always interested in what people must do/have in order to have their best writing time happen.

  20. Oh, and number one on my holiday wish list this season…eh, just for a peaceful and happy one. 🙂

  21. Have you ever thought about having your books put out in audiobook form?

  22. If you could pick one book series to live in – what one would you choose and why? What would be your part in the story?

  23. Tell me what is #1 on your wish list this holiday season?
    Number one wish I have right now is to finish my work in progress. I have 88K right now and I am stumbling in the major love/sex scene. I’m having a lot of trouble with it. Virgo tendency rearing it’s ugly head.
    And that my three boys have a wonderful christmas. I don’t care about myself.

    • I guess my #1 wish is to continue healing and being able to write again. To get to the point where I can once again write the very type of scene you’re struggling with, for Olivia’s sake.

  24. I just wanted to stop by and say that your Publishing and Marketing Realities book has been really helpful!

  25. I wish you a very productive year 🙂 I’m glad you still kept at writing despite the ups and downs. It’s exciting to have ideas and want to put them into stories.

  26. I noticed from the excerpt you did a great job on giving the character a voice that matches their setting. How do you do that? Do you research accents, or instinct?

  27. I’m really excited about your planned sequels for Avalon Revisited & Zombies of Mesmer!!

  28. It must be mostly instinct, and watching a lot of BBC :).

    I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. It’s always a challenge to get the written word to “sound” like a particular character. The goal is to not have to use any dialogue tags, and just by the “accent” or tone, the reader knows who’s speaking.

  29. I guess my holiday wish is to have a nice Christmas with my family.

  30. I would love a tablet this holiday.

  31. Vintage/retro typewriter – that’s #1 on my wishlist.

  32. Hey everyone! If you’re on GOODREADS, please vote for my book AVALON REVISITED (O. M. Grey) that is currently #47 out of over 1500 books on this list:

    Best Unknown but must be Known books

    Please vote!

  33. Though I’ve yet to read any of this series, I have read and loved Avalon Revisited. I just ordered The Zombies of Mesmer and can’t wait to start it.

  34. I have to say, I can see why you listed mochas as one of your necessities. You look pretty pleased in theat picture with the coffee!

    So what is your favorite type of coffee? And because I love chocolate (more than I should!), what’s your favorite type to eat?

    Do you reward yourself with either of these while you’re writing?


    • There is a funny story behind that picture. I love Starbucks’ mocha, and it’s rather a running joke on my FB page, as I generally check in whenever I’m at a Starbucks. So, after we move to CA, the nearest Starbucks is AN HOUR AWAY! I’m not kidding! I’m not quite sure how I’ve survived this long!

      That was on a day we drove into town and I got my mocha. I texted a picture to my mother, smiling with my lips closed, as I normally do in pictures, and she texted back saying I didn’t look too happy about having the mocha. So I smiled as big as I possible could and took that picture there. 🙂

      My drink is a Venti Decaf Nonfat NoWhip Mocha. AMBROSIA!
      My favorite chocolate is Godiva Dark Chocolate.

      And, yes, I do reward myself when I’m writing. I reward myself when I’m not writing, too. In fact, I think I’ll reward myself with a piece of Godiva dark just for finishing this comment.


      • Ooh, I think you’re on to something. I think I should reward myself with something for responding!

        And I can’t believe that there’s anywhere in the US where you can’t trip over a Starbucks! And for someone like you, you must have been going through some serious withdrawl! Maybe you can find a local coffee place to go to, because an hour is nuts!

        • It is nuts, but I go there once a week for Starbucks, therapy, and shopping, so it’s all good. It limits my intake, which is great because it has nearly 300 calories in a Venti! o.O

          There are other coffee shops, but if I’m going to have the calories, it’s going to be worth it!

  35. Hi, if you were not a writer, what other creative outlet would you pursue?

  36. I usually steer clear of YA. But I LOVE fantasy. Your characters have great names, how did you come up with them? Are you just a fantasy addict?

    • Cullen Knight was the name of a guy I knew in the Navy. I’ve always loved that name. Fiana was the name I used as my first character name at the Texas Renaissance Festival in 1987. It was based on actress Fiona Hughes from General Hospital. Rowan was actually the birth name of my husband’s long lost brother, who later changed it to Oliver Grey (which is where Olivia (O. M.) Grey comes from). Moody Marlin is, believe it or not, a road sign on I-35 from Austin to Dallas. There are two towns: Moody and Marlin. We were driving by one day and my husband said, “That sounds like a good name for a character.” And I responded, “Now it is!”

      I am also a fan of fantasy.
      These aren’t normal YA either, so you might enjoy them. We find that adults actually enjoy them more than kids and teens do. Give it a try! It’s free today, after all.

