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My Mate's Embrace (Siberian Volkov Series) by Caryn Moya BlockWhy I Write about the Paranormal by Caryn Moya Block. Author of the Siberian Volkov Pack Series

I’ve always been a little different. Not that it shows on the outside. On the outside I look just like everyone else, maybe more so. But I always knew that there was more out there than most people can see.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Yes, a ghost. Well, I saw my first ghost when I was three years old. It changed my life and opened a door into the unknown that I couldn’t resist walking through.

I woke up one night and looked out into the hall and saw what I thought was my mother walking past my room and turning to go through the dining room, living room combination and into the kitchen. She was carrying something in her hand and wearing a white night gown. But in my little three year old brain, it made sense.

I was a precocious child and liked to sleep in my parent’s bed, something they discouraged. But here was my chance. I knew if I snuck into their bed and pretended to be asleep my mother would let me stay in their bed until morning, or so I thought.

So I ran down the hall and to my surprise my mother was still in bed. So, needing answers, I woke her and my father up. “Who is the lady who just walked into the kitchen?” I asked.

I have to say my father being safety minded did get up and take a look around the house. But no one was there. I described the lady with her dark hair and white night gown to them and I still remember how stunned they were at my insistence. I told you I was a precocious child.

They tried to soothe me with a story of the TV across the street shining into our windows and me seeing a reflection. Okay, it was a good try. But even at three years old I knew a fib when I heard it.

That was my first experience with the paranormal. But not the last, and I soon learned that normal for me was often considered “paranormal” for others. I am now a Reiki Master and Theta healer, both energy healing techniques. I still see a ghost occasionally, though that isn’t one of my talents.

When I write I bring those experiences into my stories to share with my readers.

Books in the Siberian Volkov Series in the order they should be read:
Alpha’s Mate
A Siberian Werewolf In London
My Mate’s Embrace

Author Bio:
“Caryn loves romantic movies and stories that end “Happily Ever After.” She is an avid reader and writer who currently resides in the Virginia Piedmont. Her pack consists of her husband of over thirty years, two grown sons and a beautiful daughter in law, one cat, one turtle, and four Shetland Sheepdogs. She suffers from “Multiple Sheltie Syndrome”, because one is never enough. She has been intrigued with the paranormal since seeing her first ghost at three years of age.”
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  1. Hey Caryn. Who is your favorite paranormal author? Like the one you admire, and look up to?

    • Christine,
      That is a really hard question. I read so many authors. Terry Spear is one of my favorites. I’ve taken classes with her and she is a great teacher. I think of her as a mentor.
      I also love Christine Feehan, Christina Dodd, Kerrelyn Sparks, Lynsey Sands, Katie MacAlister, Thea Harrison, Christine Warren and others. I love to read. 🙂

  2. Have you ever, do you ever, plan on writing anything other than paranormal and if so what?

    • Shannon,
      I may try a medieval romance. I am a member of the SCA and love all things medieval. But I also write what I am inspired to write and at this time it’s all paranormal.

  3. Answer the Author’s Question – What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?:

    I’ve just heard some creaking and doors shutting on their own, nothing too much of note as far as paranormal experiences

    • Shannon,
      Its really hard to know if the creaking or door shutting is paranormal or just the house settling and the wind blowing. Even the expert Ghost hunters are cautious to label something paranormal. 🙂

  4. Answer the Author’s Question – Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?:

    No, I don’t feel that I have much of a connection to the spirit world though I do leave their are others that do

    • Shannon,
      I think so too. 🙂 Some are just more aware of the spirit world than others.
      But it’s kind of like a muscle. If you work on being more aware, than you can begin to see a difference.

  5. Answer the Author’s Question – Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?:

    I can calm my family members with a touch of my hand, I don’t know it is paranormal or just that we share a special bond

  6. I got chills reading about your experience at age three. You weren’t frightened?

    • Lisa,
      I really thought the lady was my Mom. It never occured to my three year old brain that it might be someone else. So no fear that time. I did have an experience that scared me to death once. I woke up to see a dark figure standing next to the bed. I screamed and scooted back out of the way. The black figure fell into the bed and disappeared. That was SCARY!

  7. Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?: No, can’t say that I do.

