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A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair, No. 2)Hey guys – I’m so excited to be kicking off the release of A Sliver of Shadow!

Abby is back, about six months after the events of A Brush of Darkness, trying to settle down into her life as TouchStone to the Protectorate. Not that it’s not filled with its own challenges – between babysitting for Moira’s son or training in the Dreaming with Sonja or living with a certain obnoxious little unicorn, Abby more than has her hands full.

And that’s *before* things go to hell when a spell backfires, cutting the OtherFolk off from the very CrossRoads they depend on.
Of course the usual suspects are tagging along for the ride – you can expect Melanie, Brandon, Charlie and Robert, and yes, Brystion too, but there are some new faces as well –as Abby struggles to do what she must to save her friends, even as she attempts to reconcile her past with her future.
Here’s the back cover blurb:

“War is hell. And war *with* Hell is no fun either.

Just when her new life as a TouchStone – a mortal bound to help OtherFolk cross between Faery and human worlds – seems to be settling down, Abby Sinclair is left in charge when the Protectorate, Moira, leaves for the Faery Court. And when the Protectorate’s away…let’s just say things spiral out of control when a spell on Abby backfires and the Faery Queen declares the Doors between their worlds officially closed.

The results are disastrous for both sides: OtherFolk trapped in the mortal world are beginning to fade, while Faerie is on the brink of war with the daemons of Hell. Along with her brooding eleven prince Talivar and sexy incubus Brystion, Abby ventures to the CrossRoads in an attempt to override the Queen’s magic. But nothing in this beautiful, dangerous realm will compare to the discoveries she’s making about her past, her destiny, and what she will sacrifice for those she loves.”

So there we go – For those of you who have read A Brush of Darkness, I want to hear what sorts of questions you hope get answered in A Sliver of Shadow (I may or may not fully answer depending on how spoilery things get, but I’ll certainly drop a few hints.)
Which characters are you most excited to see back?

If you haven’t read A Brush of Darkness, what’s your favorite mythological creature?


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  1. Hi, Allison. Welcome to BBB! I ahve heard great things about your books and look forward to reading them soon.

    I used to think unicorns were pretty great, before seeing the recent Supernatural episode where one killed a guy. 🙂

    What kinds of things do you enjoy doing for relaxation, Allison? Have you attended many fan conventions?

    (I did RSVP, USA)

    • Hey Carol – Unicorns ARE great, even when they kill people. LOL

      Relaxation? That’s sort of a dirty word for me, I think…but when I *do* find the time, I’m computer gamer and reader, for the most part. (Yay, introvert.) Also, I like to cross-stitch when I can.

      Fan cons – I’ve done Authors After Dark, Romantic Times and RWA a few times. I’ll be doing AAD and World Fantasy Con this year.

  2. Hello Allison! Where did you go to college and what was your major?
    Lisa D. USA

  3. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    Up to now I’d say my favorite mythical creature was a mermaid. As I’ve yet to read this series (I tend to wait till there’s more than one book in the series out as I like to read them back to back)this could certainly change as I have read so many favorable reviews on A Brush With Darkness.

    Planner or pantzer?
    DO you follow a “formula” when you write? DO you outline your ideas, write in a specific order

    • Hi Lisa – I’m mostly a panster. I might have a general outline in my head of where I’d like to see things go – I aim for that and just sorta see where it takes me. (Sometimes that gets me into trouble, but sometimes I come up with some pretty neat stuff.)

  4. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    YOU are a paranormal character, what is your super power?
    +1 Question
    +1 total= 829

  5. I have not read your books but I plan to rectify that oversight. How did you come up with a TouchStone to the Protectorate? It just sounds so strong.
    I RSVPed
    Lisa D. USA

    • Hmm. Protectorate – I think I was just looking for a strong word for a ruler – but not one who was a king or queen or what have you. (Although Moira is a princess – but this was a position she was appointed to.)

      And TouchStone – I just liked the word. LOL. TouchStones are mortal anchors to the OtherFolk, but “anchor” seems a bit clumsy for what I wanted. TouchStone sounds a bit more romantic.

  6. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    What was the first moment you know you wanted to write?

    +1 Question

    total= 830

    • Hmmm. I don’t know. I mean – I used to do a lot of storytelling as a kid with my toys. So I wasn’t writing, per se…but really, a writer is just a storyteller who puts their stories on paper. So, I guess I’ve always been a storyteller. I never really thought about becoming an author until my early 30s. (Seriously, anyway.)

