2009 Favorite Paranormal Fiction Author of the Year – Round 4

Please note this round of the poll and comments are now closed! Please join us for the final round here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=12281

Congratulations to Stephenie Meyer and Michelle Rowen in taking the top two spots and moving into the 2009 FPAY finals (round 5)!

NOTE: If anybody has a contact for Stephenie Meyer please have her email me at: racoo.smith @ gmail. com OR just let her know she won round 3 and is moving to the finals! πŸ™‚

Since October is the celebration of our My Bloody Vampire – 31 Days of Dark Delights Event we thought this would be a GREAT time of year to pick the 2009 Bitten by Books readers choice favorite author of the year! So, with that in mind from now through the end of October each week we will offer up 20 authors for you to choose from. You can choose up to 2 of your favorite authors each week. Once we have the finalists from the first 4 weeks, they will be entered into the last poll for the ultimate nomination of Favorite Paranormal Author of the Year Award! The 2009 FPAY winner will receive a $50.00 Gift Card to the online store of their choice and some serious love amongst other things. πŸ˜‰

This is your LAST CHANCE to get your authors into the final. This is the official POLL post for round 4. Polling runs through Sunday 10/25/09 at or around 10:00 pm CDT (since I got started late today). You can come here to tell us who you voted for and who you want to win in the final next week.Β  You must speak out and rally your friends and fans to get your authors voted into the top 2 spots. For the final round next week. And of course you can comment as MUCH as you like. We want to hear from AUTHORS AND READERS alike! Remember to VOTE over on the right hand side of the site. Choose wisely you only get two votes on the actual poll this week.

Additionally, when the vote totals reach 2500 this week, we will be picking ONE winner at random from the comments to receive a Bag o’ Author Swag from our prize Goddess. Could be books, bookmarks, pens, posters whatever her heart desires. No two bags are the same. So, spread the word and get your friends to vote too!

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Recap of week’s 1-3 Winners going into the final so far are:

Week 1: Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris

Week 2: Richelle Mead and Karen Marie Moning

Week 3: Stephenie Meyer and Michelle Rowen

Please note this round of the poll and comments are now closed! Please join us for the final round here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=12281 Congratulations to Stephenie Meyer and Michelle Rowen in taking the top two spots and moving into the 2009 FPAY finals (round 5)! NOTE: If anybody has a contact for Stephenie Meyer please have her …

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  1. Got my votes in:-)

  2. oh ouch…just 2 huh?….this is going to require some thought….or picking names out of a hat….. πŸ˜€

  3. I voted…although I’m sorely disappointed that Anne Rice didn’t make it to the 4th round. =o(

  4. Tanya Huff and Lori Handeland.

  5. Wow! I am among some awesome company. Big thanks to the readers who nominated me. I’m very honored!

  6. anya bast ad lori handeland i love ther work

  7. It’s hard to choose just two but…Michele Bardsley and Anya Bast got my vote

  8. voted….
    even if i didn’t see I could vote for more than an author, so I voted only for 1..

  9. just voted Maggie Stiefvater & Maria V. Snyder!
    I ? Shiver & cant wait for Linger; Storm Glass &Sea Glass rawk!
    but dang,final voting is gonna be sooo tough cuz I voted Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris,and my gal Richelle Mead in the previous rounds

  10. Hard to choose just two, but guess I’ll have to.

  11. This was a tough one since I read most of the Authors up there.

  12. Eenie, meeny, miney mo…

  13. done. Hard choice.

  14. A little easier this time around since only 2 of my authors were in this round! Go Maria V. Snyder and Jeanne Stein! Yea! Vampires and magicians what could be better? πŸ™‚

  15. I voted for Jeanne C. Stein & Maggie Stiefvater

  16. I voted for Anya Bast and Lori Handeland.
    It’s hard picking two.
    Carol L.

  17. Voted, some great authors up there! That was difficult.

  18. I voted! Love Michele and Jeri!!!

  19. I voted. Good luck to all! It was hard to choose just one!

  20. I voted for Michelle and Candace — since I have read every word they have written.

  21. Holy cow! Could the competition be any more wonderful? Look at all those great authors. I appreciate those of you who gave me one of your votes. I know how tough it is. I heart you all!!!!