  8. Hi Caryn!
    I love your Multiple Sheltie Syndrome. They are beautiful dogs!

    • Tricia,
      I love my four shelties. Two boys and two girls. You can see some pictures on my facebook page. 🙂 I grew up with shelties and when my beloved Dalmation died about four years ago I decided to go back to a smaller breed. But then I got four of them. My husband was not happy. But now he loves them too.

  9. Have you ever seen an elemental (nature spirit)?

    • Ana Morgan,
      I have seen fairies several times. The first time was just a ball of light with rainbow sparks shooting off it. The last time I saw a nature spirit of a rose.It was really cool and brought tears to my eyes at the gift. I am so blessed to be able to have these experiences.

  10. Have you ever interacted with any ghosts you’ve seen?

    • Lisa,
      When my husband and I went on a ghost hunt at the Cashtown Inn near Gettysburg I got touched. My husband and I had gone to bed and he was still asleep when someone (Not there) ran their fingers down my bare back. I turned and in my mind’s eye I saw a male apparition holding his stomach and laughing his head off. I told him to go bother the girls in the next room who were still up and leave me alone. The next morning one of the girls said she felt someone run their fingers across her back.

  11. What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?

    never had what I’d consider a paranormal experience

  12. Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?

    Never, though that would be awesome!

  13. Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?
    not really unless you count when my children were really small

    • Lisa,
      I think everyone has some kind of intuition or ability. We just don’t believe we do. Even though I have had all these things happen to me. I still have a hard time believing sometimes. But I’m getting better at accepting that these things are normal for me.

  14. If you could choose only one time period and place to live, when and where would you live and why

    • Oooh, good question.
      In the last few years I’ve actually had experiences where I connected to past lives. So I know that the time to be is right now. As for the place that is harder. I would love to spend a month in Paris or Scotland just to soak up the atmosphere and to write. I also would love to go to Russia and learn more about Siberia and the native people there. But I would always come back to the good old USA, because that is where my family is. 🙂

  15. Caryn, what inspired you to write about women’s healing circles in MY Mates Embrace?

    • Judith,
      Thanks for the question. I am part indian and have always been interested in the shamanic ceremonies and teachings. This led me to write the scenes in My Mate’s Embrace with the emphasis on the new feminine energies coming in at this time. 🙂

  16. Caryn, what inspired your healing circles in MY Mates Embrace for the women?

  17. I’m not good at thinking up questions, so… let’s just do an old stand-by, what motivated you to become a writer?

    • Josette,
      I think I always wanted to be a writer. My grandmother was writing down stories I would tell her when I was four or five. What inspired me to get up and get it done was turning 50. I decided that now was the time if I was ever going to do it. 🙂

  18. Answer the Author’s Question – What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?

    De ja vu
    My mom felt someone sit on the bed, when no one else was in the room.
    Typical stuff 😉

  19. Answer the Author’s Question – Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?

    Often feel De je vu, and there have been times that I have dreamed of something and then it has come to pass. And, when I dreamed it, I had no idea the event would happen… such as not even talking to a boy in high school and then going to a big event at his church where I won a prize… yep dreamed that way before he even started talking to me.

  20. Thank you for participating in this event and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you celebrate other ways.

  21. Answer the Author’s Question – Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?

    I think anyone can. It is very calming for me when my husband holds me and rubs my back or runs his hands through my hair.

  22. Purchased your story… looking forward to reading it soon. And thank you for your lovely responses 😉 I’m getting reading to eat one of those “0” ages myself 😉 and have starting banging around on a few stories. Looking at possibly going into editing more at the moment though (currently a technical writer and editing is my strength). I already have a book that I am editing for a friend. I’m really excited to get more into what I enjoy. So happy that you followed your dream.

  23. You have mentioned that you have connected to past lives. Can you tell us a little about these lives? Time period, country, etc.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      The first couple of times were in dreams. One was on another planet. But the latest ones have been during Theta healing sessions. One was ancient times. I was standing in a throne room next to the throne. It was all carved and covered in gold. I looked down and saw the red gown I was wearing. Another time I was a priest caught in a rockslide wondering why god had abandoned me. The last one, I was a male indian in buckskins wanting to die for failing my tribe. Have you ever had De ja vue or something that you think is related to a past life?

