Author Alicia Sparks Interview

Author Alicia Sparks Interview and $75.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Primitive Fix (Primitive Series - Book 1) by Alicia Sparks

BBB: Tell us 3 things not in your bio we don’t know about you that might make us leery of befriending you. LOL

AS: Hmmm. I can tell you your future, which freaks some people out. When I get really mad, I make light bulbs and electronics explode. I silently correct everyone’s grammar.

BBB: Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

AS: My best ideas come in the shower! I say that my muse must be a water muse even though I am deathly afraid of water.

BBB: Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

AS: If I told you that, I’d have to kill you. Isn’t that the standard answer?

BBB: What actors from the PAST (not living now) would you choose to play some of your characters if Primitive Fix were made into a movie or a TV show?

AS: I would love to see someone like James Dean play Timbre, whose book is coming next. I see Nik as being more of a young Paul Newman.

BBB: How do you keep track of your world building?

AS: I have notebooks, binders and a bulletin board that all help keep me organized.

BBB: Please tell us more about Primitive Fix and the storyline that drives it.

AS: Primitive Fix is a shifter story with two parts. The first part is Kenyon’s story and delves into his relationship with Sage, a shifter in her own right whose family is tied to Kenyon’s. Kenyon’s brother, Nik, has been captured and is part of a roadside attraction, and Kenyon needs Sage’s help in freeing him. Sage agrees to help him this one last time, but swears that after this, she is through with Kenyon forever. Once Nik is freed, his story begins in the second half of the book. Nik is injured and in the swamps of Louisiana and is rescued by Juliette, a woman whose secrets could destroy them both. I live in Louisiana and have always wondered why we are so fascinated with tigers. That fascination led to researching the history of the Louisiana tigers and helped develop the history of the shifter families in the story.

BBB: How many more books there be in this world?

AS: I have about 6 total planned already, but each book introduces new characters, and each of those characters wants his or her story told. It’s an endless thing. So, I see many more stories set in and around Bon Teche.

BBB: Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters lives / lifestyles?

AS: I did a little research into the history of tigers in Louisiana and the biology of tigers and wolves, their mating habits, that kind of thing. I want them to seem somewhat authentic.

BBB: Are you a plotser or a pantser? or a Planster (a combo of both – lol)

AS: A little of both, but for the last several books, I’ve worked from a pretty dedicated outline that takes me through the major plot points.

BBB: What types of creatures can readers expect in your world?

AS: The next book will delve into the world of the wolves a little more. I also plan to have more hybrids that are created with combining animal DNA with human. I don’t want to have a little of everything. I want to stick to just a few different animals. However, I would love to include alligators in this as well, since it is Louisiana.

BBB: Do you ever come up with anything so wild that you scare yourself, that leaves you wondering where that came from?

AS: Every day. I don’t know where my dreams come from, but they are a landscape of bloody, brutal nightmares with wild sex and crazy scenarios. I wake up almost every day wondering what I ate before I went to bed.

BBB: What’s coming up for you in 2014?

AS: Hockey players and zombies, but not in the same book! My next series will be the Soul Bound series, which takes place in New Orleans and explores a world of zombies and soul suckers. In the series, we follow Genesis, who has no soul. She is regularly possessed by the souls of the dead and has to return them to their corpses and bones. When they rise from the grave, a new kind of creature is born. She collides with Cassius, who has a soul but must constantly feed it by sucking out the essence of other humans. When he does this, the remains of the human become zombie like. She also encounters Craven, a man who has a soul and who feeds on fear and pain and who instantly recognizes her for what she is. In the first book, they accidentally unleash the first creature Cass created and must work to figure out what is going on in New Orleans and stop the creatures that are lurking around at night. You will also see Timbre’s book from the Primitive series, and, if everything goes as planned, we will revisit Nik, Kenyon, Sage and Juliette.

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About Alicia Sparks:

Author Alicia Sparks

Author Bio:

“Alicia Sparks is a Southern girl with a flair for all things a little naughty. From writing about sensual ice cream to sexy tigers, her stories all contain a high level of heat, which she blames on her Southern surroundings and her smoking hot husband.

She has been writing for ten years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!”

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  1. Virna, what advice would you give a new author?

    • Where do you get your ideas for your stories?

      • Hi, Debra! So glad you are here! I get my ideas from EVERYTHING and everywhere. I’m a people watcher, and I always wonder what people are doing, where they are from, what their story is. Then I add in a dash of imagination and pretend they are undercover spies or secret vampires. I’m not very grounded in reality.