  7. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    What is the best book you have ever read?

    +1 Question

    total= 831

    • I don’t think I can really pick one. I have many favorites. (I really dig the Kushiel’s Dart books by Jacqueline Carey though.)

      • Wow, I think that is the first time I have seen someone else mention the Kushiel Series. It’s one of my favorites as well, especially the first trilogy. I absolutely love Phedre and Joscelin.

  8. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    What five characters from other authors would you invite to a dinner party?

    +1 Question

    total= 832

  9. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    What five characters from other authors would you NOT want to be trapped in an elevator with?
    Okay, I’ll step back and give others a chance to ask their questions.
    I do so miss these release day parties BBB. More, more, please!
    +1 Question

    total= 833

  10. Cindy B. USA

  11. Do you have any animals/what are they/and their names?
    I love animals and have 5 dogs, 2 cats, 3 grandchildren and 2 more on the way!! LOL
    Lisa D. USA

  12. Hi Allison,

    A. Hmmm…favourite mythological creature: I’m still just a tad more fixated on vampires than anything else in the mythical lexicon.

    Q. What about your favourite mythical creature? What about it interests you most?

    I have a copy of A Brush of Darkness, which is on my TBR pile waiting very impatiently to be read! Great to know there’s another in the series to hand right after I get to it!

    James R

    +2 Q&A
    +1 I tweeted (!/JamesR_InkSkin/status/174556160156909570)
    +25 I RSVP’d
    +1 I tallied

    28 TOTAL

    • Unicorns, of course. I was completely obsessed with them as a kid, so it only made sense for me to put one into the books as well (albeit as a sort of anti-unicorn).

  13. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    Okay, just one more question.
    You woke up this morning and realized you had been reincarnated as a pair of shoes.
    Describe yourself.
    +1 question
    total= 835

  14. Do you ever use current events in your writing? Like the terrible shooting at that school and so far the 2 boys that have died? Or like Columbine?
    I’m sure you would change alot of it but the jest of it.
    Lisa D. USA

    • Honestly? Not really. I write to escape and part of the reason I set everything in a fictional town (and quite a bit of it in Faerie in A Sliver of Shadow) was so I wouldn’t have to.

      That’s not me trying to be callous – but my husband is in law enforcement. I hear about so many awful things on a daily basis that don’t make it to a national level that the idea of writing about them just doesn’t have any appeal at all. (At least in this series. Could be if I write something new that might change.)

  15. Hi Allison,

    I’m super excited about the release of A SLIVER OF SHADOW! I’m hoping that we’ll see more of Melanie’s powers with music; we know her gift can open doors, but is there more her music can accomplish?

    (More in next post, as we’re requested to post questions separately…)

    • Yes! There is a lot more Melanie to come, in this book and the one after this (A Trace of Moonlight). There’s also a chance of a short story about how she got her violin showing up in a forthcoming anthology (though I don’t know for sure.)

      And yes – her music can do a lot more than just open Doors. 😉

  16. Q2: Will we be seeing more of Phin’s inner wisdom (or just more underwear jokes)?

    Questions: +2
    Twitter: +1
    RSVP: +25
    Tally: +1
    Total: +29

    P.S. Did BBB drop B&N as a purchasing place? Too bad! Amazon purchases won’t work on my nook.

    • Yes – we will be seeing both parts of Phin for sure. Advice and…not so nice. LOL

      If you win and the Amazon card doesn’t work for you, I can switch it to a B&N gift card no problem. Nothing has been bought yet, so easy for me to change. 😀

      • I’ve got nothing against amazon — I just don’t buy books there these days. 🙂 I really do need to pick up a copy of Brush of Darkness (since I read it as an e-galley) for a refresher before I pick up the new one!

        And hooray for Phin!

  17. 1. Jen N, U.K.

    Hi Allison, I haven

    • That’s a really, really hard question for me to answer honestly. (Not trying to cop out here, honest.) I mean, Brystion can shape shift into whatever his lover likes best, so it really COULD be anyone.

      Talivar…(we could go obvious with the Orlando Bloom ref, but I think that’s a tad cliche at this point…) That being said, if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them! 😀

  18. Hey I’m Amanda S and I RSVP’d. I ran into the first Abby book thanks to suggested buys on ebooks and I really liked it. I am very excited to read the 2nd one. Will Abby and Brystion work out problems or are you going to expand her love life?