  24. If you could travel back in time – what time would you choose and why?

    • Hi Raonaid,
      I think I would like to visit England in 1066. I am very curious to see how people really lived at that time and I love all things medieval. Knights in shinning armor and chivalry are such wonderful examples. I wonder if the people of the time really lived up to those ideals. 🙂

  25. Answer question can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?
    Yes, especially my dog during a thunderstorm.

    • One of my shelties jumps up on the bed everytime there is a thunderstorm or hard rain. I think she got caught outside when there was a big boom of thunder and now she is scared, poor baby. I just cuddle her down and she is fine. 🙂

  26. What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?

    Only thing that comes to mind on this… The place we use to live was reported to be haunted. Hubby works at night so it’s just me and our three sons. Not sure what woke me out of a sound sleep but I woke up but couldn’t move but I was aware of my surroundings. Once I could move I jumped out of bed and turned on alllll the lights.

    • Do you ever watch the Ghost Hunters? They have mentioned on their show that you can be awake and your body can’t move. Were you scared?

      • Terrified! Yeah it only happened for five minutes but it was the loss of control. Never got into Ghost Hunters but I LOVE Ghost Adventures. I watch that every fridays!

  27. Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?

    Intuitive at times. I had this odd sense that the in laws would show up twice.. and both times it happened. Which I guess was mentioned in an astrological chart my mother did for me.. Friend once said I was empathic.

    • That’s really cool. Knowing something ahead of time is prophetic. Empathy is getting those Vibes. You of course can do both. 🙂 People who are empathic make great healers. Are you interested in learning any energy techniques?

      • Yeah I am…

        • If you are interested in Reiki, check out They have teachers all over the world. For Theta healing go to Both modalities work well. Reiki is more hands on and Theta is more diving into your beliefs.
          I use both when I am working on a client.

  28. Answer question: Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?

    Yes, sometimes I feel that someone is in the room.

    • But nobody is there?
      It might be a loved one visiting from the other side, an angel, or guide.
      How do you feel when this happens? Happy?,Uneasy?, Do you suddenly think of your beloved grandmother that passed on?

  29. Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?

    Perhaps with my presence – mostly because I am a damn good listener. There were times where I felt like a psycharist. All through high school I listened to my friend’s problem. Even now. People said they liked talking to me because I listen and don’t offer empty platitudes.

    • That’s great! You must have an open and willing spirit to be such a good listener and counselor to your friends. 🙂

      • Child hood friend I had said that’s why she liked being around me. I had a very open mind about things without being pressured into things. Such as I had opportunities to drink or smoke but I stood my ground

        • That reminds me of a cast party I went to after being in a play. My friends knew I didn’t do drugs, but I never looked down on them for doing it. That night one of the guys came up and told me it was time to go home. I was being naive and asked why. He told me they were getting ready to pull out the marijuana so I needed to leave. I said okay and left. My friends always looked out for me that way no matter where I lived. 🙂

          • I had friends who did it. When offered I always declined, and they respected my choice. I don’t look down at those who do it.. unless they do it to the excess

  30. Answer question: What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?

    When we lived in Pennsylvania, I once saw some soldiers from the Revolutionary War walking in the distance late at night.

  31. You are a new to me author. Your books look good. I will have to go and check them out.

  32. h Caryn, thank you for coming here to BBB, enjoyed learning about you 🙂

  33. If you had the ability to crawl/live in a literary world. What book series would you choose and what would you like to be there?

    • That is a hard question. I really like the world my lycans live in. Being the mate of a hunky lycan would be cool and I always fall in love with my heros as I write the book. I know that’s cheating.
      So there are several others I might choose. The world of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern would be cool and of course I would be a Dragonrider. Or there is the world of Robin D. Owens’ “Heart Series” and there I would of course be one of the gifted upperclass. 🙂
      There is also Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series and I would choose to be a wolf shifter or pegasus shifter.
      It’s fun to think about isn’t it?

      • Oh yes… If I had that decision I would totally go into Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar. I would not sure what I would want to be.. Those Shin’a’in are damn awesome! Then the Hawkbrothers! And Companions! I would want to be a herald so I could have a companion… LOL

  34. Gotta say you have some cute doggies in that picture! I have four dachshunds (aka wiener dogs) As my icon picture shows the youngest one.