  37. As for what is #1 on my wish list. In all honesty it’s bookshelves! One of my bookshelves died a spectacular death a couple months ago. 🙁

    So now in addition to the books that are scattered around the house, homeless, there’s now another bookcase full of books that are homeless.

    So yes, bookcases are number one on the list! Because not buying more books is so not an option!

    Thanks! 🙂

  38. Do you have a favorite pace to write?

    • My husband writes in the woods, longhand on a legal pad. I write in my office, which is now overlooking a glorious lake and mountains. That’s my favorite place to write. 🙂

      Or, of course, London.

  39. #1 on my Christmas list is books.

  40. Hi, and glad things are looking up for you now! 🙂 Well, it’s funny, after all that, and a super excerpt, the first thing to pop in mind for a question is — what are your preferred dark chocolate brands or varieties. Wouldn’t mind adding some to try if I haven’t already… 🙂


    • Oh, I got my wish – replaced my always crashing laptop that I take to my college with me with a nice and cheap new one. Though, lucky thing it’s the last week of classes this week, because I can’t seem to be able to add the school wifi account to the darn thing to use it! LOL


    • Godiva Dark Chocolate. Hands down.
      Ghirardelli is second. I also like dark chocolate M&Ms and Dove.

      But any dark chocolate will do in a pinch. 🙂

      Congrats on your new laptop!

  41. Hi, I was wondering if you confess to being girly and fuss over your hair/make-up/clothes before a podcast? Or do you just jump in?

  42. #1 wish- I just want all the books on my wishlist!

  43. Hi, Christine. Welcome to BBB!

    What are some of your favorite genre television shows?

  44. may I ask if this is Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy or some thing else?

  45. number one on my wish list is to get my house in order and bills or maybe that’s because the holidays or messing with my bills.
    it was a flat screen TV but Finely got one on cyber week.

  46. Oh Baby Cthulhu…..I still have treeeeeaats! Oops wrong event….

    Hi Christine!

    I sent a bunch of ppl over to Free Books for Everyone and those that have already finished reading Rowan are HOOKED.

    I have my ebook and print reading copies of all your books and I have signed copies of Rowan and Witch that my Sister gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. How can I get signed copies of Fire and Zephyr?

    …and just an update my hair is back down to my knees from when I cut it off for the “What Would You Do For A Kindle 2?” contest. 😀

  47. I <3 Baby Cthulhu. Any chance there will be another up for grabs or purchase?

  48. Tell me what is #1 on your wish list this holiday season?

    Health, but that hs been #1 for years. I really want Poof and a Team Gator or Team Sandwich shirt (you have to read Gini Koch).

  49. Thanks for offering this, Christine!

    My question: what is your writing process like in terms of blocking out time to write and getting the words in? Do you have a routine for writing?

    • Before the last few hellacious years, I did have a plan, and I hope to get back to it soon. I would write 1K in 1HR, not stopping until I reached both 1K or wrote for at least an hour. I got that from the Twitter hashtag #1k1hr, and I might just do that today. In my prime in 2009/2010, I could write an average of 5K a day, the most being 10K in one day. I was a zombie at the end of that one.

      At the end of each 1k1hr session, I would spent 20-30 minutes checking email, catching up on Social Networking, marketing, refilling coffee, getting more chocolate, etc.

      My husband and I have a writing pact going now to get us back into the swing of things. We just got off vacation, and with this blog tour, it’s a little slow going, but ultimately, one just has to sit in front of the keyboard, close Facebook and Twitter, and write. Something. Anything. Just get words on the page. Or, alternatively, walk or hike or drive and dictate, which I’ve done before, too.

      Basically. Just write.
      Which I vow to do today. At least 1K.

      Hold me to it!

  50. The #1 thing on my wishlist this season is just to get a break from school/work and to spend time with friends and family. 🙂

    These two weeks of winter break are the only break I get all year from full-time school and my 2 jobs, so I’m looking forward to it!

  51. Christine, glad you’re back on track with your schedule (and I *do* remember that marketing campaign!)

    I mentioned in the RSVP, I love your cover image for this book. What was your reaction when you saw the art?

    • I think I must’ve gasped. It’s breathtaking. This artist also designed O. M. Grey’s Caught in the Cogs cover ( She will be doing our covers for the foreseeable future. Excellent artist. Highly professional.

      I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Spirit of the Otherworld.