    • Hi, Kimberly! Great question! I know it sounds cliche and it’s the advice everyone gives, but you have to keep reading and keep writing. Once you are ready to be published, you have to research the market and the publishers and figure out which one is a good fit for you. Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here! I hope you enjoy the prizes and interview. I’ll be in and out all day to chat, answer questions and dish about which Sexy hunks get my motor running!

  3. Hey Alicia!

    Thank you so much for being here today. You must be super excited about your latest release Primitive Fix. Congrats. 🙂

    My question for you is do you like to have music playing to inspire your writing OR do you need absolute silence? If you do listen to music what are some of the things you like?

    • I definitely write to a soundtrack! Each book has its own. I get a song stuck in my head and it has the right mood for a character or a scene, and I listen to it over and over again. I love rock music more than anything else, but some country music has inspired me too. Right now, I’ve got Five Finger Death Punch’s version of House of the Rising Sun on repeat in my car.

      • I just watched the video and listened to that version, it was AWESOME! love it

        • I still haven’t watched the video yet because I have so many story ideas floating around about it. I don’t want to be influenced by what they came up with.

  4. Do you have any OTHER stories planned that aren’t tied to the Primitive Fix world? You said that you had at least 6 planned for this series, but what about other types of stories?

    • I’m a Gemini, so I get bored easily. If I stay in the shifter world for too long, it loses its appeal. So, yes I write lots of other things. I have a book called Penalty Kill that is available now. It’s about a coach for an NHL hockey team. I love hockey. Those guys are “gods among men” in the sports field, and there’s one coach in particular (John Tortorella from the Vancouver Canucks) who caught my eye. I’m also working on kind of a non traditional zombie series. But I have rock stars and tons of other characters floating in my head, all wanting their turn!

  5. We’ll there be more books to come

  6. What is the most challenging type of scene for you to write and how do you tend to get through it?

    • Action/fight scenes are difficult because I’ve never gotten into a fight! It’s hard to figure out where your hands are supposed to be and what goes where. It’s similar to a love scene in that regard I guess.

  7. I love paranormal romance series that have a bigger world arc that ties them together. It sounds like you’ve got some of that going on in the six books you have planned, but you also mentioned the series being open ended. Do you have a long plot arc that the first six books follow?

    • Yes. I have a really long plot that will encompass it all. You will see pieces of it through the books then it will all start to work together. After Timbre’s story, we will get back to Nik and Kenyon and you’ll see the past, how the family came to be. Then we will move forward and you’ll start to see more of the big picture.

  8. Answering Alicia’s questions:
    1) I like stories that focus on main characters who are trying to do the right thing, and who tend to have a high sense of duty — though who or what that duty is toward doesn’t have as big an impact. I struggle with main characters who are rebelling against the expectations set on them for what seems like only selfish motivations; rebellion is fine, but it ought to be for some big picture reason rather than just because the character wants freedom from those expectations!

    2) I think it’d be cool to have coffee with Allie Beckstrom from Devon Monk’s urban fantasy series. And I think I could definitely hang out with Teo from Max Gladstone’s Two Serpents Rise.

    3) I can’t remember ever really crushing on a character from a book — I’m way more excited to see them hook up with the right person in their own fictional world!

  9. Do you enjoy giving interviews?

    • I do but it’s also nerve-wrecking for me. I’m a shy person. Very introverted, so it’s hard to be the center of attention.

  10. Hi Alicia!

    Soul Suckers sounds really interesting!

    What is the most surprising thing you came across in research into the animals for the Primitive Fix world?

    I like heros that are complicated, usually a little bit morally gray, smart, and alpha. Defiantly someone that has some weaknesses because I hate “perfect” characters. Also, someone that is take-charge.

    JZB- that is my #1 book boyfriend- that is the type of hero I love but I am not sure I could deal meeting with him IRL. So I think the person I would want to me is Marius from the Vampire Chronicles (who was my first book boyfriend)

    • My first book boyfriend was Lestat, so you’re in good company!

      I think the most surprising thing was sort of personal. I am terrified of big cats. Like, I can’t even look at pictures of them because I’m so afraid. So I took a trip down to Baton Rouge and stopped at the Tiger Truck Stop, which was the inspiration for the truck stop in Primitive Fix. I had a “moment” with Tony the Tiger there where we just stared at each other. I wasn’t afraid and felt like I kind of understood him more. That really surprised me.

      • What a wonderful moment! Did that help with your overall fear or was that more of a “moment in time” situation? I have to say the big cats fascinate me. I like watching them move- it is just beautiful.