    • Thanks. I do love my shelties. I like to think of the little black male as being a latin lover in another life. The other male in the picture is the proud stoic type. I can picture him being a Scotish Laird. 🙂

      • Each one of my babies (my Pack) mean the world to me. The youngest, the piebald – he’s an ornery lil thing. He’s my shadow. I cannot get up and move without him there. When I’m crying he’s licking my face and cuddling.

        The eldest, my four year old black and red toy male – Warlock.. he’s tempermental. He can be grouchy one minute and cuddly the next. He’s the daddy of the two year old black and red female Simi and the piebald Rock.

        Then there is the three year old medium haired auburn female Cynder who is a bad peeping tom. She loves staring out the window.

  35. Caryn,
    I just love this series I have read the first two books, I’ll have to writw the name of the third so I can see if any of my nook or kindle friends have it for me to borrow and read. As to your question I have never calmed people down but I have calmed dogs down and not just my own.
    Has being a dog owner led to your writing about werewolves? And do you foresee a time where you would write about other shape shifters? I am only aware of you writing about werewolves as I have read them. My apologies if you write about other shape shifters and I am just not aware of them.

    Robin S.

    • Robin,
      My house has always been a menagerie. I have a cat as well as the four shelties. Several of my fans have suggested they would like to see some different shapeshifters, so the idea is floating around in my head. I do seem to understand my dogs better than my cat and I have read several books on dogs and wolves. I understand the pack dynamic really well. 🙂
      But to answer your question, yes, I see other shifters in my future.

  36. Interesting story! So what was your favorite scene in the book to write?

    • Lesley,
      I think it would be Laurel’s vision quest to return the soul fragments she lost because of her stepfather’s abuse. I wanted to give my readers hope and healing. What was your favorite part?

  37. I’ve never had a paranormal experience, and I’ve never been able to feel things out of the ordinary or calm someone with a touch (in a paranormal way at least). It would be cool to be able to do those things though.

  38. Hi there! I was wondering if you’ve ever been to a pow wow? My husband and I have gone to them for many years. We do French & Indian Was re-enacting, so we have some close ties to the Indian community. I love the pow wows because there’s always something new to see or learn about.

  39. Totally forgot to mention other paranormal stuff that happens with me as I answeres the wrong question as I read down through the whole question and answer dialog. I see dead people and can totally describe them to friends and aquaintances It doesn’t happen anymore because it scared me as I had never met these people and it bothered me that they came to me and not to the people they were related to but back in my lated 20s and early 30s people didn’t talk about these things nor were there tv shows about it. I probably would have been more relieved if they were. I was totally freaked about it

    • Robin,
      I totally understand. I have a friend who can see dead people too. I started having more ghostly encounters and it scared me. I’m not ready to see them all the time. 🙂

  40. Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?

    I think so. I’m a cancer, so I’ve been accused of being too motherly, etc, but I’m always looking out for everyone and I’m always there for my friends, heck even strangers. I think I’ve always been able to help poeple out by listening and doing all in my power to help them, sometimes it comes in the form of hugs or just holding someone’s hand.

    I also have 4 pugs who are my babies, and when they’re upset, all it takes is some hugs and kisses from mommy. One of them sleeps in my arms every night like a baby. I know, maybe that’s a little too much, but I love her.

  41. As for knowing things…yes. Usually tho it seems to be knowing the bad stuff. I always seem to know when someone’s lying to me, I know not to go certain ways on trips, I just seem to know when bad news is coming. I wish I could hear some good stuff!

    • Joani,
      It sounds like you have a strong psychic ability. Try using Angel cards to hear the good stuff. Just ask that the angels will come and give you the message you need to have today.

  42. As for paranormal things, not so much. I jsut get feelings, and it’s really creepy when I feel like there’s a presence in the room, and the dogs are barking at the corner or at the ceiling. I’ve never seen a ghost tho. I have gone on several ghost tours, even in gettysburg, but I haven’t seen anything.

    • When I first started doing some ghost hunting I wouldn’t see or hear a thing. We took digital recordings and I listened to hours and hours of nothing. But when I went to Gettysburg it was a crazy weekend. It actually spooked me, no pun intended. 🙂

  43. I’m going to be lookng into that Reiki thing. Will that site show where there are practioners in my area? I hurt so bad lately, I would love to try some new healing techniques.