    -Candace Havens

  22. I voted for Jeri and Candace–not just great writers, but all around wonderful ladies!!!

  23. Go Angie!!! She made it. So of course I voted for Angie Fox and then Jeri Smith-Ready

  24. I voted!

  25. Ouch! That was hard. I got my votes in.

    Thanks Fallon H.

  26. Candace Havens and L.A. Banks

  27. Earlene Gillespie

    How can we pick just 2 of these great authors? I have at least 9 that are auto buys for me. Oh well the sacrifices we must make. LOL All of these author’s are great writers and to bad they can’t all win.

  28. Tanya Huff introduced me to good urban fantasy and she hasn’t let me down since. Not on the fantasy side either. She rocks!

    And so does Kat Richardson. Love her writing.

  29. It’s hard to only pick two. My favorite authors list is VERY long!

  30. This is getting tougher with each round!

  31. Tough choices! I decided to go with Jeri Smith-Ready (who is running a super-cool contest of her own this month) because I think her WVMP series is so much fun, and Maggie Stiefvater, whose Shiver blew me away.

  32. Voted for candace and maggie

  33. Ok, I voted, but these were some tough choices!

  34. It’s really hard to pick just two, I love so many authors.

  35. I voted for Maria V. Snyder and Angela Knight. Tough picks this week, well every week actually…

  36. I voted for Angie Fox (because I’m biased) and Michele Bardsley because she’s the only author that’s ever made me snort milk out my nose.

  37. Wow. I haven’t read many of these authors in this list. πŸ™

    I voted for Anya Bast, which writes a hellava good witch series. πŸ™‚ And Maggie Stiefvater, whos Shiver was very well done for YA paranormal romance.

  38. Had to vote for my girls Jeri and Angie

  39. LOL, Angie! I’m a happy author if I can make at least one reader do that per book. *G*

  40. Had to vote for my girl Candace Havens. She can tell one heck of a story. Never heard of any of the others on the list.

  41. HELL YEAH! i voted for my favourite authors, Jeri Smith Ready and Maggie Stiefvater! woooooot! thank you for adding them this time round! πŸ™‚

  42. First & foremost had to go with Jeri Smith-Ready who’s just an all-round great lady as well as a wonderful writer. I’m honestly quite new to the paranormal genre of sorts (thanks to my daughter & Stephenie Meyer) so I was going through each of the authors and checking out their sites to see what they were all about and I had accidentally hit one and poof I had voted my 2 without knowing who the second one was! lol
    so thank you BittenByBooks for the list of authors to check out… I may have found quite a few new reads to check out soon..

  43. I voted for Jeri Smith-Ready and Maria V. Snyder, though if you ask me, Maria’s books are straight up fantasy, not paranormal.

  44. I voted for Michele Bardsley, but it was tough since there are so many good authors listed.


  45. Me too, Michelle. I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking Diet Coke.

  46. Tanya Huff all the way! Would have given her two votes if I could. Very VERY surprised not to find Rachel Caine here as well.

  47. Michele Beardsley and Maggie Shayne are two of the best Paranormal authors on this list.
    Maggie has been on my keeper shelf for years. I love her tortured heros. They are bad boys/girls that fall in love with good girls/boys. The ensuingcourtship is usually a riot.

    Michele is a fairly new addition (1.5 years)to my keeper shelf but I love her stories. Her character’s lives are the lives of ordinary, everyday people. She can make me laugh until I cry or have a tinkle accident…LOL.

  48. I can’t find the list of authors some of you have mentioned. Help!

  49. Voted Angie and Maria.

  50. Not sure if she’s on the list but my current favorite author is Claire Delacroix with the Eyes of the Republic Series, Fallen and Guardian are page turners!