        I am so excited for the Prince Lestat release later this year! I miss those vampires!

        • No. I think it was just an in that moment thing. I’m excited about Prince Lestat too!

          • I am SO excited for this new book too. Have you read the werewolves book?

          • I haven’t read it but probably should. I grew up reading Anne Rice and after Tale of the Body Thief, I sort of moved away from her work. Also, she left The Mummy on a cliffhanger and never finished it!

  11. Emily Kirkpatrick (@emilyk52281)

    Who are some of your favorite authors?

    • I like Sandra Hill and her hot Cajuns and Vikings. When I want to read really dirty stuff, I read Aphrodite Hunt. And of course I love all the authors in the Beau Coup family!

      • Emily Kirkpatrick (@emilyk52281)

        🙂 I’ll have to check out some of her work. I love all the Beau Coup authors too!

    • My favorite thing is plotting a new book. It’s by far the most exciting part of writing!

  12. What do you love most about writing?

    • Oops. I’m on my phone so your reply went to the wrong thread! I love plotting. It’s my favorite part.

  13. I love a good dark mysterious alpha male!

    • I do too but I draw the line at a guy who tells me how to dress and eat like so many of the “billionaires” in those types of stories.

  14. Robert Friedrich

    What was the funniest thing that happened while writing the book?

    • Hi Robert! Nothing especially funny. It’s somewhat embarrassing to go to the sex shop to look at items for “research.” Especially when you ask a ton of questions!

  15. Who’s your favorite author? Do you get all their books asap?

    • Alexandra O’Hurley has a new sports series, Sacking the Quarterback, Catching the Pass. She’s on my must read list! Of course I’m waiting for the new Black Dagger book on Tuesday!

  16. I’m a big hockey buff myself, so I have to ask…if hockey players were shifters, which species do you think would have the most success in the NHL?

    • Bears! LOL! It’s funny you asked me this because I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of NHL/Shifter story. When I was a teenager, I read a story about a Russian Olympic Gymnastics team that was full of vampires. I’ve always thought it would be a cool story. What do you think? Too much?

      • I think it could work! Especially some of the guys who can make plays so quickly, they’ve got to have something else going on there. And then there are the long-suffering defense guys…it would be nice to know that there’s some paranormal ability to help them out.

  17. Congratulations on the publication of Primitive Fix! It sounds fascinating. Who is your favorite shifter in your book and in other paranormal books?

    • My favorite shifter of mine is whichever one I’m working on right now! I really do love them all, and since I’m deep into Timbre’s story right now, I’d have to say him, a wolf shifter. I’ve got more of a soft spot for wolves than other animals, so any wolf is a good one. As for my favorites in other books, the shifters in the Sookie Stackhouse books are pretty hot. I really like Alcide on the tv series True Blood.

  18. Hello! If you could co-write a book with any author, living or dead, who would you pick? Or would you go it alone?

    • Sort of an unconventional answer, but here goes. I’m absolutely in love with Peter Steele from the rock band Type O Negative. His October Rust cd was beautiful and gothically romantic and he’s got the mind of a romance novelist. I had always hoped to write something with him. However, he passed away a few years ago, so that dream is dead. But he’s my choice.

  19. Author questions!

    I like a variety of hero types, so I can’t give a long list of traits, but I consistently want a hero who respects his love interest. If he’s constantly rolling over her wishes and ignoring what she says she wants, I can’t see the attraction at all.

    If I could meet any character, I think I’d choose to meet Cimmerone from Dealing with Dragons. We’d probably sit and trade recipes over tea. She’s always so level-headed, but she can appreciate all the oddities in her world. It would be an amazing conversation.

    And for my book boyfriend, I think I shall go with Mr. Darcy.

    • Great choices! Everyone loves Mr. Darcy! Who would you choose to play him in a movie if you could choose anyone? I really like James Purefoy from The Following tv show for Darcy.

      • I think I’ve seen almost every TV series and movie they’ve made of Pride and Prejudice, and I find that I’ve always been happy with Darcy’s casting. I half think anyone could play him. There’s a part of me that totally wants to say Tom Hiddleston though.

  20. I don’t know – hockey players and zombies together might make one heck of a read ;).

    I like the title and wondered how you chose it? Do you write more when the weather is cold or when it’s hot?

    • 1. I love the tortured alpha male with tons of snarkiness to him.
      2. I’d love to meet Wraith Seminus of Larissa Ione’s Demonica series.
      3. Wraith is my first book boyfriend with Cynthia Eden’s Niol coming in second :).

