Tangled Souls by Sherry Hall Mauro

“I hate that there’s evil, and that I was chose to fight it, but because I am the thirteenth daughter born into the Devour family—it is my destiny…and my curse. I wish I hadn’t been chosen. But this isn’t about wishes. This is about choices. And I’ve made the choice to stay and fight.

I am a demon hunter. I am an angelic warrior. I am the thirteenth daughter.”
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Masquerade by Melissa de La Cruz

Masquerade picks up right where Blue Bloods  left us. Schuyler Van Alen’s grandmother, Cordelia is gone as a result of an attack by a Silver Blood, vampires that feed on other vampires. Her final words to Schuyler instruct her to find her Grandfather as only he can help her stop the Silver Bloods. So, Schuyler and her best friend Oliver travel to Venice to try and track down her Grandfather who has not been seen for many years. She does find him but he does not seem to be the man that she was led to believe he is and Schuyler and Oliver returned to New York with their hopes dashed.

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Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Mimi and Jack Force rule at Duchesne, a prestigious private school in New York City. The twins, with their good looks, intelligence and ability to succeed in anything that they try, are worshipped by the rest of the student body. What Mimi wants, Mimi gets and that includes her brother’s undivided attention. There is nothing that can get in the way of these powerful siblings. Or is there?

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Ancient Inheritance by Rita Vetere

Catherine has been lucky in life. She has always had her Grandfather there for her, and always known love. She has always had a good sense of right and wrong, good and evil. Listening to what her Grandpa calls her guardian angel’s voice, that inner voice that gives advice, she has done well in life. But when the voice goes silent- what is she supposed to do?
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Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles

Sheriff Sam Sheridan takes his job seriously. The town’s safety is his responsibility, and now that hell has arrived, he’ll do anything to keep the darkness from taking over the citizens. He also must fight the darkness seeping into his soul. A vampire bit him while on a mission, and the infection carries a cold darkness he can feel clear to his soul.

Emerald Linton carries a secret: she’s part angel. She can feel the darkness in Sam, just as he can feel the heat of her angelic powers. Emerald lost her husband to a vampire bite years before. She watched him succumb to the darkness, watched as the evil became a part of him – and she wasn’t able to save him.

As Sam fights the evil and Esmerald’s attempts to help him, the town of Twilight is besieged by evil. The two, along with their powerful friends, must find a way to take down a terrible force of Red Demons while maintaining the safety of Twilight’s citizens. But can Emerald save Sam before the evil takes over his soul, or will he sacrifice himself to save the one woman who’s given him Heaven?

Kiss of Darkness was excellent. I felt as though I were getting two books in one. The details, the heartache and the emotion given to the characters only enhanced a finely crafted masterpiece. I didn’t think the writing could get better after I read book one in the series Touch a Dark Wolf, yet it did. Jennifer St. Giles packs an emotional punch that will take your breath away.

I found myself captivated until the very last page. I wanted to cry with these characters, laugh with them and share their hot chocolate (you’ll have to read the book to understand the hot chocolate reference). Fans of Jennifer St. Giles better buckle up and grab onto the dashboard…this book is going to take you on one hell of a ride.

Book Stats:

  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket (March 31, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416563393
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416563396

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Books in the Shadowmen series in the order they should be read:
Touch a Dark Wolf
The Lure of the Wolf
Kiss of Darkness
Bride of the Wolf

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Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowen

Sometimes you finish a good, close it with a smile, and nod. “That was good,” you say, and put it in the pile of paperbacks that you’ll keep to read again down the road and not donate to the local thrift shop.

Then sometimes you finish and say, “Why the hell didn’t this hit the bestseller lists?”

In the case of Angel with Attitude, it’s a question I’m not sure I can answer. Honestly, I’m left trying to figure that one out.

On the other hand it’s a book I had trouble finishing. Why? Because it’s good. Damned good. With a great line-up of characters like AwA has, it’s hard saying goodbye at the end of the book.