  51. Found the list and voted.

  52. Woo hoo! Rob Thurman and Tanya Huff!

  53. I voted Angie Fox & Jeri Smith-Ready!!!

    It was a tough choice! SO many great paranormal writers!!! πŸ™‚


  54. I voted for Shelley Laurenston and Angela Knight.

  55. Ouch only two *pout*
    Go Jeri and Angie

  56. Mmmman! Tough choices but I have to vote for my gal Angie Fox (gotta love those Biker Witches) and Lori Handeland

  57. That was hard. I love all the authors but I finally went with Michele Bardsley and Kat Richardson

  58. kat richardson (love love harper blaine)and jeanne c stein

  59. It was hard!! and I thought last week’s pole was tough.
    Angela Knight and Maggie Shayne got my votes. I so wanted to pick more πŸ™

  60. congrats to round 3 winners!

  61. The finals are going to be so tough! There are so many good authors!

  62. voted this was a hard one not familiar with alot of contestants this time around

  63. This week I voted for Angie Fox and Maria V. Snyder! But overall next week, I think I’ll have to vote for Richelle Mead!

  64. I’d go for Lora Leigh and Lara Adrian!

  65. I voted! I heard about the contest during the PC Cast interview event!

    Christina K.

  66. All Done. Voted πŸ™‚

  67. Richelle Mead and Stephanie Meyer

  68. Richelle Mead! Richelle Mead!!!! wooh!

  69. I appreciate all the love. And I know all the authors appreciate you voting and commenting. So, thanks!

  70. That was difficult, only 2 votes…My votes went to Michele Bardsley and Lori Handeland.

  71. This is a really hard choice but Michele and Candance won out.

  72. Lots of love goes out to Maria and Anya. Your books are yummy!!!

  73. Voted, It has been kinda tough each vote. But This week Michele and Candance won out for me too. Love you guys. Good Luck

  74. Wow! What a terrific slate of authors. It was hard to pick just two.

  75. so, this week I voted for Angie Fox and Candace Havens!

    Congrats to Michelle and Stephanie!!! ( I voted for Michelle, so really pleased she got through, love her Immortality Bites series)

  76. Liu and Thurman, no doubt!

  77. Michele Bardsley was an easy pick, my second was a little harder. Congrats to all in the running.

  78. I am just in debt to all of these great writers. They help to keep some sanity and good humor in a tough world. Keep it up!

  79. Little bit easier this week as only knew a few of the authors πŸ™‚

  80. i heard from this poll from the interview w/ p.c cast

    http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=12060#comment-97602 <-here

  81. You don’t make it easy for us you know! I needed 4 or 5 more slots to vote!

  82. sorry I lied I needed 9 slots to vote yep I read 9 of those Authors!

  83. I’ve voted. It was a tough decision, but I settled on one of my favorites, Michele Bardsley, and an author I just finished reading, Shelly Laurenston.

  84. Voted, but so very difficult to choose from among some of my favorite authors and people.

  85. Voted for my favorite but honestly was so hard to chose just two but sigh I did!

  86. Tanya Huff is awesome. The Enchantment Emporium is as wonderful as the Keeper books and the Blood Books are fantastic (Yay, Henry, Vicki and Mike!).

  87. I voted for Michele Bardsley!! Good Luck Michele!

  88. I got my votes in, but it’s so hard to choose.

  89. VOTED!!! But it was very hard to choose…

  90. I voted for michele Bardsley and Angela Knight. Go guys go!!!

  91. Michele Bardsley got my vote. Thanks

  92. I adore Tanya Huff’s novels, thank you so much for including her.

  93. Hard to choose, but Michele Bardsley and Angela Knight are both excellent authors.

  94. Sorry to see Anne Rice didn’t get it. New authors are great but you have to love the classic authors. I’m definitely going with Tanya Huff this time.

