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The Mirrored Shard: The Iron Codex Book Three by Caitlin KittredgeBBB: Tell us 3 things not in your bio we don’t know about you that might make us leery of befriending you. LOL

CK: Just three? Kidding. Okay…I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of serial killers and their victims due to reading through every Stephen King book in the library when I was a kid and moving on to true crime. Let’s see…I hate most pop music but am compelled to sing along when Taylor Swift is on the radio. And if you’re allergic to cats, I have six, so we probably won’t work out.

BBB: What actors would you choose to play some of your characters if your book were made into a movie or a TV show?

CK: This question is always so hard! I much prefer to hear fan’s ideas, since I usually don’t spend much time fantasizing about the Big Movie Deal (tm.) Of course, if it actually happens my answer will change!

BBB: How do you keep track of your world building?

CK: Most of it is in my head. I have a pretty fantastic memory for detail, though I usually can’t find my car keys or my wallet. If I can’t remember I refer back to earlier books.

BBB: Please tell us more about The Mirrored Shard and the storyline that drives it.

CK: The Mirrored Shard is the third book in the Iron Codex trilogy, and it’s where everything comes to a head. Not to give any spoilers, but Aoife finally has to face the consequences of her actions in the two previous books, and make a hard choice to be happy but put the world in jeopardy or finally step up and be the hero at great personal cost.

BBB: How many more books there be in this world?

CK: This is the last one, sadly! The Iron Codex was always meant to be a trilogy.

BBB: Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters lives / lifestyles?

CK: It depends totally on the story. The Mirrored Shard and all of the Iron Codex novels required quite a bit of research, since they’re alternate history novels. My modern-day set urban fantasy requires a little bit less, but I still always research details as best I can to make sure they’re accurate. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from making mistakes, but I at least hope I’ve learned to double and triple check facts!

BBB: Are you a plotser or a panster? or a Planster (a combo of both – lol)

CK: Plotter, plotter all the way. I get very unproductive if I don’t know where the story is going.

BBB: What types of creatures can readers expect in your world?

CK: In the Iron Codex books: Fairies, shapeshifters, all manner of Lovecraftian creatures and monsters, goblins, and humans who control elemental magic. There’s also a plethora of steampunk machines and gadgets, and in The Mirrored Shard, Nikola Tesla’s ghost!

BBB: What’s coming up for you in 2012 and 2013?

CK: I’m working on a brand new YA series, a Gothic paranormal story set in the modern day, and I’m writing a new adult novel set in the American South. It’s urban fantasy, but a totally new direction for me, so I’m very excited!

Books in the Iron Codex Trilogy in the order they should be read:
The Iron Thorn
The Nightmare Garden
The Mirrored Shard

Author Bio:

“Caitlin Kittredge is the author of 14 novels for adults and young adults, ranging from paranormal romance to steampunk fantasy. Her books have been RT Award nominees and The Iron Thorn was a YALSA Best Book for 2012. Caitlin lives in Western Massachusetts and although she writes almost all of the time, she also enjoys photography, collecting vintage anything and fixing up her 1881 Victorian house, affectionately known as Stately Wayne Manor.”


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  1. Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

    • Hi Denise, I enjoy reading practically anything! I know that’s vague but I don’t just stick to my genre…I love nonfiction, mysteries, and I love reading old-school horror and thrillers

  2. What types of books do you enjoy reading and how have they influenced your writing? What are you currently reading?

    • Hi Bonnie,

      I’m currently reading a bunch of design books for a project, but the last novel I bought was BLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig. Can’t wait to get to it!

  3. What music do you listen to for inspiration? Or what movies do you watch when you want to immerse yourself in fantasy?

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      For the Iron Codex I listened to a lot of early pop music–Chuck Berry, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, that sort of thing. I also listened to some big band music and I kept the soundtrack to the Sherlock Holmes movies handy because I find it really good for writing.

  4. Your new books sound so good! Love Gothic paranormal and I’m into New Adult too:)

    Thank you:)

  5. Cristina Soulmates* (@amyacidburn)

    What is yout favorite Caster book??*

  6. When you’re writing a series how to you keep track of all the characters biographies? Do you use note cards or just log it all in the computer in different files?

  7. Do you prefer writing from a male or female point of view?

  8. What are three “must have” when writing and reading a character?
    What makes them so memorable.

  9. If you could escape to.. or live in any literary world, which one (or ones) would you choose?

  10. What movies or books (other than your own) are you most looking forward to seeing in 2013?

  11. If you could live in any time period past or future when would that be and why?

  12. I love cats myself. I have a calico named Kadee. What are your cats names? I haven’t read the Iron Codex books yet, but I have read and enjoyed your two urban fantasy series.

  13. Do you have a favourite vacation spot?

  14. I loved the first book in this trilogy, but sadly haven’t gotten my hands on the next two (yet…).
    The world-building was wonderful & I’m looking forward to spending more time in this world… especially with the mention of “Lovecraftian”, “Tesla’s ghost” and, of course, the steampunk!

    Question: How do you “manage” your plotting? A spreadsheet, notecards, or do you store it all in your head?

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. This is probably going to be a weird question, but what is that you’re holding in that picture? Because it looks like a pink and green bull. Not that a pink and green bull isn’t awesome, just curious!


  16. How did you decide what to name your cats?

  17. I’m looking forward to reading your new adult novel when it’s published! Especially since it’s UF.

    Where do you write usually–home, a coffeeshop, writing garret?

  18. What are you Favorite books to read?

  19. What authors have inspired you?

  20. Do you have a favorite place to write?

  21. This looks really good. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. I am a new to you reader so I can’t wait to read your work

  23. What is your favorite paranormal creature?

  24. What are the names of your cats?

  25. I always love reading new books..

  26. Hi, Caitlin! Welcome back to BBB!

    Do you enjoy the variety of writing both YA and adult series at the same time, or does it feel odd switching back and forth?

  27. Why 6 cats? I love cats but have never had more than a couple at a time. I must admit it is always sad when a series ends… but I am looking forward to your new stuff too!

  28. at what age did you being your writing career?

  29. how many books have you published?

  30. Why the Genre you choose?

  31. Why Paranormal for a Genre?

  32. I’ve heard the term New Adult several times in the last few weeks, but I honestly have no idea what it is. Would that be for tween-age readers?

    • I think it is “mature” YA, signifying more sex and violence, etc. I may be wrong, but that is my guess.

  33. Have you ever fell in love with one of your characters?

  34. hi Caitlin, you are a new author to me abd I enjoyed your post today

  35. What writer is (was) an inspiration to you?

  36. what is your preferred drink to write and time of day?