  44. What are your thoughts on the mayan calender countdown? Do you feel the end is around the corner, or is your belief it’s the ending of one age and the beginning of another?

    • I believe we are going into a new age. Look how far we have come with accepting the paranormal. There are ghost shows on TV. Vampires and Werewolves in the movies and there was even a kids movie called Para-Norman.
      I think we are all going to open up to possibilities. 🙂

  45. Here’s one more thing. I was wodering if you know anything about it. I was wondering if I should look into shielding myself more somehow, cuz I swear I soak up other poeple’s pain. I can be around someone and I can start hurting in a new place, and I know it’s the person I’m with who is hurting. Then they say oh my knee is killing me, or my feet hurt so bad, and that’s what started hurting on me, but it wasn’t before I got near that person. Can someone feel others pain? Sometimes I try to invision a bubble around me to keep things out, but I forget to concentrate and it goes away, I wish it was something that just automatically stayed in place. Do you know how to keep that peace around myself?

    • This can happen, especially to someone who is empathic.
      There are several tools you can use to help you shield. I like the stone selenite. It holds a high white light vibration. I have a piece in my pocket most of the time.
      There are also oils made from plants. They will often be named clear or shield.
      There is a line of jewelry called the Vogel crystals. The Star of David pendant can help shield you. These are expensive, but they have worked for me.
      You are right about keeping yourself in a bubble of white or pink light. That can work too.

  46. Do you have a favorite place to write?

    • Hi Cheryl,
      My very favorite place to write is in my big king size bed with the dogs all around me. I have a little HP mini laptop I use.
      Of course I also have an office downstairs with a nice big monitor which is were I am now. 🙂

  47. Wow, what an experience. I believe in ghosts but have never encountered one. I do like reading books with paranormal aspects or the genre.

  48. The ghosts you’ve seen, are they sort of faded and see through or do they look like an actual human being?

    • Yes. I’ve seen them faded and see through and others just like us. But these are quick glimpses most of the time. The scary one was just a black mass.

  49. You have brought up alot of interesting subjects up today which I enjoyed reading all the comments and answers. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time out to do this. I am also glad that you will be introducing new shifters into your writing. Just the other day I was chatting with Milly Taiden about the rarity of white lions and that I would love to see someone write about them too. Would that be a shifter that you would think about writing?

    • I’ll have to let the muse nudge me in the right direction. Once an idea comes in I will research the animal to make sure I understand their characteristics before starting to write. I want it to be as realistic as possible. White lions and white tigers are so beautiful. 🙂

  50. When you are writing do you ever hold yourself back or not write something out of the belief it will upset someone? Or do you just write it all out anyways 🙂

    • I have to admit that I always write for the reader. So I don’t put anything out there that I think would be a problem for someone. Sharing all this with you today has been one of those times where I have been completely open. 🙂
      I had no idea I would be baring my soul.

  51. I’ve never actually seen a ghost but once I felt a force push down on my shoulders. I physically moved because of the force. That was very odd and no one was near me.

    Not really. Sometimes I’ll feel something but I can’t say it’s anything paranormal.

    I wish I could help calm someone with a touch! I can’t, not in a paranormal sense but I do try to offer comfort.

  52. Hi,

    if you were not a writer, what other creative outlet would you pursue?

    • Hi Mary,
      I’ve always been creative. I paint and do papercrafts. I used to sing in a choir. I sew and knit, quilt and crochet. Right now I am a member of an Arts group. Do you like to do something creative?

  53. The one experience that I had was hearing a noise by the window my cat always sat at shortly after she died.

  54. Hi! 🙂 Was dealing/seeing with the paranormal scary at first, do you get used to it, or sometimes, even after lots of experience can there still be moments that are just like no amount of experience can prepare you for it? I guess I’m not entirely sure what I’m asking there… LOL


    • Lois,
      Sometimes it can be scary. But most of the time it’s just disconcerting. You take notice of what is happening and make note of it.
      When I went ghost hunting in Gettysberg I came home really worried that I would be seeing dead people all the time. But that didn’t happen. It maybe one of those things that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. 🙂
      Have you had anything happen to you?