  95. I voted for Shelly and Kat. Wow this poll is giving me tons of new books for my TBR pile!

  96. Wow! such an awesome selection to choose from!! Michelle Bardsley and Nina Bangs.

  97. Jeri Smith-Ready! Her vampires ROCK! Literally. πŸ˜‰

  98. I voted for Tanya Huff … sadly I didn’t recognize any of the other authors, but I’ve been a fan of hers for many many years πŸ™‚

  99. Had to go with Maria V. Snyder and Anya Bast!
    They’re not doing so well, but I’m rallying troops for them!

  100. I voted for Michele Bardsley – I love her books so much that I’m one of her Supreme Minions…

  101. I voted for Shelly Laurenston and Christine Warren…..I wanted to vote for 5. Next time can’t we number them in order of preference.

  102. Angela Knight and Maggie Shayne all the way! They’re such funny writers, lol

  103. Go, Michele and Marjorie — WOOT!

  104. Definitely Jeri Smith-Ready and Maria V. Snyder!! Though, I’m not sure I’d categorise Snyder as paranormal…

  105. Voted! Awesome poll. πŸ™‚

  106. I voted. It was hard to pick just 2.

  107. I voted. Great Poll!

    I heard about this poll from the interview and contest w/ p.c cast


  108. It was a difficult choice, a lot of great authors – but I picked Nina Bangs and Jeri Smith-Ready.

  109. I voted for Michele Bardsley and Nina Bangs

  110. they’re all awesome authors… hard choice.. but does any1 know wen midnight sun comes out?

  111. Damn..that was hard.
    Heard about poll from BBB newsletter and I’ve voted in each round!

  112. I was delighted to find Tanya Huff on the poll. I adore and consume everything she’s written. Congratulations to Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris whose work I also enjoy.

    But where are Kelley Armstrong? Yasmine Galenorn? Brilliant and delicious series from both.

    I don’t think Anne Rice’s work qualifies as cross-genre as there is no real romance with her paranormal. But I’m astonished not to see Laurell K Hamilton among the choices. She (and Huff) pioneered the new genre. Certainly her commercial success is what made opportunities (and series) possible. Was there a decision to exclude Hamilton because of explicit erotic content? Or was it just an idiosyncracy of the nomination process?

    –G.L. Morrison (writer/reviewer)

  113. This is the first time I made it into BBB for October! Missed out on voting for my fave authors! *sad*

  114. This one was so much easier. I voted for Candice Havens and Michelle Bardsley.

    I ordered a while back from the cafe. Love your site.

  115. This round I voted for Rob Thurman and Jeanne Stein!

  116. I picked Nina Bangs and Shelly Laurenston. They are both so funny and great paranormal authors.

  117. I voted for Angie Fox and Maggie Stiefvater.

  118. wow.. I will kinda be glad when the voting is over.. I hate picking just 2 each week. Feel bad I can’t pick a bunch of authors I really like. πŸ™
    sigh.. but I did it.. only 2

    g.L. Morrison.. this is the 4th set of authors..at least 3 of the ones you mentioned were in previous weeks..they didn’t make the cut for top 2 of that week. new set each week. then finals.

  119. Voted Maria V. Snyder and Anya Bast.

  120. Tough decision. Only 2 is so hard to choose from. I ended up with Michelle Bardsley and Jeri Smith-Ready.

  121. Voted. Tough choice.

  122. Gosh that was difficult! I voted for Jeri Smith Ready & Maria V Snyder. πŸ™‚

  123. I Voted for Maggie Shayne & Nina Bangs it was difficult Choise I would of Voted for Tanya Huff if I had Three Votes But it looks like she is doing allright whit out my Vote Go tanya.