      • Wraith looks like Peter Steele, who I mentioned in another comment. Tall, big, long dark hair and green eyes, deep, deep voice. Yes. I love him too. I’m a V girl though.

    • I live in Louisiana, so it’s always HOT!!!! I hate the heat, so I do write more when it’s hot because I stay indoors! Also, I have summers off from the day job, so that makes for a good time to write. The title of Primitive Fix has been rolling around in my head for years. People ask if I write to music. I do. There’s a line from a Liz Phair song that says “See me licking my lips/need a primitive fix…” and that really stuck with me. Primitive Fix was originally going to be a panther shifter set in the South American jungle, but I decided to write something closer to home.

  21. I like the guys who are underestimated, but who seem to have a lot going on that no one knows. They end up surprising everybody, and I like to learn how. (Hockey players, musicians, and firemen also appeal to me, for sure!)

    I think Vin Vanbly from Edmond Manning’s Lost and Founds series would be an intriguing guy to meet in real life, if he could open up about his very unusual m.o.

    My #1 book crush is Griff Muir from Damon Suede’s HOT HEAD (a hockey-playing fireman, and his love for his best friend is just…)

    • I’ll have to check that one out!!!! I like tortured heroes, that’s for sure. I think hockey players are typically so private. Even though they date movie stars and supermodels, they stay out of the limelight for some reason. I find that appealing. There’s always something going on that you don’t really know about.

  22. Author questions

    My favorite type of hero is a complex alpha male who has some weakness or tortured past. He gets extra points for a snarky sense of humor.

    I would love to meet Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. She is one great kick ass heroine.

    Even though I have many book boyfriends, my favorite is Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

    • Bonnie- I love a snarky sense of humor! I really liked the Hollows series too. And I haven’t read any of the Dark Hunter series. I know, I should totally be ashamed! I need to add that to my list!

  23. Oh. Em. Gee. Not that I want anyone to leave this site at all, but I just read an article saying that men are putting their junk in a sock and putting pictures on Instagram to support testicular cancer awareness. I’m thinking we should all hop over and give our support then come back here. What do you say? So far my favorite is wearing a fuzzy pink sock…

  24. Tiger shifters ae my favorite shifter group, but I have recently fallen in love with dragon shifters. Havae you considered writing anything with dragon shifters?

  25. how would you describe your writing style (ie: humor, dark, sexy)?

    • in answer to your q’s — I admit I’m a sucker for those tough sexy alpha types ;), can’t think of any character as they’d prob wouldn’t be as fun as they’d seem in between the pages, usually from the current or a recent read 😉

  26. Is poetic a choice? LOL. I don’t really know if I have a particular style. It’s definitely sexy but it’s either fun and flirty or dark depending on the story. There’s always a sexy edge to it though.

  27. Is there a snack you just HAVE TO HAVE while writing?

    • Hi, Rebecca! Tootsie Rolls got me through graduate school! Right now, I opt for healthier snacks, which is no fun at all. I love cherry flavored carbonated water. But I do still need chocolate on a daily basis.

  28. Quick question: After researching tigers in Louisiana, which animal not presently native to the region would you like to see introduced?

    A book girlfriend? Hmm. How about Jessie Shimmer from Lucy A. Snyder’s urban fantasy series.

    • Good question! Hmmm. I am going to have to have a panther at some point but those are native here. I”m thinking about a jackal maybe. My obsession with Ancient Egypt has got to play out some way or another.

  29. This sounds like a good book.
    My question is How do you deal with unruly characters? When they won’t cooperate and don’t do what you expected?

    • I KILL THEM!!! LOL. Usually if they won’t cooperate, I have several more who will. So when one person’s story is falling flat, I just move to another one. I always have anywhere from 3-5 stories going at once, so I just switch when I need to. Right now, I’m working on the next Primitive book, the follow up to Penalty Kill and my zombie series. So I have a lot to do. And I’ve got people constantly whispering their stories in my ears! That’s why I don’t panic when it’s not working out. However, that’s also why Nik’s story wasn’t the next in the Primitive series. He’s REALLY not cooperating!

  30. Here’s a question for you guys…heroines tend to get younger and younger. It seems like we’re back to when the heroine was an innocent 18 year old girl. Does the age of the heroine or hero affect you when you read a book? Or do you just want a good story, no matter the age? I tend to not have the patience for really young characters.

    • I just want a good story. But I will say this, I think the actions need to fit the age of the characters.

    • I want a good book but I don’t want that book to center around a little girl who hasn’t had any life experience. Especially if the hero is in his 30s. If it’s not a YA or NA romance, I need at least 20+.