    RSVP +25
    question +1
    tally +1

  19. Also, where do you draw your ideas from? I think it’s interesting to have vampires and werewolves in the same category as fae. I’ve only recently seen that out look in Lost Girl.

  20. I read to escape and I’m very glad you authors can take me away from all of the terrible things happening in the world today. How many more books will be in this series and when is the next one coming out?
    I RSVPed for this event and Briggs event.
    I tweeted at!/purplepoodle58/status/174566338747052032
    I bought books too many books!
    Lisa D. USA
    Total points = 831

    • I’ve been contracted for three so far. The third is called A Trace of Moonlight and should be out October 30, 2012. (So a few months from now, yay!) I’m going to do my best to get this particular story arc wrapped up and then we’ll see if the publisher wants anymore. I’d also really like to do a spin off with a character or two. Melanie, in particular.

  21. Hi Allison! Your books sound really good! I haven’t read them yet but I want to! I love mythical creatures and my favorite has to be a tie between griffons and unicorns 🙂 I was wondering what or who is your main inspiration for writing these stories?
    Questions: +1
    RSVP: +25
    Tally: +1
    Total: +27
    Ashley A from the USA

    • Inspiration comes from everywhere – I draw from things in my life, things I read about, things I want to talk about. I also tend to throw in a lot of pop culture references – music I’m listening to at a given moment or video games I’m playing. 🙂

  22. Peggy Sue Lea Martinez

    Woohoo! Excited to be here! 🙂

    +1 tweet!/bethsflutterby/status/174517630600888323
    +1 tweet!/bethsflutterby/status/174573846731571200
    +25 RSVP’d
    +1 tallying

    +28 total
    Peggy M.

  23. Hi Allison!

    Can’t wait to pick the new book up! Where did you get your inspiration for this story?


    • See my answer above – inspiration pretty much comes from everywhere. 🙂 As far as A Sliver of Shadow goes – it’s just a direct continuation of A Brush of Darkness, albeit 6 months later.

  24. Elaine G-Canada

    I have not read this series yet but have read great reviews for book 1.
    My favourite mythological creature would be dragons

    My question is: What 3 things would Abby never leave the house without?

    +25 RSVP
    +1 question
    +1 tweet!/elaing8/status/174575460662001665
    +1 tally

  25. Rhianna W. (USA)

    Hi Allison! 😀 Congrats on release day!

    I was laying there reading my ARC last night and took a break to check my email and saw my pre-order had already gone through at like 10PM. Gotta love the digital age. I’m not gonna be spoilery for anyone but wow… I’m at 61% and a certain someone sure isn’t around much. Loving Talivar though. Feel like I’m cheating on Ion but like Abby I kinda have a thing for elves. 😛

    But now for some questions… in seperate posts…

    • Abby has seizures but I’m still kind of confused as to whether they’re really a medical thing or if they’re actually being caused by mystical means?

      I’m sure everyone who has them has different experiences (I have two types myself) but something she said confused me. She knows what’s going on around her when hers happen? I’m probably nitpicking but I wanted to know more about it if you can elaborate a little. (I used to PbP a character who experienced complex partials where she saw the future as a way of dealing w/my own so the subject gets me going).

      • Her seizures definitely started out as a medical issue (and for the most part they still are – when they’re not being triggered by something obvious like a spell or whatever, which has happened a few times.)

        As far as her being conscious of them – if they’re medical, then she shouldn’t really be “aware”, you are correct, but given her TouchStone connections, things have gotten a bit muddled as far as that goes. The magic *is* changing things for her a bit. (And now I know who to hit up for research questions. LOL – be careful) 😉

        • 🙂 Anytime! It’s a crappy situation I wound up in and will affect me for the rest of my life so when I was first dealing with it I tried to find others like me but no one cropped up. Then Abby came along so it was kind of cool even if she’s a ficticious character. I felt so bad when [you know what spoiler I’m refering to] happened early on in SoS. Let me tell you… post grand mal… you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck from the muscle spasms. That was an interesting twist for the plot.

          Alright, my tot needs her nap and I want to get SoS finished today so I better run! Congrats again on the release. May you have MANY more! 😀

    • I remember a discussion of BoD’s cover art, that the necklace was something the artist just threw in there but that you’d already been writing about Abby’s mom’s necklace. Did the cover-art influence any changes in the appearance of the necklace or any other details about it?

      • Actually, no. It was always going to be sort of blue in color – stone-wise, so I was pretty fortunate the original artist painted it that way. The only thing the appearance on the BoD cover was make me throw in a reference a little earlier than I would have otherwise. But honestly, it’s worked out really well.