  124. I’ve voted. Heard about this either here on the site or in Twitter, I think.

  125. Voted. Michele Bardsley is great! I just ordered the rest of her books so that I can read them all. πŸ™‚

  126. Tanya Huff and Maria V.Snyder. Although there were no authors which I read in 2009 on this list πŸ™‚

  127. I voted for Michele Bardsley and Jeri Smith-Ready. I love them both!

  128. cast my vote :o)

  129. Tough vote! πŸ™‚

  130. voted

  131. I love Michele Bardsley’s books! And Shelly Laurenston is fantastic!

  132. I LOVE Michele Bardsley’s books! Was so happy to happen across them in bookstore. So I voted for Michele and Nina Bangs. Got to love the Castle of Dark Dreams. πŸ˜‰

  133. I’m a huge fan of Michele Bardsley’s books. If i could do both votes for her I would! πŸ˜›

  134. Yay! I didnt see that Richelle Mead won the second week!

  135. I voted for Michelle Bardsley … the other was soooo hard because there are lots of authors there that I read only one book – and enjoyed it. You all make it so very hard to pick just two πŸ™‚

  136. Tanya Huff definitely deserve first place. Too bad the TV series made out of one of her series didn’t last longer. And the actor who played Henry was sooo cute!

  137. I love Michele Bardsley…..and Charlaine Harris. My two favorite authors.

  138. I love Michele Bardsley’s books. I cannot get enough of them. I just started them about 1 1/2 ago and I am on the third book already. They are awesome. I love Jessica & Eva, altough Ican decide if I like Patrick or Lorcan better (tough to choose πŸ˜€ !!!) GO MICHELE GO!!!


  139. I only just made it over wish I’d been paying attention sooner and I’d have voted on previous weeks. Congrats to the authors who’ve made it through so far. I voted for Michele Bardsley and Maggie Stiefvater. πŸ™‚

  140. I voted Michelle!! Hope you will πŸ™‚

  141. Ha Ha I mean win!! I am at work and trying to do this on the sly!! πŸ™‚

  142. I devour about five books a week, so it is hard to pick just two favorites. I guess my favorites would be Michelle Bardsley and Maggie Shayne. Thanks for some great comments and new leads for books to read. GO MICHELLE.

  143. It is really hard to choose when so many authors I really enjoy are on the list. At least they all get some of the recognition they deserve.

  144. Hmm.. that’s a thinker. I’m going to have to go with Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs. Both have amazing characters and pull me so deeply into the story. Not that there aren’t more out there I’d love to mention.

  145. I picked my two πŸ™‚ I voted Candace Haven and Shelly Laurenston πŸ™‚

  146. Going to be tough in the finals i adore every one of those authors!!

    Kelly Ethan

  147. Just started reading Michele Bradsley books. Love them. Need to go out and buy the 5th one in the Broken Heart collection.
    Michelle M

  148. I also luv Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs. Talk about GREAT storyTellers!

  149. Love Michelle and Candace!

  150. Michelle rocks!

  151. Man, all my favorites have been nominated previous weeks, and I’m a bit ashamed to admit I haven’t read works by any of these authors. :/ I have Lori Handeland and Jeanne C. Stein on my to-read list though, so I voted for them!

  152. Suzette Goldfinger

    I love Michele Bardsley’s and Angie Fox’s books. They are quite humorous and paranormally romantic.

  153. The past votes have been a lot harder for me. This time, I have only read Christina Dodd and Jeanne C. Stein out of all those, so picking was very easy this time around.

  154. I voted!!

  155. This has been so much fun. I voted for Christina Dodd this time!!

  156. Michele Bardsley and Angie Fox!!!Hilarious books:D

    Hugs, Danette

  157. I just voted for Marjorie M. Liu and Jeanne C. Stein. Can’t wait to see the outcome of all of this…

  158. I just love Michele Bardsley’s book! Send me to Broken Heart!

  159. I’ve been a Michele Bardsley addict for a while now.I bought two of my cousins “I’m the Vampire, That’s Why”, happy to say I got them hooked too lol . Great to see Tanya Huff on this list,got another cousin hooked on her.