Anyway, one of the first things to mention — wow. Just wow. Michelle Rowen (though I’d never doubted before) can write… emotion. And not just love, lust as so many romance authors seem limited to. You’re so very aware of everything Rowen’s perky fallen angel, Valerie, feels — her pain, fear, desolation.

It must go with her overall power of descriptions — Rowen has fantastic settings. “Unpredictable” is such an underrated plus in the swarming paranormal/fantasy genres so popular now, where everything seems to tend towards variation off the medieval. After all, who’d have thought that Dante’s famed Underworld looks like… well… now… I can’t tell you that, now can I?

They are multidimensional. They are compelling. They are enticing and sexy. And at times, they’re sometimes rats. (Literally.) They are the cast of Angel With Attitude.

Yowza, Rowen, They are good. The central pair is… captivating. “Incandescent” also comes to mind. The side characters rock — and even they’re never quite what they seem. I won’t say anything so obvious as “Nathaniel is hot”, however. Hello — demon! It goes along with hailing from the land of hellfire and brimstone, eh?

And as refreshingly complex and enjoyable as Angel’s plot runs, there’s always the one-line, glib remark from our heroine, or well-placed reference to pop culture that keeps it rooted to reality throughout.

And yes, once I willed myself to actually quit procrastinating (and rereading the rest of the book) and read it, I loved the ending. Kudos to the author of this — well, it ain’t fanged… but… it’s still a fabulous book.

Book Stats:

  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (July 1, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0446616990
  • ISBN-13: 978-0446616997

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A Witch’s Beauty by Joey W. Hill

None of the other angels really knew why the Lady chose to make David an angel. He was only a child after all, a child who had seen and suffered much horror in his young life. Despite that he was made into an angel who now protects those in the world from Dark Ones and the terror and nightmares they bring with them. Even though he is but an infant in comparison to other angels who have lived for over a millennium, David still uses his connection with his own humanity to serve the Lady in a way that no other angel can.

Mina is a sea witch but looking at her is like looking at two different sides of a coin. On one side her body is perfection itself and on the other side, scars and wounds deform her body. She is half mermaid and half Dark One. Every Dark Spawn born has been overcome by evil during childhood. Every one. Except her… so far at least.

Needless to say her Dark One blood makes other angels react to her as if she too were the enemy. Almost everyone in her life has treated her as if she were a waste of good oxygen. Yet the Prime Legion Commander keeps sending angel after angel to protect her (or so they say) after she had not only saved his life but protected his mate too. Stupid angels. She had no choice. She was forced to help! Why can’t they just leave her alone? She IS evil! She carries the blood of the evil ones inside her. She fights the darkness that tries to overcome her everyday, it must only be a matter of time before she too succumbs and joins the Dark Ones.

David, stupid David, he actually asked to be the one, the ONLY one to guard her. Does he not know she has no fear of the Dark Ones just as she has no fear of angels? He is the only one not safe around her. Yet David is the only angel who thinks she not only has good in her but IS “good”. What does he know? Although, he sees her without her scars, he talks to her as if she were not Dark Spawn. The way he makes her feel or the way he makes her want to feel, will do neither of them any good when his commander tells him to end her life because she is evil, after all.

The Dark Ones are up to something again, and Mina is the key. It is just so very easy to be overcome with evil and the Dark Ones tell her that in her nightmares. Only David seems to have a way of helping her balance the light and the dark in her to find perfect symmetry. But how long with that last? Will she fall to the urge and calling of her Dark One blood and destroy him?

I was impressed with Ms. Hill’s first book in this series, A Mermaid’s Kiss. So now let me put it plainly how I feel about A Witch’s Beauty in the most simplest terms. I LOVED It! A Witch’s Beauty has all the elements A Mermaid’s Kiss did and much, much more. Romance, horror, comedy, tragedy, and action, it is all woven wonderfully into this tale of a sea witch and her guardian angel.