  31. Alicia, who are your biggest influences when it comes to writing?

    • It’s funny but my biggest influences are not in romance. I love Chuck Palahniuk and Clive Barker. I grew up reading both romance (bodice rippers) and Stephen King, so I have kind of a warped sense of fiction. But I love the styles of Barker and Palahniuk. As far as the classics, the holy trinity of American literature is Poe, Hawthorne and Melville with a dash of Ambrose Bierce as the Devil’s Advocate, so I like things that are dark, psychological and twisted. But I don’t know how much of that comes out in my writing.

  32. Raonaid Luckwell

    Say you were allowed only to give one piece of advice to newbie writers and authors. What advice do you think is the most important to give.

    • Keep Going!!! It’s also the advice I would give to myself from ten years ago. Don’t stop. Keep going. I went without writing a single word for five years. I’ll never get that time back and I truly regret it. So don’t stop.

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        Excellent advice!
        I know the story I am working on right now is ten plus years. I worked on it spordically. Wish I would have stuck with it..but in ending of 2012 and all of 2013 until September I worked on it everyday. But I’m getting back to it.. To finish it.

  33. How much does your personal life influence your writing? Do you ever base characters on people you’ve known in real life or are they 100% from your imagination?

    • It influences a lot! The opening chapter of Penalty Kill is almost exactly what happened to me a few years ago. I wrote the story as therapy to get over losing my job. The characters are usually influenced by people I know. I will have friends or family read my stories and comment on “their” characters or things they said. Nothing is sacred. It will all end up in a book one day!

  34. What actors would you like to see appear in the film adaption on your book?

    • Jason Momoa IS Kenyon! He’s been Kenyon from the start. I would love to see Alex Pettyfer play Timbre and Chris Hemsworth play Nik. For the hockey books, Coach Nick Hartijay (yes I obviously have a thing for the name “NICK.” No I don’t know anyone with that name) is an older guy, so I love Richard Gere for that part. My new guy, Mark May (Sin Bin, coming soon) is Wentworth Miller. I’m just waiting for Hollywood to call me up!

  35. do you think you spend more time in the planning or editing phase?

    • Editing! Plotting is easy. By the time I sit down to plot, I know what’s going on. Editing can be never ending. Every time I read a scene, I find something new that needs to be added or taken out. Then when my editors get a hold of it, I have even more I need to work out. Editing is also by far the most difficult.

  36. Hi Alicia! What a cool cover! Super congrats!

    I enjoyed your interview. It’s funny, I get my best ideas in the shower, too. I think it’s a combination of the water and not having anything to distract me.

    All the best!

    Kathleen Ann Gallagher

  37. Raonaid Luckwell

    What kind of hero really turns you on and makes you want to know more about his story? The really snarky wise-ass kind of hero. Think Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Tony Stark snarky or the broody Vegita from Dragonball Z. Those types are rawr and you know their stark is a cover for something.

    • You’re right about this type of character! Who can resist Tony Stark? He’s awesome. And Vegita is pretty cool too. I’ve always liked the dark, brooding guys too. Love Bruce Wayne.

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        – Large grin – So cool that you know who Vegita is! I never got into Bruce Wayne. He never appealed to me like Vegita did or Tony Stark.

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        Perhaps that is why I like Hijikata (I’m probably misspelling it) from the anime Kahuoki. He is a broody type..

  38. Raonaid Luckwell

    If you could meet any book character in real life, who would it be and why?
    Ooooh mmmaaannnn that is a toughie! There are many characters I would love to meet.

    In the Mercedes Lackey world I would love to meet Vanyel and Tamra. As for the why, Tamra is more bad ass than Xena but there is more to her than what most people would not intially see. She has a snarky and strong wit that I like. Vanyel, well there was something about him that I just liked. The poor man has been through sooo much.

    • Good choices. I used to read a lot of Mercedes Lackey, but I can’t remember any of the books right now! That’s a shame I know!

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        I love Mercedes Lackey. My favorite is her Valdemar world and will read the heck out of them. I got most of the books. Her Jousters is a good series especially if you like dragons.

  39. Raonaid Luckwell

    Who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend? Unfair question! Mm Deveraux Peltier from Kenyon’s Dark Hunter/ Were Hunter series. Criminy Stain from Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud books. Bluebell/Illium from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter. Mitch Foster from Joan Swan’s one series. Daemon from Anne Bishop’s Blood/Black Jewels. And the newest one is Jeremy Rixey from Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink

    • I really asked this question so I could compile a list of books to read. Those all sound like great choices!