  160. Michele Bardsley is the best!!! I can’t get enough of those Broken Heart Vampires!!!!

  161. Voted! Nina and Candance, they both crack me up!

  162. Michele Bardsley, is an awesome author!!!! Have read her books, and I gotta tell you she’s my all time FAVORITE!! I will always support her.

  163. Patricia Barraclough

    Christina Dodd and Maggie Shane.

    Patricia B.

  164. Ouch I did not know any of those people at all. O.O
    I voted for Marjorie M. Liu and Jeanne C. Stein, mostly because I have heard of them.

  165. I love Michelle Bardsley! My only complaint is I’ve read every thing and I have to wait…she’s great!

  166. Maggie Shayne
    Tanya Huff

  167. I voted for Christina Dodd & Majorie M. Liu.

  168. I voted for Michele Bardsley & Maggie Shayne,love their books

  169. Wow! What a great group of authors! I put my votes in!! Michele Bardsley and Christine Warren!!!

  170. cast my vote!!!

  171. I voted yesterday for Jeanne Stein and Kat Richardson.

  172. I love Laurell K. Hamilton and Christien Feehan

  173. Still voting for Laurell K. Hamilton and Christeen Feehan, heard about the poll from Interview, Chat and Contest with Author Erica Hayes

  174. Ever since I read Michele Bardsley’s very 1st book in her Broken Heart series, taking out the garbage has taken on new meaning for me…
    I voted for Michele…

  175. I voted for Tanya Huff! But what about Simon R. Green? I’d vote for him if he was up there! I’ve never heard of most of the other authors, but I pre-order his books–so how come he’s not up there?

  176. I voted today! πŸ˜‰

  177. voted for the Charlaine Harris contest!!

  178. I voted today!

  179. Forgot to mention I saw the poll in the Charlaine Harris interview page.

  180. VOTED


  182. Way to go Michelle! I’m reading Stakes & Stilettos right now πŸ™‚

  183. Maggie Shayne
    Anya Best

    Charlaine Harris’ interview rocks!

  184. Kate Bruce-Ireland

    Michele Bardsley all the way! Oh Lorcan how I love the!

  185. tough choices but I voted!

  186. I chose Maria V. Snyder – she’s great – and Jeri Smith-Ready. I would have liked to vote for Moira Rogers, but it wasn’t there… πŸ™

  187. that was hard, but I voted!!

  188. I haved voted. I was referred by Bitten By Books.

  189. I was referred by Bitten By Books

  190. Got my votes in and saw the reminder in the Erica Hayes interview!

  191. Michelle Bardsley and Lori Handeland ROCK!!!

  192. i voted for Shelly Laurenston her books crack me up. and Maggie shayne my first vampire writer. love them both long time lol

  193. Ok feel like I just picked my 2 favorite pets and left the others behind, but it is done….now next one will be really really tough….

  194. Michele Bardsley introduced me to Paranormal romance and I have been stuck on them ever since. I have not missed one of her Broken Heart Books and have reviewed every one of them for NOR and will continue to do so. She is one of the greatest writers I know.

  195. My favorites have already been here. Picked 2 anyway. Finals though Karen Marie Moning should defnatly walk away the winner.

  196. Wow! It’s tough voting just for two. There are so many fabulous authors in the running! I had to vote for Michele Bardsley though. I’ve been reading her books for too many years to count!

  197. Michele Bardlsey will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel. Hope you win, Michele. : ) Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst)

  198. Angela Knight and Maggie Shayne get my vote. They Rock!!!!

  199. I voted for Candace Havens and Jeri Smith-Ready. Both great authors. Go girls!

  200. I am going with Laurell K. Hamilton and JR Ward

  201. Wow! Quite a line-up of great authors. It was hard, but I made my choices. πŸ™‚

  202. What a hard choice! So many great authors, it’s hard to pick only two. Good luck to them all.

  203. Difficult choices! There are so many good authors out there! Great poll, BBB!

    Good luck to all the authors!