    • Heh, said certain someone will be back in a much larger way in A Trace of Moonlight, no worries. 🙂

    • As usual Phin’s pervy antics have cracked me up so far. His ‘dates’ sound like something no one should ever read but got me wondering if we’ll ever meet any other unicorns in the series…?

    • Okay, last question because I don’t want to be a thread hog (no pun intended)…

      Where’s my Jimmy Squarefoot trading card? 😛

      I just had to tell you how much I’m liking him… course maybe I won’t by the end of the book but at the moment he’s pretty damn cool.

      • Heh – well, I’ll be doing a third set of trading cards for A Trace of Moonlight, so I’ll see what I can come up with. Jimmy Squarefoot is an actual Fae creature of Manx mythology, I believe – you can see a picture of him here –> by Alan Lee of Faeries fame…

        • See, somehow I couldn’t help but picture him in a patchy waistcoat and little hat. Actually, he reminded me of Badger from Firefly for some reason now that I’m really thinking about it. *chin scratch*

          I really should get some faerie research books so I don’t look moronic assuming you (or any other author for that matter) created all of these clever characters. 😉

    • Rhianna W. (USA)

      +25 RSVP’d
      +2 Tweeted (!/RhiReading/status/174570939009343489 &!/RhiReading/status/174584782699761664)
      +400 Purchases (Receipts Emailed!)
      +1 Tally
      Total = 428

  26. Hi Allison:)
    A:I haven’t yet read book 1 in the series but plan to do so soon. My favorite mythical creature is the griffin!
    Q:What characteristics do you feel your heroine/hero must have?
    thanks for chatting with us:D
    +25 rsvp’d
    +2 Q&A
    +1 tweeted:!/BellaFranco/status/174575519717785600
    +1 tally = 29

    • woops, forgot to put name n country:
      Bella F., USA

    • I think the main thing a hero/heroine should have is to be relatable – not in every way, of course, but there has to be *something* that appeals to the reader. A heroine who solves every problem and is perfect (aka Mary Sue) is boring. Give me someone who is flawed and makes mistakes, but isn’t TSTL and learns from the past.

      • I love a good n flawed character:) I know a lot of ppl that don’t though; for me, the darker the better so I can enjoy even the smallest redemptions and appreciate the struggles.

  27. Hi, i just Finished your first book just before the second one came out, after finishing the first one i couldn’t wait for the next one. you have become one if my favorite authors with just one book i cant wait to see what happens next. Happy Release day!
    (I RSVP’D, USA)

  28. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    Any plans or thoughts for a YA series in your future?

    +1 Question

    total= 836

    • Yeah, actually. I have started something new that I originally thought I would aim toward a YA audience, but I’m not sure I’m a YA author. It’s coming out far more gritty than I anticipated. I’m just going to run with it for now and see what happens. 🙂

  29. Lisa R smalltown, USA

    Preference- e book or print? Though I have a Kindle for over a year now and read a lot of ARCs on it, it’s just not as intimate as print. I seem to have a lot harder time getting lost in the story.

    +1 Question

    total= 837

    • I love them both. I have to admit being able to have a Kindle and take a stack of books with me wherever I go has been a miracle – especially on vacations. I often buy both copies of a book (ebook for being impatient – hard copy for my collection, particularly if it’s a favorite author.)

  30. Roni L. (smalltown, USA)

    Hi Abby!

    Hmm…my favorite mythological creature…I’m not sure I could pick just one! Unicorns and dragons remind me of a young girl I used to babysit~we would read Bruce Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles and Jackie French Koller’s The Keepers series, so maybe I’d have to say a tie between those two?

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read this series yet, but they sound fantastic!

    Here’s one question: If you could be any supervillain, who would you be and why?

    RSVP +25
    1 question +1
    tally +1
    26 points (so far…)

  31. Hi Allison,
    I learned about your first book from Mark Henry on Facebook when it came out. I loved Brush of Darkness and of course one of my favorite characters is the naughty unicorn. The Pit is a smelly but wonderful place and I love the music that’s played in the store. You’ve created a fascinating world and I can’t wait to read this next book!

    1. Beth M.-USA, I RSVP’d +25 points
    3. Tweeted this event + 1 Points
    4. Bought a Kindle copy of A Sliver of Shadow from Amazon +500 points
    Purchased Kindle copy of Bloodstone and Cipher and Good for +200
    5. Tallied my own points total +1 point
    Total 727 points

  32. Jessica S. from the USA

    Hey Allison! What made you decide to create Phin the way he is? Did anyone or thing inspire you for his attitude and mannerisms?