  52. Also: #1 on my wishlist for the holidays is a good release for my game “Choice of Kung Fu,” which should go on sale right before the holidays. 🙂

  53. What was your favorite childhood book?

  54. Have ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  55. #1 on my wishlist is to find a job

  56. I’m so glad I got to meet you at the Steampunk Convention in Wichita! I wish I hadn’t been so busy. 🙂

    Which is more fun for you to write: steampunk or YA?

    • Great question! Wow. I think it’s most fun to write characters, whatever the backdrop. Definitely fantasy, though. Steampunk is great fun. YA Steampunk is great fun, too. I feel less inhibited when writing for a purely adult audience, but by far the greatest fun in writing characters, especially the evil ones, like Fiana and Arthur. It’s cathartic in some ways.

  57. I’m not good at thinking up questions, so… let’s just do an old stand-by, what motivated you to become a writer?

    • Fame & Fortune!

      Not really.

      I’m a storyteller, and when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to effectively tell my stories in film format due to the outrageous budgets needed, I chose the written word, which, actually, was my original way of wanting to tell stories. Unfortunately an undergrad professor, a lecherous, disgustingly inappropriate one, come to think of it, told me I couldn’t write. Even more unfortunately, I believed him.

      Now, of course, at 43, I know that abusive, controlling men like that do anything to keep women down.

      Now I write. Some people like my writing, some don’t, but the fact remains that I can, indeed, write.


  58. Answer the Author’s Question – Tell me what is #1 on your wish list this holiday season?

    Joy for me, my friends, and family.

  59. If you had the chance to travel back in time. What era/time would you choose and why?

  60. hi Christine, I have not had a chance to read your book but have only good things 🙂

  61. Do you prefer bacon or sausage? 😀

    Italian or Chinese food? 😀

    Salty or Sweet? 😀

    • I’m a vegetarian, but Tofurkey has some GREAT Italian Sausages and Morningstar Farms has delicious Fakin’ Bacon.

      Italian, hands down. I’m a sucker for pasta.

      Salty and Sweet together is the best, like Popcorn and Dark Chocolate M&Ms!

  62. What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do you listen to any? Are yours available and if not, do you want them to be?

  63. This might sound wierd to some people, but the number 1 thing on my wish list this year is ammo. We are a family that likes to go shooting, and ammo isn’t cheap. When we go out we go thru a couple of boxes of bullets, so it’s always something we need. I have a lot of fun going out, even have some great zombie targets, and it’s very important to be ready for the zombie apocalypse!! 🙂 Number 2 on my wish list is a kindle fire!! 🙂

  64. What are your thoughts on the whole mayan calender thing? Do you think doomsday is around the corner?

  65. Do you have a favorite place to write?

  66. Books are #! on my wishlist.

  67. Have you ever started writing something and realized you read it in another book? If so, do you continue on making it yourown, or do you scrapit?

    • I have never realized it, as if it happens it has become so ingrained in my mind that it’s just part of the mythos. Someone else has pointed that out, and it depends on the situation and importance to the plot as to whether I take it out completely or shape it into something unique.

      There is a scene or two that are borrowed from images in other stories, books or on-screen. Like the scene where Buffy throws the money at Spike’s feet with such cruelty, and he’s crying as he picks it up. That has always stuck with me. That was the inspiration behind Fiana throwing money at Moody while he waited for her, day and night, outside her flat in WITCH ON THE WATER. The circumstances and story are completely different from Buffy, but that image of such contempt is a powerful one.

  68. are you really disciplined when you’re writing?

    • my holiday wish is to spend time with family and friends

    • WHEN I’m writing, I’m very disciplined. It’s starting to write in the first place that’s the most difficult these days. Once I start, it’s quite hard to stop on my own, but if I’m interrupted, the beautiful spell can be so easily broken. It’s a delicate thing at times.

  69. Tell me what is #1 on your wish list this holiday season?
    Just that my family stay healthy and happy!

  70. If we looked under your bed, what would we find?

  71. Any chance of a Midwest or East Coast con visit in the coming year where some of us “east-of-the-Mississippi” fans might catch up with you?

  72. What is your favorite part of the story?

    • The secret ending of the series that no one else knows about yet. 🙂

      Other than that, the tragic love story between Rowan & Fiana. I still tear up when I read the first chapter of Rowan of the Wood.

  73. I know how you feel about your wish list. I have your first one in my tbr pile aka my kindle list but since it is for YA I may or maynot get to it soon but I am hoping my youngest gets himself a kindle or kindle fire with his christmas money. He loves reading and was bummed when his brother bought the last Harry dresden on Kindle. Now he’s asking to borrow one of ours. I have lots of YA i’ve one bought or that was free. He would have something to do on road trips.

  74. a Kindle fire hd. I need an upgrade.

  75. Any hint on what Ethans steampunk might be about?