    • And answering the questions from above — no, can’t say anything’s happened to me… wish I could calm myself at times, but that would be a no to the touch question… but it’s funny – I do not believe in paranormal stuff, but there have been times where I have flashes of deja vu, feeling that moment I’ve seen before, or can actually know what will happen in the next couple of seconds – and sometimes I know it’s because I dreamt it before. Can be weird. 🙂


      • But what an adventure. I think we all can do more than we believe we can. Christmas is a great time to believe in a little something extra don’t you think?

  55. Was that the only time you have seen a ghost?

    • Hi Elaine,
      I have seen ghosts several times and once while in Gettysburg got touched by one. But I don’t see them all the time. I’m not sure I could handle that. 🙂

  56. Christmas is the perfect time to believe in that little extra something whether it be magic or paranormal or God’s blessings. It’s all in how one looks at it to explain the unexplainable.

  57. I can’t say I have ever had a paranormal event in my life.

  58. I could not complete the rest of the links as it kept telling me it didn’t get my entry and to try again. I did, four times.

  59. In the spirit of the season- what’s your favorite holiday?

  60. Love the first two can’t wait to read the third one.
    Are you a Love of Ghost Shows?
    I just love Ghost Hunters and stuff lived in a few haunted house as a kid.

    • Hi Stacy,
      I started watching the ghost hunters in their first season. I liked the way they tried to disprove everything first. Then when something paranormal happened it was more convincing to me. You would never guess that I am a terrible sceptic. Maybe that’s why things happen to me, because I won’t believe unless they do. 🙂
      Has anything paranormal ever happened to you?

  61. I have seen draw’s come open and close and lights go on and off and at one time a stuff animal floating in the air.

  62. I have always been able to sense stuff about people.and some times no if something or someone is going threw something bad in my family.

    • Sounds like you have a strong sixth sense. 🙂 It makes life really interesting to be able to tap into the unknown. I am thankful for my gifts.

  63. Do you have a writing ritual? Such as, must have certain snacks, beverages, music, your lucky charm, etc., before you settle into the day’s writing?

    • Oops, I must not have hit the reply button. Guess I’m starting to get tired. Its 12:07am my time.

    • Just in case you can’t see my earlier reply. I like to write in my kingsize bed with my dogs all around me. Especially if I’ve had a dream that has inspired me. I reach for my mini-laptop that sits next to my bed and start writing.
      I also have an office downstairs and will come down to work if there are no cool dreams or inspiration when I wake up. I love my large monitor for doing corrections and editing. Its so much easier to see. 🙂

  64. Julie,
    Not really. I love to write while sitting in my king size bed. I have a mini laptop sitting next to the bed. But I also have an office downstairs and I will often come down and work in there.
    If I have a dream that inspires me to write, I reach for my mini laptop and I am off. I guess I’m not very disciplined about it. 🙂

  65. Answer the Author’s Question – What kind of paranormal things have happened to you?
    I’ve sensed presences/energy (usually fairly benign, but definitely very scary a few times); borrowed my angel’s wings for a little while when I desperately needed some guidance, and it really seemed I could feel their soft feathers on my back; very definitely sensed the lingering presence of departed loved ones twice before. Some other stuff, too. I’m open to all possibilities. Although if I really encountered, say, a werewolf or vampire, I’m rather certain I’d faint dead away. 😉

    • Julie,
      I don’t believe in Vampires and Werewolves. Though I would love to be able to shift into a wolf and run around in the woods. I think they are just stories. I might be wrong. But I’m kind of sceptical, even though I have seen a ghost. I would have to see it to believe. 🙂

      • I’d love to be able to shift, too! But I’m a bit of skeptic when it comes to that level of paranormal as well. Frankly, I’m fine with no vampires in the world.

        • I guess it would depend on what kind of Vampires. It’s probably too much to ask that they be like Feehan’s Carpathians or Sands desendents of Atlantis.:)

  66. Answer the Author’s Question – Do you know things or feel things out of the ordinary?
    Sometimes I’m certain who’s calling before the phone rings, and not when I’m expecting that person to call. Once, years ago, a friend and I were sitting chatting late at night on a school field. A few people were jogging on the track, but it was mostly empty. A lone guy was walking around the track, and the joggers had all left. I suddenly had the clearest vision–crystal clear–of the guy charging us while brandishing a knife. It just came out of nowhere, and there was nothing about him to suggest he was dangerous. I grabbed my friend’s hand, yanked her to her feet, and we ran to our car and left. Have no idea if it was a real vision, but I was more than happy to take it seriously just in case.