    I RSVP’d +25
    Question +1
    Total +1


    • A couple of reasons, I guess. I wanted to make him a bit of an anti-unicorn for the wtf aspect. A lot of his mannerisms were directly inspired by one of my cats (who rolls around in my underwear drawer and humps my clothes. Ewww.)

  33. oop sneaking in for a minute, I did Rsvp. I wish I could have re read the book right before this, so I would have a good question but here goes. What made you want to be a writer? Were you always a big reader? who are some of your favorite authors? Thanks a ton!

    rsvp 25
    26 I guess (the pts thing I find very confusing) :))

    • I’ve always been a huge reader. I used to write in school off and on, but I used to play and tell stories with my stuffed animals when I was really young. (Same answer as up above). So always a story teller, but new to writing, if that makes sense…

      Fav authors…too many – but let’s see. Jacqueline Carey, Diana Gabaldon, Anne Bishop, Lynn Flewelling, Robin Hobb, Kate Elliott, soooo many. LOL

  34. I like the sound of this series!
    My favourite creature is the unicorn.
    25 I RSVPd
    1 answer question
    1 tally

  35. Oh I missed something. Were we supposed to put our favorite mythical creatures? Dragons have been my favorite for a long time but I’m finding werewolves are making a niche in my heart. Also I’m from Georgia, USA.

  36. You’re a new author to me so I can’t answer your questions about the characters, sorry.
    Do you write more now that the weather is getting nicer or when it’s cold and cozy inside? +1

    Tweeted:!/Jovial_1/status/174589787079065601 +1
    RSVP’d +25
    Viki S. USA +1
    Tally +1

    Total = 29 pts

  37. Roni L. (smalltown, USA)

    Okay, second question: If you could be any flavor of popsicle, which flavor would you choose and why?

    27 points (from above-I miscalculated! LOL!)
    +1 for this question

  38. Okay so let me preface this by saying this might sound really weird, possibly slightly insane and I’ll be honest even a little redundant. I actually have had A Brush of Darkness for a while now and it has been screaming at me from the bookshelf for months to read it!

    Like a book version of Little Shop of Horrors.So my plan was to stop reading it and I’d finish when this book came out.

    So now I can read both without waiting! Yays!

    So favorite mythological creature has been werewolves for a while now. But dragons and unicorns are a really close second and third. I mean pervy or not, who doesn’t love a unicorn?!

    Oh and it is so relieving to hear that my cats aren’t the only ones that do weird stuff.

    Is there anything you have to have with you or do before you sit down to write? Any rituals you’ve developed?

    Rae M. USA

    RSVP’d +25
    Bought a whole bunch of crap from Amazon + 700
    Ask Question +1
    Tally Points +1
    Total = 727

    • Hmm, not really? Just a netbook and maybe my iPod are all that’s required. My schedule is pretty hectic so I’ve had to be fairly flexible as far as when/where I get to fit my writing in. I’ve written in the car (not driving!), doctor’s offices, etc. Doesn’t matter.

  39. I am a follower and email subscriber. I have always loved the unicorn or pegasus. I think they are so beautiful. Please enter me in contest. USA

  40. Your books are on my TBR list. 🙂 Oh, and I love the idea of flying horses…any kind of shifter, though wolves are still a big fave with me…dragons…really, just one favorite? That’s too hard, lol.

    Julie T, USA
    answer question +1
    RSVP +25
    tally own +1

    total = 27

  41. Rachel Flesher / Raonaid Luckwell

  42. Hi Allison, I haven’t read A Sliver of Shadow but after reading the blurb for A Brush of Darkness, I’m curious as to what a Touchstone is. Abby’s life sounds so interesting.

    My favorite mythological creature would be vampires. I do like seeing them interact with other creatures as well and seeing how they get or don’t get along.

    My question for you is what paranormal creatures would make an unlikely, yet interesting pairing?

    Na S., Canada

    +25 RSVP
    +1 Asked one question
    +600 Amazon purchases – Email sent
    +1 Tally

    Total: 627 points

  43. I think A Trace of Moonlight is a good title, makes me wonder and want to read the book. Jimmy Squarfoot is a great name, what is your thought process when you title a book or name a character?
    I tweeted at!/purplepoodle58/status/174649635011436544
    Lisa D. USA
    Total points = 833

    • Titles can be tricky – often it’s not entirely up to me. I usually come up with a list of potential suggestions, but in the end it’s up to the publisher to decide. (It could be I have the perfect title…but if the publisher just released one with a similar title, they may not be inclined to use the one I want.)