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        Criminy Stain puts me in mind of David Bowie’s Jareth (Labyrinth) and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. If you like vampire, parallel universe and steampunk, you’d love Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud books.

        Nalini Singh is pure awesomeness. I love both her Guild Hunter books (which has vampires and angels) and her Psi-changeling books.

        Anne Bishop’s Blood/Black Jewel books are on the dark side but Daemon is all kinds of dark and sexy deliciousness with that added dangerousness that makes him irresistible. The series is not for everyone because there are some touchy matters that can make a person squimish.

        And Laura Kaye’s books, Jeremy is a side character for now but I love the tattoo element

        • I’ll definitely check them out!

          • I just bought Hard as It Gets with my Amazon credit from the settlement. Have you all checked your Amazon accounts today?

          • Raonaid Luckwell

            I prefer paperbacks over ebooks. Yay I have a kindle but I still prefer the actual book in my hand. So I never got any credit back

    • I’m reading Hard Ink now and I love it. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Raonaid Luckwell

        – Grins – Jeremy is just delicious, isn’t he?
        I read HARD AS YOU CAN for a review. How I discovered this series

        • I just want to lick the tattoos right off him! I’m at the part where Nick called in his army buddies. Funny story, my characters in Penalty Kill are Nick and Becca. I have never read these books until now though!

          • Raonaid Luckwell

            No worries, Nic and Becca are common names.
            Oh you have to read the second book HARD AS YOU CAN. There is a scene with Jeremy and Shane about doing having him tattoo him. But the way Shane worded it and Jeremy’s come back. HILARIOUS!

            But yeah Jeremy’s quips and t-shirts..

  40. Hi! 🙂 So, if someone were to ask you to see their future, but it was something you really don’t think they want to hear or should hear (whatever the case might be), do you still tell them – are you supposed to tell them no matter what?


    • your questions –

      1 – kind of hero – I really can’t answer this with details, it just depends on the book. I mean, I sometimes like a hero based on what this author did, but not that author. Some alphas I would love to punch, yet others, whoa baby. I just have no real idea on specifics, just whatever it is that keeps me reading that particular book is what makes me want to know more about him.

      2 – character to meet – okay, so, a tough one… a really tough one…. okay, for an answer, Tyber and Zanita from a two book series that I reread frequently by Dara Joy, High Energy & High Intensity. Not every day a physicist shows up in a romance novel! 🙂

      3 – book boyfriend – this changes ever book! LOL But the answer I usually put is a safe one, because really, how can you beat Mr Darcy? Even before seeing my preferred version of movie, he was pretty darn good in the book too! 🙂


    • Great question! The people I read cards for know that that there’s always a possibility they will hear hear something they they don’t like. I feel obligated to tell them.

  41. Hi Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Love your books and can’t wait to read more!! Ginger

  42. Alicia, how do you decompress after hitting publish?

    • Hi, Kimberly! The good old fashioned way! Sleep! It’s hard to decompress after publishing a book that’s for sure. I frantically check my email until I know it was received then worry some more until I get feedback.

  43. Of all the paranormal creatures what is your favorite and why?

    • I love werewolves. Just a few years ago, I would have said vampires, but vampires are too angsty, too much Brat Prince like Lestat, who I loved when I was 16. Vampires are loners and I like the feeling of being in a pack and belonging to a large family. And I love big, furry guys! That’s the real reason.

  44. I am a native Louisianian. How would you describe Louisiana to someone thinking about visiting for the first time?

    • Hi Kimberly! Sorry I overlooked your question the other day. As you know, Louisiana is unlike any other place. It’s hard to pick one description. I think the best one that comes to mind is magical. Louisiana is magical, whether you are shopping in North Louisiana, at the zoo in Alexandria, visiting historic Natchitoches or steeped in the bayous of the Atchafalaya.

  45. What movies and books (other than your own) coming out in 2014 are you really looking forward to?

    • I’m so behind on books and movies that are coming out! I have a 4 year old, so I don’t get out to the movies much and I don’t follow a lot of the mainstream books. I am more of a tv show person. Love The Walking Dead and Supernatural. I still haven’t seen the final season of Breaking Bad. I’m looking forward to some time where I can sit an enjoy it.

  46. Curiosity…Do you write long hand or use a printer?

    • I compose the first draft on the computer then I print it out and work from that print out, writing in scenes then typing them into the computer. However, if I’m just plotting, I do a lot of long hand work. Right now, I’m just listening to characters in a particular book and jotting down what they are saying longhand so I can go back and make sense of it later.