Book Stats:

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley Trade (January 6, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425225674
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425225677

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Books in the series in the order they should be read:
A Mermaid’s Kiss
A Witch’s Beauty

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A Mermaid’s Kiss by Joey W. Hill

Can angels in all their glory lose hope? Or the will to live on? Jonah is the Prime Legion Commander and whenever the Dark Ones try to attack, he and his men are the first to defend the world. But immortal does not mean invulnerable to pain. Immortal does not mean one cannot be killed. And after fighting so hard and for so long, only to see so many of his brethren die, Jonah lost the desire to keep on fighting. Noticing his moment of weakness, a Dark One cuts off one of his wings, and Jonah falls from the sky and into the sea awaiting the bliss of oblivion only to wake from unconsciousness in the arms of a young mermaid.

There are many men that walk the land and many mermaids and mermen who swim in the ocean but there is only one like Anna. Born in a cursed line of mermaids, different from anyone else, Anna leads a lonely life. Yet even still, Anna does not stop hoping for a better future. Even when she finds a hurt angel demanding that he be left to die, Anna cannot find it in her heart to let that happen. Somehow she feels that it is her fate to return his lost hope to him and heal not only his injured wing but also his injured heart.

Of course it is always easier said than done. The Dark Ones have not ceased in their chase for Jonah. Dark Ones and angels are preparing for the biggest battle yet and Jonah is the key. For what is the best way to hurt an angel? To destroy his heart and end his existence? Or take his heart and keep it under their control?

Who knew an angel seeks answers like every human in the world? And who knew the faith and courage of one little mermaid has the potential to change the entire world?

A Mermaid’s Kiss is truly awe-inspiring. Blood and sacrifice, love and faith, courage and hope. It is all in this story. The only complaint I could possibly have is that there was a lot of sex, which in reality is not a bad thing. The references to the realms of heaven and hell as well as the deities could have also been a bit more simplified for the reader but on the other hand when is it ever simple. This is still a wonderful read that simply will draw you into the pages that shows a very human side to an ethereal being and an angelic quality from a mere mortal.

Book Stats:

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley Trade (November 4, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425223809
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425223802

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Books in the series in the order they should be read:
A Mermaid’s Kiss
A Witch’s Beauty

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City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra ClareWhen Clary Fray sees three teenagers with strange tattoos and weapons kill a blue haired boy at her favorite club, she can’t believe her eyes. For that matter, neither can the three teens, because Clary is what they call a ‘mundane’ and should not be able to see them. The following day, her life is altered forever when her mother disappears after telling Clary not to come home, and she is taken to the Institute by Jace, one of the three teens from the night before.

She is soon drawn into a world of Shadowhunters (Nephilim), Downworlders and demons. Valentine, insane leader of The Circle and ex-Shadowhunter bent on ‘cleansing the world’ of all things remotely demon, including the product of demon ‘viruses’ (also known as vampires, faeries, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures), is trying to find the Mortal Cup (pretty much the Holy Grail of the Nephilim, renowned for it’s ability to turn children into Shadowhunters) and has kidnapped Clary‘s mom because he is sure she knows where the cup is. In this spunky tale, Clary must remember past lessons, hunt new enemies, save Simon (best friend nerdy type) and be saved by him, and find the Mortal Cup in an attempt to rescue her mother from Valentine’s clutches.

This story seems mostly cobbled together from several sources (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Buffy, etc.) and easy to research Angelology and Demonology. Even though it was not the most original story I have ever read, I did enjoy it. The plot is transparent, the characters not incredibly deep and the descriptive writing a bit flat in some places. However, if you’re looking for a fun book that isn’t a brain twister to pass the time, City of Bones is the book for you.

Book Stats:

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry (March 27, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416914285
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416914280

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Books in the Mortal Instruments series in the order they should be read:
City of Bones
City of Ashes City of Glass City of Fallen Angels City of Lost Souls City of Heavenly Fire