  204. I just voted for Maggie Shanye and Jeri Smith Ready. I have not had a chance to enjoy their books but I see a ton of Maggie’s books all around in the stores I go to and I was at Jeri’s website and see sounds like one more auther I could sink my teeth into her books…..

  205. So many choices, but I voted πŸ™‚

  206. Kat Richardson and Angie Fox for this round. Good luck to all! (Rock it Kim Harrison!!!)

  207. Michele Bardlsey is my hero, she’s a great author, nice person and majorly funny!
    I voted for her definately!


  208. Wow! All great authors but, I had to vote for Michele Bardsley her vamps are too die for…no pun intended! and Shelley Laurenston luv her stuff coz of all the lol moments! Have a great Day!



  210. Voted for Anya Bast & Maria Synder

  211. Today’s vote- Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyer!

  212. I voted. Wow. What a decision. Made my fangs hurt!

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  213. These are all great authors, but Michele Bardsley is the best of the best. Her vamp books are exciting, suspenseful and laugh out loud funny too. If you haven’t read her you are really missing out. She is fantastic with her readers too.

  214. All great authors and I have read most of them. Only three authors I haven’t gotten yet. So I have voted. But Briggs, Monk, Armstrong, Ilona Andrews and Tonilea Andrews are authors that I love to read.

  215. tough choices, I voted Maggie Stiefvater & Maria V. Snyder

  216. I choose Michelle and Shelley.. they rock

  217. I tried voting and got repeat error messages – kooky. My votes are for Shelley Laurenston cause she also makes me snort and giggle out loud and Angie Fox because, in addition to tell a funny but hawt story, she’s an all around cool chick! Best of luck to all authors though – cause it is nearly impossible to decide!

  218. Tough choice! I voted for Angela Knight (auto-buy for me) and Shelly Laurenston, because I discovered her (as GA Aiken) dragon series this year, which totally rocks!

  219. I voted. Thanks!


  220. I voted

  221. Waiting for the final round. Great website by the way.

  222. Had to vote for Michele.

  223. tonya hurley has got my vote

  224. Lori Handeland is a longtime favorite. Great to see her included!

  225. I really enjoy Michele Bardsley’s books and her website always has some thing to entertain. Just started Marjorie M. Liu, but so far so good!

  226. Maria V. Snyder ftw!

  227. Tonya Hurley!!

  228. I voted…Michele Bardsley won hands down.. I love to read stories with vamp humor.. even Nina Bangs have humor in them.

  229. My vote goes for Tonya Hurley whose Ghostgirl books are so exciting. She gets you right into the action and keeps you wondering what will be next. Terrific imagination and images.

  230. Weeeee HoOOOOoOOOO!!! I submitted my votes!!! One being Michele Bardsley! I soOoOO loOOove Patrick!!

  231. My favorites aren’t on here, guess I showed up too late! I vote for Kim Harrison, Jennifer Armintrout, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Charlaine Harris.

  232. OMG, I forgot my favorite, Karen Marie Moning!

  233. COME over to the Blood Bank and check out the Michele Bardsley group for I”m the Vampire That’s Way series!

  234. Maria V. Snyder – it’s like she writes just for me! Love it.

  235. Tonya Hurley gets my vote, “Ghostgirl the Homecoming” is the best of the best

  236. Tonya Hurley gets my vote

  237. I voted for Tonya Hurley

  238. Tonya Hurley & Stephanie Meyer ^.^

  239. Tonya Hurley & Stephanie Meyer ^.^

  240. Tonya Hurley & Stephanie Meyer

  241. Someone comments on how hard it is to choose and I agree. So I simply vote for the first author I like who happens to ASK for a vote! No I’m not telling. πŸ™‚

  242. Glad to see Michelle Rowen made it to the finals. I just ordered Tall, Dark and Fangsome from amazon.

  243. I agree its hard to pick only two!

  244. Voted for maggie stiefvator and anya! woot!

  245. Candace Haven!!!