  47. In planning your story, has anything completely taken you by surprise and changed the story to a different direction?

    • This happens a lot. Mostly I get secondary characters who want to play more of a starring role and I end up with a series. That’s a nice surprise though!

  48. If you could go anywhere in the world for a two week vacation where would you go, and why?

    • Ireland! I’d go there because I’m Irish and have never been and would love to go soak up the local culture and legends so I could come back and write about them!

  49. hi Alicia,

    what do you like to do in your “free” time? 😉

    • Hi, Dina. What’s that? When I get free time, I read and watch shows on Netflix. But everything I do is some form of research. I don’t think I ever really have any down time.

  50. I’d love to know what kind of research you are planning to do with alligators?

    • Hi, Mary. I have a Ph.D. in Folklore and Southern Studies. When I was in grad school, one of the guys I went to school with was an alligator expert. I wrote a novella several years ago called Bayou Gold. It deals with a shapeshifting alligator. I do plan to include more alligators in my future books. I learned about mating habits and lots of other interesting things. The school I attended actually had a swamp in the middle of campus and you could watch the gators sunbathe while you had lunch.

  51. Do you know how many books you plan to write?

    • Hi, Stephanie. I plan to write until I run out of ideas, which I don’t see happening any time soon!

  52. Thank you for the chance to win such a fabulous giveaway!
    This question is for any of the authors.
    Do you have time to read books that are just for your own pleasure or are you too busy writing? If you do have time to read, do you read books just in the genre you write in or do you read a lot of different genres?

    • I love to read! I mostly read in my genre but I also like reading other things too. My biggest influences are writers who are not in my genre. I really need for a book to have some sort of romance for me to fully enjoy it, even though I did enjoy World War Z and The Hunger Games series.

  53. I like heroes that have a tortured past and the heroine rescues them.

  54. Do you do any research when naming your characters, or do you just pick ones that you feel fit?

    • A little of both. If I’m stuck, I’ll do research. I know what I’m looking for. For example, with the hockey books, I want characters whose names represent their nationality, would look good on a hockey jersey and can be changed to a nickname.

  55. Hi there! What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do you listen to them at all? I didn’t see yours available in that format, do you think some of them would do well in audio?

    • Hi, Joani! I’m very thankful for audio books because I taught English for so long that it was nice to have something to let the students listen to as well as read. However, I don’t like audiobooks personally. When I’m in the car, I want music. But I do know that Beau Coup has several things going on in the future, so who knows if I’ll be audible anytime soon!

    • I’m about to call it a night! But I’ll be back tomorrow to check in and chat some more. Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest. I wish you all luck! Please tell your friends!

  56. I think your idea to change up the shifters animals in your story is a good one. Love the panther idea. Have to say the alligator one has me a little stumped. Is it going to be a paranormal, romance, or action style book?

    • It will be romance of some sort. I’m still in the “just thinking about it”stage.

      • Sounds like a challenge for sure. I am willing to bet people would read it just to hear about a new spin on the story tho.

  57. what is your favorite Paranormal movie or TV Show and do they influence your writing?

    • Hi, Stacey. Hands down, it’s Supernatural. I actually got the idea about the soul needing to be cut out of the body from an episode from Season 8, I think, when Dean and his vampire friend escaped purgatory. It was an interesting idea and the Supernatural Verse wasn’t going to do anything else with it. I would love to eventually write one of the novels for the Supernatural series of books. And for the record, I’m a Dean girl.

  58. Answer Authors Questions
    1. I like a alpha that has some history of something in his life that he needs to get over.for he could love the girl and e Sept love for the girl.and he has to be mean to bad guys but gentle with children and animals and of course woman.
    2.Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon is my top book boy friend.
    3.Acheron is my mane book boy friend but have a different book boy friend for each book I read.I like to live in each book as I read them.

  59. What was the first book that you really loved?

    • Hi, Dovile. The first book I read and loved was Gone with the Wind. I was probably 13. I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on with it and a skipped all the war descriptions, but I’ll never forget how strong Scarlett was.

  60. The hero that makes me interested the most is dark, mysterious and tragic or at least with some problems.

    I’d like to meet Gandalf, he’s awesome:)

    My book boyfriend is Adrian from Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series.

  61. Which part of the writing process makes you the most nervous/anxious?

    • Hi, Dawn. Waiting for my sales report is nerve-wrecking. Did it sale? Do people like it? Am I doing this all wrong? It’s by far the worst!

  62. Hi Alicia!

    I love your books and am always looking forward to the next ones! Do you ever put any of your friends or family in your books? If so do you tell them?