      Characters are a little different. I just go with what sounds right to me.

  44. Kimberley C. USA

    I loved A Brush of Darkness and can’t wait to read A Sliver of Shadow. This world that your have created facinates me and I hope that this series goes on for a long while. Thank you.

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  45. Hi there! I just bought A brush of Darkness and I’m really looking forward to it. I think they both sound great, I’ll def be moving them up my tbr list quickly!! I haven’t found the first one available in audiobook form, do you know if it will be?

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  46. Do you read comics at all, and if so, which ones?

    Joani S USA

    • sorry, forgot to add on my rsvp points


    • Yes – I actually read more manga these days than comics, but I’m a huge fan of Sandman and the Crow (the big graphics novels, I suppose.) Right now I’m reading the new Dragon Age comic that was just released by Dark Horse.

      (And speaking of graphic novels – I’m actually making my own – online release only right now – a just for fun project which you can find out more about over at 🙂

  47. Elie Z. US
    I am excited to see your series is moving forward. Congrats on your new release and keep up the brilliant writing! Mythologically, I love gargoyles. I think they are mysterious and creepy at the same time.

    Have you considered writing in a different genre?

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  48. I am late to the party, but I do have A Brush of Darkness. It is still sitting on my TBR pile, which is soooo out of control. How can you pass on a story that has a tiny unicorn that lives in an underwear drawer…seriously.

    My favorite magical creature is a dragon.

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  49. MARY P

    I love Angels. The most fascinating of all mythological,creatures I feel.

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  50. I’ve never answered your question. I think mine would be Pegasas. I would catach some rides with him.
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  51. Allison – congrats on the release of your second book! I loved Brush of Darkness (I keep wanting to call it by the original name – lol) and I can’t wait to read this one.

    Happy sales! Enjoy the blog tour.

  52. Hi Allison
    * Have Not read your book yet but I like Dragons the most and werewolves.have been reading a lot of shifters books lately.
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  54. I was lucky enough to have gotten to read A Sliver of Shadow already and let me tell you it is even better than the first and that one blew me away! I couldn’t believe how the story ended and I am seriously having withdrawals already:) No questions from me just want the next book like now!!!

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  55. Hi,

    my favorite creatures are dragons.

    I’d like to ask: what is your favorite fairytale?


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  56. I would like to know: Who or what first got you interested in urban fantasy/paranormal?

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    • I’ve always been a big high fantasy person – but I was reading urban fantasy before they called it that. (Before Buffy came along and changed the definition a bit.) Tanya Huff and Charles de Lint have many stories that would qualify as UF now, but back in the day when I read them,they were listed under the standard fantasy label.

      It wasn’t a big jump to turn my own writing in that direction.

  57. Who is your favorite fantasy/paranormal writer?

    Minna P Finland
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  58. I didn’t get a real clear feel for your target age group. Where do you see yourself fitting it?

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    I look forward to getting to know Abby better. Do you have a favorite place to write?
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  60. I don’t have any questions, but just wanted to congratulate you again on your new release. I am into chapter 5 now and I must say, I am really, really enjoying this book and am happy to hear that A Trace of Moonlight already has a release date! Best wishes for much success with the remainder of this series, and your future publications.

  61. 1. Elaine R, USA

    2. My favorite mythological creature? I don’t really have one, but I would think out of all of them, Unicorns seem like something that could have been in the world. Through time and evolution, the horn had no place, and it gradually disappeared.

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  62. If you haven

    • Ah. I forgot to ask you a question!

      Did you learn anything new about yourself while you were writing the series?

      • Yeah. I ended up working through a lot of personal issues, particularly with the first book. My mother died of cancer about 10 years ago, so by giving Abby a similar circumstance (in that she’s gone) it became part of my own grieving process.

  63. It’s getting close to St Patricks day, do you ever put our holidays in your books,or would you ever even think about doing this?
    I bought some more books.
    Lisa D. USA
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    • Sure. I mentioned Halloween in the first one. (or Samhain, as the OtherFolk would call it – and yes, I realize they’re not quite the same thing, but that was the general idea anyway.)

  64. 1. I am Pamk from the USA and i rsvped +25
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