    An ex of mine and I had some fascinating interactions when we were dating–we were roommates in the same house but had our own rooms. One morning after we’d each slept alone in our separate rooms, he asked me if I’d come into his room that night, stood by the bed, and said his name. I didn’t! At least, not physically. On another night, I woke out of a sound sleep because he clearly said my name–but he wasn’t in the room, and when I asked him in the morning, he said he’d not called my name. We were certain we were communicating on another level–maybe our souls were trying to connect. Dunno, but it was kind of cool.

    • That is cool. Maybe you were astral projecting. In high school I read books all the time about ESP and astral projection. I guess I was looking for answers.
      When I was sixteen we took a trip to New Jersey. My girlfriend and I agreed that I would try to astral project back to her house while on the trip.
      She swore that one night she woke up and I was standing at the end of her bed. When she called my name, I disappeared.
      What was crazy was that one night after trying to astral project I guess I fell asleep. I suddenly woke up when I heard my name called. My family was asleep so it wasn’t them calling my name.

      • I’ve always thought astral projection sounds very neat. I bet that’s what happened to you, and maybe you’re right, my ex and I were doing that, too. I have a friend who says he astral projected all over the place when he was heavily into meditation, several years ago. He said it got to be like flying. He’d meditate for hours, and sort of cruise over the landscape in spirit/astral form and check things out. But he also said it took a heck of a lot of work and solo time to get to that point.

        • I believe it. It’s never happened except that one time. Though I have gone some places while meditating. I always thought of them as visions, not really traveling. More of an inner journey. 🙂

  67. Answer the Author’s Question – Can you calm someone or something with the touch of your hand?
    Sometimes. I do tend to touch people, on the shoulder and such, when I’m communicating with them. I’m not sure if it calms them, though!

    • Do you ever feel your hands getting warm or prickles of energy in your palms?

      • When I did some reiki on my dog once, who’d been poisoned. (She probably got into rat poison left out by neighbors.) My hands got really warm, and I could very much feel the energy traveling through me and into her. I don’t remember if I felt any prickles. That was amazing! She did recover from being poisoned, even though the vet basically told me she would die. She lived to an old doggy age and died very peacefully. I became a solid believer in reiki after that, although I’ve never tried it again myself.

        • You should get back into it. Not only for others but for yourself. It sounds like you are a natural. 🙂
          Look up for a good teacher.
          I do Reiki on my animals all the time. My one sheltie was diagnosed with hip displacia. I did Reiki on him and several weeks later when he had another x-ray the vet said there must have been a mistake.

          • I will look up, actually. I already made a note of it from some of your other comments. It would be interesting to pursue it more….

  68. Well, its midnight Central time and 1am Eastern, so I am off to bed. Thank you all who commented! I had a great time chatting with you. And thank you to Bitten by Books for hosting me.
    I will check back tomorrow for any late night or should I say early morning comments.
    Happy Holidays and sweet dreams,

  69. Do you work on multiple stories?

    • Hi PC,
      Yes, I work on multiple stories. Though when I get close to deadline I have to focus on just the one. 🙂 If I didn’t it wouldn’t get done on time.

  70. What was your favorite childhood book?

    • Dovile,
      I love fairytales, even today. 🙂 I also had a book called the “Big Book of Cat Stories”. I still have it from when I was little.
      My mother bought me “Winnie the Pooh” for my fourth birthday and would read it to my brother and me before bedtime. Pooh will always hold a special place in my heart.

  71. Have ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

    • No fan fiction.
      When I was in high school my friend and I wrote a story based on Star Trek. The plot was similiar to the movie “Galaxy Quest” where actors find themselves on a real ship. I guess we should have sent it in. 🙂

  72. I’ve never had any kind of paranormal thing happening to me, and I don’t think I’d like to.

  73. Do you know or feel things out of the ordinary? Well, first I have to know what ordinary is to be able to answer this:) Sometimes, very rarely I get a feeling of deja vu, or know what people are going to say before they say it a second later, but maybe I just know them too well?