    • Hi Norma! Thank you so much! It really means a lot that you enjoy the books. I do put friends and family in the books. I always tell them. However the characters usually focus on one aspect of their personality and make it really dominant.

  63. Is there any genre of book that you’d like to write but haven’t yet and if so what type was it.

    • Hi, Pam! I would love to write historical. I’m obsessed with the concept of the “dark Lord” who lives in the big, scary castle and who is scarred from some horrible injury. But I haven’t been able to do the research yet. I want it to be authentic! Thanks for the question!

  64. 1. Love heros that sexy, smart, strong, protective, and loving
    2.I’d love to met Brianna from Judy Mays Celestial season cause if I can’t be her I want to be her bestie
    3. Ban from Judy Mays Celestial seasons. He don’t have a girl yet so he’s all mine. If you want to know why go ahead read this series and you’ll see.

  65. The kind of hero that turns me on is tall dark and troubled.
    Question for you is : When did you start writing and what was your first writing about?
    In real life I’like to meet a cowboy from the books of Diana Palmer. I love them all but one.

    • I’ve always written little things here and there but about 12 years ago, I decided to write a book. It was steeped in Ancient Egyptian lore and was God awful. I had seen the Mummy movies way too many times and Oded Fehr was the model for my hero.

  66. Do you have a favourite genre to read?

    • Hi, Cheryl! I like almost any romance as long as it’s spicy. I really enjoy paranormal and historical.

  67. Howdy! Have you ever written a character and had to go back through and change some things because the character changes the more you write? I hope that makes sense!

    • Hi Sarah! Yes I have to do this all the time! In almost every book, the characters go through things that make me have to make a lot of changes. My upcoming book Soulbound: The Fallen went through three complete drafts before I settled Gen’s character.

  68. Do your character story lines come easily to you or do you have to work to discover your vision for where they end up? What is the most difficult character you have ever written?

    • Hi Carly. Thanks for the question. It’s difficult because I usually see the whole story in one picture so it’s hard to get it to that place and separate the chapters. My most difficult character so far has been Nik from Primitive Fix. He’s getting his own book but doesn’t want to cooperate!

  69. 1) A strong but sensitive shifter who loves with his whole heart. Muscles on the outside and marshmallow on the inside make me melt every time!

    2) I would want to meet Finn from The Real Finn by Hollis Shiloh. He is an abuse survivor who overcame horrible circumstances and learned to accept himself as he is and learned to trust in love.

    3) Oh wow, my current book boyfriend would be Suriel from Angel’s Power (Angel Shifters #2)
    by Erin M. Leaf. Yumm! This of course changes weekly, dependent on what shifter book I’m in love with reading at the time! 😉

  70. What books releasing in 2014 are you most looking forward to reading, Alicia?

  71. Questions from Virna:
    What do you think are the most important assets for heroes and heroines?
    Loyalty, honesty, integrity, a solid core value system – even if I don’t necessarily agree with them all.

    What was the first paranormal romance you read?
    Gosh um… the first that I can remember as an adult was Laurell K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures.

  72. Crud – posted on the wrong thread – please disregard!

  73. Questions from Alicia:

    What kind of hero really turns you on and makes you want to know more about his story?
    Strength gained by survival. It changes a bit though based on whatever I am reading at the time.

    If you could meet any book character in real life, who would it be and why?
    Wow, I think that is hard. Ummmm… Ok, maybe too hard, I am having a hard time even narrowing it down!

    Who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend?
    This week? Roarke, or maybe Asa from VVInn, or possibly all of Merry Gentry’s bfs…

  74. Love the interview, what do you think about a character like Steve McQueen?
    Love shifters and alpha males and can´t wait for my chance to read yours! =)
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!

  75. What kind of hero really turns you on and makes you want to know more about his story?
    any of the tortured hero as they have some awesome backstory

    If you could meet any book character in real life, who would it be and why?
    any main character of Dakota Cassidy as they are all funny as hell

    Who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend?
    JD Robb’s Roark

  76. What is the first novel you remember reading?

  77. What is your favorite sci-fi movie? I find I am drawn to some of the B rated movies or just the older movies where you can see the special effects include just some guy in a wet suit. 🙂

  78. Hi Alicia –
    Do you keep a ‘book bible’ for each of your books/series (aka ‘style guide’), in order to keep track of each character’s description and traits to keep everything consistent? Assuming you do, do you hand write this or put it on the computer? If you use the computer, do you use an app or program or use your own set-up?