    • Dovile,
      You make a great point, what is ordinary and what is paranormal? I think as time goes on things like ghost hunting and intuition will become more accepted as mainstream and then it will all be ordinary. 🙂

  74. No, I can’t calm anyone with a touch of my hand, and so far my experience with angry/agitated people is that it’s better not to touch them actually, as it might annoy them rather than calm them. Touching usually helps with someone who is sad or crying.

    • You are right of course. Somepeople don’t want to be touched when they are upset. Always follow your instincts. You might find they are stronger than you think. 🙂

  75. Hi Caryn,

    What a great story. I’ve visited with a local paranormal society and one of the first things we were told is that small children spot ghosts first, because of their mind’s are more open to things that adults find unbelievable. After this meeting, I had several conversations about it, many with friends I’d known for years and come to find out, quite a few had witnessed ghost sightings. Do you have the same experiences when you reveal your occurrences or do you find adults to be more jaded?

    • Debra,
      Up until a few years ago I don’t think people openly talked about the paranormal. Everyone thought you were crazy and into that woo woo stuff.
      I still run into a few people like that today. Especially when I tell them I write about werewolves. But now I find that people are really interested and looking for answers and information to understand what is going on in their own lives. If I am honest with them and tell what happened to me, they share as well. 🙂

  76. Good morning everyone.
    It’s nice to see the comments are still coming. I will be in and out today, but I will be coming back to check in. Have a great weekend and thanks for coming!

  77. Terrific post, Caryn!!! I LOVE your shelties! I keep telling myself, no more pets. I lost my standard poodle and that was my last heartbreak. But seeing your dogs…

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Terry.
      I love my shelties. I need that dose of daily unconditional love. There is nothing quite like it. It makes living with all the dog hair worth it. 🙂
      Living with my little pack has helped me understand the pack dynamic. They’re terrific. 🙂

  78. HI Caryn! First I would like to Thank You for being here!! I LOVE your series!!! To answer your “Paranormal Question”, I have Indian Blood in me, and yes, I get “vibes” when a loved one is upset or I get a horrid feeling when something bad is going to happen. My Mother dreams of a person the night before they die. My Oldest has experienced talking with my Dad while she is sleeping, and all has been verified. I have no doubt that my “gifts” are from my Indian ancestors. I can’t wait for your next book!!! Thank you for being so very talented, and creating wonderful “escapes” from the real world!!!

    • Lynn,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my books. 🙂
      It sounds like your family is very psychic. I have Indian Blood in me too. I’m sure my gifts are strengthened from that relation. But I also have Scottish and Welsh and the Celts had a lot of magic too. Who knows what gene pool it came from or maybe its the combination. I am just thankful to be gifted. 🙂

  79. I’m sure this has been asked already but will there be any more books in the Siberian volkov series?

    I love your books!!! I’m working on getting them all in my collection!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Yes, there will be more books in the series. Right now I am working on book #4, My Magic Mate which will feature Brencis and his mate. 🙂 Was there a certain couple or lycan you wanted to see a story on?

  80. I haven’t seen a ghost, but I did work in a building that had a haunted elevator!

    • My question: can you recommend any old legends or fairy tales about volkovs? I’m interested in where they come from in real-world mythology!

      • When I started doing my research I just googled werewolf mythology. You get a lot of hits that way. 🙂 There are tales of a king feeding human flesh to the roman gods and being turned into a wolf. I found the legend of Asena on Wikipedia. That legend comes from the Mongols. There is another tale about a wolf having its paw cut off and when it is taken to the local lord he looks at it and it has turned into the hand of his wife wearing her ring.

    • Alana,
      What was the story behind the haunted elevator?

  81. What is your favorite part of the story?

    • My Very favorite part is the “Happily Ever After”. That’s why I write romance. 🙂
      I also loved writing the scenes when the women gather and have the ceremony to send Laurel on her vision quest. I hoped that the message of women supporting each other and healing each other would inspire my readers.

  82. Good Sunday morning,
    Thank you to everyone for coming buy to ask a question or comment. I will be checking back to reply through out the day, so ask away. 🙂

  83. Hi,
    I snuck out today and went to see “The Hobbit” with my family. It was good. I remember being in high school and reading it. I loved reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy back then. Probably another reason I write paranormal stories. 🙂

  84. Goodnight everyone,
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Pleasant dreams,